Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Turn Your Phone Into A Business

    Android® for the win! I've been telling people since Android® is an open-source operating system based off Linux that it would outshine iOS® and it has. Just take it from me, you can download a customized version of Android® just for your business needs. You can even have it work like a highly graphical Blackberry so you don't lose your familiarity.

    I currently have the ability to customize my Android® phone into any way I want. You can even do this with your regular desktop computer screen, but who's on those anymore? Most people are on mobiles because they are leaving in the fast-lane. The marketing business could be the same way which is why you want all of your things intuitively placed like the people on Twitter®.

  Many Chinese companies overseas are creating their very own phones with Android® installed. No, these aren't counterfeit, these are unique phones created by the Chinese and if anyone working for Apple® tells you different they are lying and just trying to sell you something. Remember these people aren't paying your bills.

      Moving on. Android® is an operating system for your mobile tablet that will only keep on growing. I know you can learn about Android® just about anywhere, but many websites out there I have found have as slant because they are paid advertising by the same companies they review -- complex situation. At present, we don't have that here so you can trust my word when I say Android is the operating system you need to be getting into.

    Many businesses allow VPN connections into their websites through applications written for the Android®. This allows employees to work from anywhere in the world with a solid internet connection through various cell phone towers across the global.

   Android® is the way of the future. It has and will continue to change the way people live in this world. It's perfect for the traveling salesman that has a need for particular applications to suite his needs. You don't want to have to jailbreak your iPhone fore this will leave you open for all kinds of malware trojans.

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