Friday, February 21, 2014

Everything You Do Is A Business

      People fail to realize this? They tax you on almost everything. Everything you do is a business. If you loan someone money you are in a business called finance. You just invested in another person, usually at an interest. Business is usually thought about as a guy with a suit on, a briefcase, eating a hardy breakfast before leaving home with a newspaper in hand. That is not business, that is conformity.

    Business is flexibility, traveling, and tons of cash. Cash in any currency! A business can be that DVD stand outside your house, that store down the street, that T-shirt business on a shopping chart, a mega corporation -- it's all business. The people in the urban areas kind of know what I'm talking about because they see it all the time. You can start a marketing company in the urban area and just land accounts with companies posting posters around your city -- you're in business. From there all you need is a website and a solid internet presence. Great promotion for low overhead.

   Don't get patriotic and wave flags. You are not owned by any nation. Take it into your own hands and make it happen! You can and will be able to expand to countries like Germany. Learn German or hire one. Collect contracts there. You can decide to stay small or remain big. You are a service BRAND so I advise that you focus more on revenue and less on market share. Revenue will allow you to develop more important business to develop wealth.

    This kind of information will allow you to develop residual income as you develop other businesses in different fields. The point is to not have to work for money or to create businesses to fund your dream. Creating a business is as simple as using your first weeks paycheck and just doing it. There is no loss of money. And even if you do it's only a full dollars.

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