Friday, February 28, 2014

Serious Prospects

      When you are starting in a flexible business venture you want to encounter serious who want to invest, support and leverage. Without investors, support and leverage it becomes very difficult to advance a creative business -- one which is required in this economy. The global landscape is changing very fast and many people are holding on to money as if it will hold its value forever. Foolish are they!

      Jewish people, Chinese People and other people outside of the urban world pool their resources together. I am not talking scams. I am talking accountable money offerings with assets that are easy to track. These groups of people will have one poor guy with a set of skills and three others with no skills and no money and fund them both. People in the urban communities don't do this because of ego, content, arrogant attitudes and various others negative behavior patterns.

     We in the urban community must leave these behaviors behind or we will fail forever! Everyone has a chance to team up with like-minded human beings and make things happen. Few people in the urban community check their E-mails let alone their text messages. They reserve these communication mediums for trivial things such as parties, girls and other non-sense that doesn't approve their financial condition. That job you have won't be there forever and even if it is "how will you vacation?" Vacations on most jobs last 2 weeks or less -- that's if you haven't used all of your sick days?

    It is my desire to start an investment pool of serious prospects that would allow all of us to prosper off of residual income opportunities without the struggle of doing it all alone. As stated before many communities do this without issue and often times have their own social clubs where they discuss business.

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