Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Building Assets Overseas

      Building ASSETS overseas for young people is a must. Many people I went to school with came from other countries like Turkey, Albania, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, Kazakstan, ect. Many of these people were young and would travel back and forth during the off months of school. A few would come back and brag about starting a business in their home country using money made here in America. This peaked my interest.

      Many young people are sick of the bullshit they are sold in high school while being told to go on to college and acquire more stress. They have teachers we have lost their touch on reality advising them to go to college for their own good knowing good and well that the debt they phase will hinder them for life. Honestly, $30,000 in debt isn't a lot of money if you apply these strategies below:

         Building Overseas Assets

    Why overseas?
         Despite what the American media has told you. Overseas has more freedom then you do in America. Overseas you can't just say "That person downloaded my music catalog. I am a rich man. Arrest him!" and have your door kicked down without any evidence. It happens all the time in America which is why many music websites and independent business that are competition to major media companies have moved to Sweden and other friendly countries. A great thing is to many American people buy from companies overseas - remember I discussed outsourcing before.

         Assets in this case are things you build that generate a constant flow of income. This could also lead to other opportunities for you to make more money. It surely makes acquiring citizenship elsewhere easier if shit hits the fan in America.  Dubai is an awesome place to started. They have jobs, citizenship for foreigners, high number of English speaking people and are constantly growing.

        This is geared toward young men. You don't have the money? Pool your resources together. Someone has money, another may have time and another may speak the language of the particular country. How do you think Facebook® got big? Someone had the knowledge, two other people had the money. No egos involved.

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