Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dat Lifestyle

     I will be promoting that lifestyle. The lifestyle that the youth need to live in order to succeed in this world. You have to be ultra-flexible in order to make it in this world. Holding a job is an outdated catch phrase because it's almost impossible to keep one, unless of course you're on Wall Street. Major money is being made online and I know you guys see a lot of these articles, but I am trying to get you primed. Looking to get you ready to throw away all of those old ideologies. Why allow your parents, your hating family members and jealous friends stop you from making $1,000 a day?

    Yes, people are making $1,000 doing simple things like marketing products. You might say, "if it's that easy why isn't everyone else doing it"? The reason is because most people want a 9 to 5 and rather be sheep. They rather watch you, doubt you, spread rumors about you then hate on you. This will mostly come from so-called family.

    I am not sure about you, but I would be balling with $1,000 a day. That's $30,000 a month - who can't use that? You going to become a rap battler and hope to do that? Do you know even they get scammed? So why call this a scam? Look I haven't sold you anything yet. I just have given free articles to people to learn from before it's too late because soon you won't be able to make money and it would impossible to create income for yourself.

     A Business

    You need one. Immigrants come to this country and start one without a problem. They have the support of their families and friends. Other cultures don't have issues with making money. They don't scream "Oh baby! It's against JESUS"! They just simply realize the game to be played and begin to make millions of dollars off of your ignorance. Why not start a business that cost under $100 dollars a month? This isn't a guilt trip or shame tactic. I am just here to help you, help me, help yourself.

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