Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rich After High School

   Rich? Who doesn't want to be that. I am not talking owning a home, smiling behind your white picket fence trying to impress your peers and maintain your clearance job. I am taking about being yourself, traveling where you want planning a trip to outer space once they allow space tourism this year, ect. You have guys younger than me making millions a year online doing legitimate businesses. Funny thing about it many of these guys are high school drop outs that college graduates can only undercut by saying "well I have a degree and make real products that are meaningful to the world..." -- bitter spirit much?

   Don't listen to these types a false-ego will destroy the reality of the way the game is played. Every year or so the elite of this world leave a hole open for people to proposer and as you can see the Internet is a hole slowly closing up as the government attempts to privatize Bitcoin® and destroy websites through false pirating raids. You must exploit this hole in an attempt to empower yourself.

  There is a reason why companies online are usually only able to pay on the 15th of every month. It's because the government knows people need cash NOW! So, if they allowed them to access their cash whenever they wanted to they would have to find an outrageous law to prevent people from investing and spending it out they want to. Just imagine someone taking out $1M dollars in cash every other week. That person is making more than people in the $50M dollar club.

   I know money like this seems untouchable because of what TV may have shown you, but let's take a look from a different perceptive. These Chinese people on Staten Island clock at least a few million a month that makes their overhead look like nothing. At the end of the year they have at least $30M dollars sitting there in various bank accounts. Sending the money off to China and other places to continue various business ventures.

   You don't believe me? Look at all these Chinese children that go off to college? Look at all these Chinese people taking those free English classes? They are really interested in business and know the game is being played. Let's be real -- they lived in COMMUNIST CHINA!

   Through affiliate marketing many industries of allowing average people with very little money play the game. Not out of pity, but out of opportunity. The opportunity for them to expand to untouched, untapped grassroots markets. There is more this world then down the street and for all you young people out there -- the military is not the only way. Granted they pay for your college, send you off to travel the world, but is it really free? Do you really need the prestige from your "fellow Americans"? If so, why don't these Chinese business owners join? Why? Because they know there is a better way!

 Affiliate marketing is where it is at. Like many companies are doing -- it can and will be automated. Just like trading Forex, it can be automated and it will. 

    It's up to you to decide whether you want to be stuck in this country as the ball of debt keeps rolling in your neighborhood.

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