Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Purpose of Networks

    Networks are in computers. These networks are set up via workstations known as nodes. Your home computer could be considered a node. However, in this article the node is a person or organization. We will discuss why having these are important and essential for your business growth.

    This article is for both young and old because if you are using social media and becoming a Youtube® personality you have broken the bonds of conformity and you have held on to your inner child. You've decided that it's time to create a network of people who will be consistent and not just fall off the radar after a swarm of false promises and aspirations.

   These networks I will teach you to build will help you establish connections with people who do more than party and post pictures of themselves doing silly things like tasting the latest drinks. People that post mindless non-sense on your social media feed are not people you want to network with. Especially, if you coming out of college or some kind of organizations the incurs debt into your life

     Networks are established through three ways meet, connect, and build.

      • Meet - I like to use the Internet for this purpose. Anything can be said in person. However, testimonials, resumes, comments, likes, retweets, and shares are all visible over of the internet. It's very difficult for someone to lie about what they do over the internet. If someone says they have a website, they have to show it. If they go on Linkedin® and claim they have a skill they will need quite a few endorsements. Meeting people online is the best way to establish business connections. Hey, must of mine are from India.

      • Connect -  Using your mobile phone, E-mail, postal mail, common interest, ect. These thing work to connect with your new business contact which would develop into other business contacts till you encircle to create a network. Links made through this repeatable process will only render you useful to a variety of people and allow yourself to expand as they expand.

    • Build  - Building is the part that is the most essential. It's when you actually get down to building the business, organization or product. Building is a term used to describe collaborate, cooperative development amongst other things.

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