Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Christian Rapper Bizzle Exposed!

    From the Illuminati Exposed DVDs that underweight fake Christian black dudes sell through the famous Blackstar Video, down to the rapper who get wait till they get dropped by their labels to complain about the Illuminati photo shoots they were "forced" to do. It seems anytime another black person see another black person getting money the first thing they scream is "ILLUMINATI!". It's like man can a person make any kind of movies without someone hating them throwing slander based off a fad created by Youtube scholars?

   Many people dissing the Illuminati don't even know their origins, the origin of the baphomet or the origin of the magick they use. It's like Jay-Z said, "Those without sin shall cast the first stone.". Before I move into what we'll expose this fraud and open your eyes I will say that I don't hate Bizzle. I dislike his blatant disregard for historical accuracy in his lyrics through implications of how Voodoo maybe evil or Illuminati inspired and so on.

    Let's begin, I remember one line where he says, "I know about you and the Law of Thelma. I know about Crowley and the cult you believe in." Okay, I don't see what's wrong with believing in a cult. Much of the white people in this country today are here because their ancestors escaped a cult called Christianity. Thelma is a religion started by Aleister Crowley a black magician and the law rapper Bizzle is referring to is "Do As Thou Wilt" -- sounds like the Christian principle "free will" to me.

    In another reference he referred to Beyonce as a black bird and implied that the black bird symbolism in one of Jay-Z's videos was Satanic. Does this fool realize my African ancestors been using that symbolism 70,000 years before the existence of Satanism? It's like when Jay-Z said it was "It's the return of the god, peace god". He was not dissing your Christian god(I know a bible by the way). Mind you, Jay-Z was a member of the organization known as Godbody - 'peace god' is the phrase the use. What did Clarence 13x say to Malcom X? "We can do what we want.... we are the gods now." Is it not written in your scripture that "Ye are GODs?"

   Lastly, the most damaging lyric rapper Bizzle spit was, "Voodoo paint with skulls and blood drippin'. That a'int even Hip Hop, nigga that's gothic....". Now, that's really look at this. Voodoo was used by Haitians(descedants of Africans) & Jamaicans (descedants of Africans) to free themselves from French and Irish Christian slave masters during the slave revolts. Not only, that the Voodoo used was even allowed by slave masters as long as the slaves incorporated their religious saints into the Voodoo religion(i.e. Santeria). You can even see video of the legendary Professor Griff of Public Enemy stating, "Don't be afraid of black magick, that's our stuff."

  The reference to the skull...are you serious? Again, Africans have been using that for years in Voodoo rites. Even in Santeria it's said that no matter what spell you use almighty god is the ultimate power. I am sure any Haitian that know the history or any black person that knows how their people where freed would think "why are you dissing the Ancient religion of my our ancestors?"

   Just remember in his song rapper Bizzle said, "I'm coming for you" referring to himself as a Christian crusader on a mission to spread Christianity. Honestly, the last time the Christians went on that kind of crusade it was a massacre. And wasn't it the Musilms that taught them? Peace GOD!


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