Monday, February 24, 2014

Wonderful World of Mobile Security

   Mobile security? Yeah, the security of your mobile phone! Yes, your phone can and will be hacked. It's just like holding a computer in your hand. As a matter a fact, it is a computer because it icons, a desktop and an operating system -- Android or iOS. Think Mac products can't be hacked? Hire me to security test and watch me turn your phone off from a remote location. It takes is a simple network scan followed by some other tools and I'm in.

     I am currently designing mobile applications for Android. A few on my phone are hacking applications that allow the user to scan entire networks. One allows you to grab passwords. I don't use this for illegal means, if I did I would be in France by now --- I assure you. I am by no means a fake. You can even contact me friends and ask them how good I was during the Myspace(R) days. Mobile is the new landscape and I seek to conquer it with my skills, but not for my own pleasure. This is a mission to assist young mobile users with secure their phone.

    Don't think for a second someone won't hire a hacker to break into your phone and take all of your private photos. Where do you think revenge porno comes from? It comes from weird guys hiring hackers or having unauthorized access to mobile devices and spreading the contents across the web. If you think you can hire a hacker to remove it from the internet you've been watching too many movies.

    Even mobile anti-virus software has proven useless. I know this seems like all doom and gloom, but with the right firewall and caution you can stop hackers from breaking into your phone 90% of the time. 90% is well over great because much of the time hackers just scan and move on to other IP addresses. Often times they leave their "tool" running from another location outside of their hometown and come back later on to check on the results.

  I offer mobile security consultancy to anyone in the world. You can be on New York or France -- I can assist you. I am not selling you anything. However, I will guide you. Any further assist will require a fee.

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