Friday, February 28, 2014

Music Industry: International


 Why International?

    International audiences are waiting for you. Youtube® brings them instant access to your content(tracks, music videos, ect). They speak various languages, but have a common language, ENGLISH! Wu-Tang got big because they had an internationally persona that was carried by the Chinese movie cinema craze! This is creative marketing! An international audience will spend money more efficiently with you then your local or national audience would.

    Some urban artist travel to France to promote themselves on the radio and witness instant success without the struggle that is witnessed in the states. Working overseas isn't much trouble. All that is really required in a visa and passport. Many of your favorite music industry secretly go perform in other countries because they know that there are various untapped markets there and not only will you be able to perform in internationally, the doors will open for economic investments into local business and major corporation in that country.

   Countries across the global are looking to attractive tourist. They're are music festivals all over Europe waiting for acts just like you to perform. There are DJs in the UK waiting to network with artist just like you. You have to learn to become a back pack rapper who has no problem with a semi-nomadic lifestyle. This will allow you the flexibility to truly be "gone till November".

Money & Strategy

   Mental programming about money and riches has put the youth in a stagnant cycle of wonder. A cycle that leaves them unable to create the reality they want because they are always distracted by the glamor see around them. They don't know that the man without the car, but with the apartment maybe well off compared to the man with the former. A house is not an asset. An apartment can be. You are renting an apartment - low priced. You can do business out of an apartment, low overhead.

   Simple methods like this can be executed without issue. Don't get be wrong a house can become an asset over time, but these days your focus should be on the property itself. This may not impress you since for the youth real estate and buying houses seems boring. However, owning land is primary to generating wealth. How do you think some of these 19 year olds walk around with $3,000 in their pocket without any illegal activities? Many are into property -- the selling of houses, trusts, assets, ect.

   Ask any adult over the age 45 and they will say "acquire some land, man"! Those with enough sense know that you require land, but back to the apartment scheme. Rent an apartment for let's say $600.00 a week and add various streams of income that amount to let's say $6,000. Save up some of your residual income over the course of 6 months while doing various side hustles and you're set. You basically can front any business.

   This why I wonder why people who are making over $10k a month in network marketing waste it all showing off. I can understand I little splurging here and there to generate interest, but to throw away more than 20% of your earnings.... you destroyed your blessings! The best thing to do is to save as much of that money as possible while looking for various business ventures to invest in. The most stable is real estate and other money generating assets.

The Mixtape Grind

       If you are a rapper the rule is you need at least one mixtape to be official! Only expectation is a battle rapper since they are getting paid to battle and don't usually have time to make one. A mixtape is a promotional tool used to attract fans, not record labels. I see many artist make this mixtape from time to time. A mixtape shouldn't just be packaged with a CD and a bullshit graphic created on a Windows 95 style printing paper.

    Much of these record labels are only giving out distribution deals or 360 deals also known as take you for everything you got deals. A distribution deal is what you want, but the audience is what you must have. Youtube®, Instagram, Facebook® are needed to amass this audience. With an audience of 1,000 loyal followers you can leverage that to sell advertisements on each and every mixtape/album to produce. You can create a small comic book that goes with mixtape which details the story of every song!

    I am giving away free ideas here that I will be using myself in the near-future to consult some of my future clients. The mixtape is still a powerful tool. Though the physical world seems to be disappearing because of digital sales -- personal interaction is still a most! People walk through urban neighborhoods after working looking for various sources of entertainment after a stressful job.

   You don't now how many of my friends used to buy street DVDs just to work the end off of daily life and to keep up with the Hip-Hop culture.

The Mixtape Grind
    • Youtube® - Use this medium! It has a bunch of resources for free and you will be set as long as you own the copyright to every bit of content you produce. You won't have to worry about a thing. You control the channel, the design, and you have hold of the audience. If you are worried about brokering a deal with a label -- all the numbers are right there!

   • Twitter® - A lot of people have 1,000 followers for nothing. Some have 20k followers for nothing. You will use these for your mixtape and throwing low-priced shows to which you will sell merchandise and other creative objects. You are running a creative lifestyle business. You aren't doing this for your local homies, but for the world at large. You are a business at the end of the day. You are a lifestyle promoter and you have to create your brand.

   • Personal Brand - Your personal brand allows you to leverage any product out there and allows you to bridge yourself to any industry that you have access to. Many rappers have leveraged their audience and hype into clothing lines, energy drinks, sports cars or whatever. Many independent acts can do this all through frequent vlogs, city-wide shows and other various business ventures. It's as if you can creative it you can monetize.

 • Instagram® - People post pictures of money and other foolishness. You will use this to create everyday entertainment for your audience. This isn't to be used to play around because when you are broke you are going to wish you hadn't. Focus on the quality of your content and make sure you post videos and pictures daily! If you show off money make sure it's to promote the end product -- your mixtape and other merchandise.

 • Your Website - It's your internet presence and you create a free with wordpress. A domain name is only 10/yr.... use a blog if you can't afford the hosting.

Volume Over Price

   V.O.P.(Volume Over Price) is a way of selling that allows the web store front to sell more products for a low price. These days unless your items are named brand or have had viral marketing success there is no way the majority are paying premium price for your goods. With a high volume of sales one would be able to access large sums of money few quickly.

      Remember, a business should be used to build other business to set up multiple streams of income.  $1,000 a week from a clothing business in profits, $3,000 a week from a real estate business in profits, $600 a month from a networking opportunity in profits and so on.

      As you can see we have just destroyed the illusion of how money is really made. On TV, Rap Videos amongst other glamorous mediums you are given the show of how money is made. However, they don't tell you that the boring looking guy in the suit is the one really making $100,000 a week off of these acts. I know this may seem far fetched, but it is real. Online you can see people that are making $40k a month without breaking a sweat.

     With V.O.P. you can sell a $10.00 graphical T-Shirt which is pretty low priced compared to other clothing lines out there. However, you will make a large sum of money quickly to reinvest into your primary business and invest into your main business(real estate, network marketing, ect).

      Money doesn't in a linear fashion. Not everyone has the time to get paid on the 15th of every month. Some people require money right now -- reason why pay day loans exist.

Serious Prospects

      When you are starting in a flexible business venture you want to encounter serious who want to invest, support and leverage. Without investors, support and leverage it becomes very difficult to advance a creative business -- one which is required in this economy. The global landscape is changing very fast and many people are holding on to money as if it will hold its value forever. Foolish are they!

      Jewish people, Chinese People and other people outside of the urban world pool their resources together. I am not talking scams. I am talking accountable money offerings with assets that are easy to track. These groups of people will have one poor guy with a set of skills and three others with no skills and no money and fund them both. People in the urban communities don't do this because of ego, content, arrogant attitudes and various others negative behavior patterns.

     We in the urban community must leave these behaviors behind or we will fail forever! Everyone has a chance to team up with like-minded human beings and make things happen. Few people in the urban community check their E-mails let alone their text messages. They reserve these communication mediums for trivial things such as parties, girls and other non-sense that doesn't approve their financial condition. That job you have won't be there forever and even if it is "how will you vacation?" Vacations on most jobs last 2 weeks or less -- that's if you haven't used all of your sick days?

    It is my desire to start an investment pool of serious prospects that would allow all of us to prosper off of residual income opportunities without the struggle of doing it all alone. As stated before many communities do this without issue and often times have their own social clubs where they discuss business.

My Services

      Besides sharing the best content on the web in terms of business, success, and variety I also offer services that range from computer hacking to web design. I also do video production and love to use HD cameras. My true passion is video editing. I'm always on the hustle!

      Computer Services(Web Design, IT Consulting, & Computer Hacking)
           IT Consulting will consist of a variety of services computer repair, computer hacking, web design, and basic IT consulting for your business.

     • Web Design -
        using various graphical images and coding languages to make sure your website is
        presentable to your audience. Pleasing clients is my mission and without their approval
       a website will not be published!

    • IT Consulting - consist of the basics -- reinstalling, recommendations, network hook-ups, graphic card and audio card installation. I also provide anti-virus scans for hard to remove malware.

    • Computer Hacking - Test your website for vulnerabilities that could put your customers at risk. Recommend set-ups for your local business to prevent hackers from gaining access.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Designing The Blueprint

    Every empire requires a blueprint. Without a blueprint your empire would be disorganized and lack the creativity to survive in the world economy. Your life should be global because the world is bigger than your city, state, or zip code. You will need a blueprint stating your current assets, corporations, gold holdings, revenue streams and so on. Blueprints should be written on paper and given out to everyone apart of your DREAM TEAM. The blueprint should only be given to people you trust. This way no one takes your ideas or tries to hate on you by spreading your trade secrets.

    Investment pools are easy to create off of empire blueprints since your DREAM TEAMs' names, addresses, and E-mail's will be listed on the blueprint. I would recommend having at least 50 valuable people on your dream team. This way if one isn't available the other person whom is just as valuable is there for you in a clutch situations. Also, this will allow you guys to create an extended network of friends and associates to build various businesses with. A trust network like this will help you to avoid scam artist and fakes.

     Investments in real estate, products, income from internet marketing opportunities, car sales, clothing sample sales, wharehouse priced clothing sales, ect can all be streamed through this DREAM TEAM. The dream team is essential to the structure of the blueprint. In this global economy doing things alone isn't the best strategy one could use. If you find yourself working alone, it's time to attract some valuable people into your life.

Building Your Dream Team

  Essential for business is a dream time. That means no time-wasters, no-girl chasing, money-wasting weirdos. Dream teams consist of people that have all-round skills be it web design, promotion, networking, video production, ect. You want lawyers(and youth going to law school), real estate agents, stock brokers, and other go-getting people. Many businesses have lost a lot of time and money on time wasters. You have your 20's and early 30's to make it and that's it. After that no one is going to support you.

     What's a business with time-wasters? One where your business partners go chase after women, parties and other bullshit that doesn't involve making money. These same people either doubt the business all together or complain two years down the road when they are broke. It's a habit of too many people which is why so little people are getting rich or even moderately well-off.

     It's nearly impossible to fail with a dream team! These people are always available and if they are not they will get back to you with in a few days. It isn't impossible to create a dream team. You just have to beware of time-wasters. These people don't dream big! Many think very small and only want short-term money. They don't want to build together and want to wait till they are in serious trouble before they even connect with anyone. It's so sad!


Spring & Summer Time

    The seasons for creative business. Creative businesses such as pop-up shops, cooler businesses, selling juices and promoting products. There is no reason why you shouldn't be traveling during this time. If you aren't traveling during this time you are crazy! Don't get caught into the spell of "there is always next year"! If you live in any state or are close to a major city -- hit it up. This is the time and season where people are doing sneaker events, everyone is outside and people making moves.

     Sneaker sales are super-high, especially at the sample sales(places where stores off secret sample sales to people in the music industry, ect). Clothing lines are especially hot during this time which is why Spring & Summer is the headline of the article. Spring is the beginning -- start to sell to high school students during this time because they are beginning to come outside more and many of their boyfriends have saved up money during "cuffin season"!

      On the beaches is the best place to sell your products. Energy drinks, sporting goods amongst other things are open to various markets. Fresh t-shirts are in high demand because college kids want to look well-spent while walking the beaches of Miami or Cancun, Mexico. Even Venice beach in L.A.

    Clothing lines are looking for ambassadors to sale their clothing on beach fronts, auto shops, and other places where independent vendors are accepted. These merchandise owners can't do it all themselves. Which is why they enlist people like yourself to sell their items for them at a comission.

Business & Secret Societies

         Secret societies are all over the place. The music industry, information technology fields, and especially business fields. These people are well-connected and have associations with various individuals. You may have heard some names like Skull & Bones, Illuminati amongst other names. On Youtube® you can discover various videos based on these groups and their "inner-workings".

      People are having a hard time believing that these groups exist. I am by no way religious and have only been to church once in my life. However, I must say that these groups exist and they are highly connected. Many put the Free Masons into the realm of the Illuminati and secret societies, though this isn't always the case. For now, we will just speak on secret societies in general in a more down-to-earth level.

     It's okay to assume that you will run into a few of these folks and not know it. You know those guys that seem to get the job in the music industry without having the right "Cred". Or that guy that gets into the IT department without giving having the right degree. You have a "masters degree" this person still gets ahead -- wonder why? They are part of one of these groups.

      If you are interested in making large amounts of money, but most of all just bettering your life being part of one of these groups would serve well in business. No matter what they tell you -- they are used for business connections. It's just that it isn't the main focus however in this country -- capitalism rules! Without capital, you are rated a poor man/woman and no one pays any attention to you. The government doesn't have soup kitchens in amass, the people do. Kind people you have to depend on and many of these people have either joined these societies or have left the country because of high taxes.

      Lawyers, doctors, judges, politicians and other people that are able to eat where they want, travel where they want and let's not forget big time CEO's. All of these people are connected by a common belief and with like-minded people. Not much in-fighting since they all practice the same code which helps maintain a structure.

Convert Your Audience Into Millions

         Many creative people lack the knowledge and insight to do this. Many have huge Twitter followings that they use just to show off their 9 to 5 and child support payments. They show off their phone bills on Instagram® while neglecting to capitalize off of the audience they have amassed. They have basically 3 urban neighborhoods on lock.  Why would someone have 1,000 followers on Twitter and not attempt to convert them into buyers? Time to get out hustle on!

     With 1,000 followers on Twitter you would be able to get paid thousands daily from local businesses just to promote them to the surrounding neighborhoods. Hell, they would pay you just to show up. It's sad to see people with 20k followers, just using Twitter to talk shit. When they could turn it into a business easily! 

      Yes, you can make millions Tweeting for businesses, products and other services that people may need especially if you have acquired a particular demographic. Industries sponsor MMA fighters, football players, and such because they have the attention of the youth. Not in a bad way. This is business - we live in a country about money!

     Let me give you an idea of how this could be done. First, if you have over 1k followers on Twitter that's a start. From that point I would move into assuming they were attracted to your profile design, picture and cover photo. So since you already have this no other issues! Only other problem is you have to monetize these followers because as I stated before you have to be creative in these financial times.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Managable Goals: Financial Freedom, Wealth and Greed


       Make this much a day and you're set for a few years. There is usually 30 to 31 days in a month, so you're looking at $30,000 a month. Do you know what means? This means without really working. RESIDUALS! Not a myth! Forex traders, stock market investors and others on Wall Street make this in capital gains, but you will be able to make this online right now!  Here's an idea of what you can do with this amount of money a day. Start a small movie studio, have time to cameo for your favorite TV shows, invest in your home country, build businesses around different neighborhoods, build wealth by creating investment pools and the list goes on. Take it from me - I am creating an empire plan. Yes, to continue to have this money come into your bank account you need to change your mentality to the building of an empire. A wise man plans for 1,000 dynasties. 

          Highly possible! Not as impossible as you think as long you establish the right network. Start with your most trusted friend and build from there. Find a business plan that will work and that you can automate online. Find a programmer -- get one at a local college. They need money and will give you advice on the internet. This is called building your team -- an A TEAM!  These team members will give you the knowledge and leverage to perform at the $10,000 a day level. This is $300,000 a month! My GOD! Selling you a dream? Yes, it is a dream that is very possible with the right network! Share with the right people and watch you begin to make this off of various business ventures!

        RETIRE! I know I would. Just stop right here, grow wealth through investments and keep following my passions. You can make this while in high school without your parents permission. Yes, 15 year olds are stacking this much online, but on the low. They are in high school. Do you know how much gang members would be asking them to front them on shady business deals?

       I don't have to say much here. I am not giving you actionable information I am just changing your mentality. This is a new reality where anything is possible. $30K a day online is super possible a day. Done!

The Chinese Meet in Miami

   Miami..... home of the Asian imports. Why do you think Fast & Furious was filmed there? That's where all the import cars originate from. Old cars with new parts. New cars with better parts. Who's fuckin' with them? It's Miami! Even better then Europe... so exciting it is to go to Miami. It has a dark side like Mexico and a light side like paradise. You can die young or you can die famous -- both maybe.

   This isn't about Miami as much as it is about a reason why Miami is so successful. They Chinese! They make cheese with no issues and maintain a network amongst each other. They dominate the import industry down there even if you don't see their face. They are behind the scenes and their youth are living happily rocking the latest clothing and apparel!

   The street racing, stock car and import scene is all for them. All for the taking - down to the contracts, import car parts, financial rewards, ect. Just imagine the Miami sun while test driving an import race car -- just like in the movies. NOS is a real gas that gives your car a turbo boost and it doesn't take much money to acquire taking that you look into online money making opportunities.

   Everyone goes down there for networking and building connections. Do you want to come out of college working a regular career or do you want to live the baller lifestyle with the Chinese getting paid to chill because you are an investor in their flexible industry?

    Thousands of people pour down to Miami every year and I don't see why you shouldn't. Online companies give their affiliates high discounts on flights that allow you to travel without breaking bank.

The Age of the Flip-Flop

   Flip flops are those "I'm not sure" types. They always seem to flip-flop between you and the negative people of these world. They always seem to want to wake up when it's too late and expect you to stop your glory train, go reverse when it's time for them to fail -- just so you can too.  These types are sad. I am sure you have friends just like them.

    You tell them about an opportunity and they reject, but once you start making millions of dollars they actually expect you to go back to the neighborhood and push through all your accomplishments just to get them. Flip-flops are a variant of doubters only that they doubt success in general and attempt to make you feel guilty. Example, guy gets shot in the hood and they expect you to fly out and speak on anti-violence. If dude would have got into your online marketing opportunity he wouldn't have been in a position to get shot. It seems like an extreme example, but believe me this happens. I seen dudes give up possible NFL careers for the streets.

   Flip flops have potential, but many will stop you from making any money because they are time wasters. They will prevent you from establishing and growth. They will prevent you from making any moves because they will mess up meetings, income and will just waste your time all together.

     I avoid these types. I don't focus on their potential because they have none. Their potential doesn't amount to anything and anyone who makes the decision to add this types to their network is only dragging themselves down.

Inter-State Network

     You have got to build that inter-state network! I can't stress this enough because without it you will be lost and miss out on millions of dollars. I know it sounds like bullshit, but if I showed you photos of young guys under 19 making legit $7,000 a week each you would suspend you disbelief. I've been in a position of dreaming and not doing. I've been in the position of saying "tomorrow", but there is no dream to be had only real life. The dream happens in life and you can't direct what you haven't lived.

    How long will you watch these rap battles? How long will you wish you could dress fresh like them? There will always be a new website, funny video, silly trend to follow, but at the end of the year you will say "Nothing changed with my life, oh I got next year..." START TODAY! You think I punched out almost 100 articles in a few days just for fun -- NO!  It was done to help wake you up to the possibilities. Message me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, I am here for you!

    I am currently building a team of people looking to build income together in various ways. Be it online businesses, affiliate programs, real estate and other emerging technologies. We have to start having confidence in ourselves. Start getting into wholesale, invest in a business together, develop brands together! Sell off some companies!

  What is a Corporation?
     Apple, Inc - a corporation. Microsoft - a corporation. VIACOM - a corporation. All of these businesses are corporations. They have share holders, but your business doesn't need to. However, it would be nice to have a few partners with like-minds looking to make money while promoting an expensive lifestyle through YouTube® and other video websites.

Dat Lifestyle

     I will be promoting that lifestyle. The lifestyle that the youth need to live in order to succeed in this world. You have to be ultra-flexible in order to make it in this world. Holding a job is an outdated catch phrase because it's almost impossible to keep one, unless of course you're on Wall Street. Major money is being made online and I know you guys see a lot of these articles, but I am trying to get you primed. Looking to get you ready to throw away all of those old ideologies. Why allow your parents, your hating family members and jealous friends stop you from making $1,000 a day?

    Yes, people are making $1,000 doing simple things like marketing products. You might say, "if it's that easy why isn't everyone else doing it"? The reason is because most people want a 9 to 5 and rather be sheep. They rather watch you, doubt you, spread rumors about you then hate on you. This will mostly come from so-called family.

    I am not sure about you, but I would be balling with $1,000 a day. That's $30,000 a month - who can't use that? You going to become a rap battler and hope to do that? Do you know even they get scammed? So why call this a scam? Look I haven't sold you anything yet. I just have given free articles to people to learn from before it's too late because soon you won't be able to make money and it would impossible to create income for yourself.

     A Business

    You need one. Immigrants come to this country and start one without a problem. They have the support of their families and friends. Other cultures don't have issues with making money. They don't scream "Oh baby! It's against JESUS"! They just simply realize the game to be played and begin to make millions of dollars off of your ignorance. Why not start a business that cost under $100 dollars a month? This isn't a guilt trip or shame tactic. I am just here to help you, help me, help yourself.

To Those That say "NO!"

  In business, but life in general pay attention to those that say no. Usually these people aren't your real family members or friends. These people have an alternative agenda only this time it has nothing to do with your success, but your failure. Opportunities are coming as well as they are drifting away. Jobs aren't paying as much anymore and usually most aren't even hiring. Those that are require a degree or some form of certification. In NYC the traveling cost don't help nor does the attitude of people around "we all gotta do it... I had to do it... so what if you're struggling and need an extra $25 dollars a week while I have $5,000 in the bank", "so what if you need an investment to help you with your small business..."

     Situations like this aren't rare and are more common then you think amongst the youth. The youth are sick of hearing how they are grown while not being allowed to have "say" in their own household. We watch as the good people are look down upon while the bad people are bailed out of jail, have BBQ's thrown for them, parties all after doing a violent crime. Good people, computer geeks and just regular normal people coming out of the inner-city are beginning to lead a revolution and make their own money online using various programs.

       Just imagine $5,000 a month? That isn't impossible! It's very possible! Don't feel guilt about it. Just think about the sources of the guilt? Who around you is making you feel guilty for doing better for yourself? You must to be selfish! It's the best type of way to live for you! Living any other way in this world at present time is a SIN! I know from personal experience! Karma doesn't exist! If it did all these bankers would be failing right now, but they aren't! These bankers are allowed to sell products, assets, and other financial instruments that don't even exist.

     God hasn't punished these people. He allows these people to continue on their horrible run of destroying lives and making money. We all have our beliefs, but it's time to put down your Bible, Quran or whatever book you read. Have faith in yourself because God, Jesus, Jehova ect can't save you. Only you can!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dragon's & Underground Internet Casions

    Remember those underground casinos you seen in the movies? The internet has them too! Not only are they playable, but they are in 3-D. The internet allows for this kind of "business" and allows the person running the game to avoid taxes. Currency like Bitcoin brings an added-value to selling the casino games because it allows the players and the owners to operate under anonymous screen names. Will this be the new revolution of online business? With internet sales tax it -- maybe.

    The trill of playing poker with the Las Vegas ambient lights of a casino embedded in the underground private browser window is enough to get young adults ready to cash in money. Interesting thing is I wouldn't be surprised if this underground casinos start allowing real life money or money from online games -- Runescape Gold.

    Where there is a market there is a profit and the internet is just digital data which keeps transforming things into opportunities! There is already an open currency market for things like RuneScape Gold,  SpaceBucks or other strangely labelled global virtual currency out there that allows the particular virtual world's players to purchase in-world items.

The Label vs Artist: Music Industry in Decline

  "He's never been in the music industry so how does he know what he's talking about ?" You will hear this. Ignore it. I've done work in the music industry before and you don't need to be in Iraq for 1 year to know that it is violent and not fit for a human being. Same thing goes for the music industry. You don't have to know that it is unfit for a creative musician. This doesn't go for all record labels or all musicians - just most. Most want all your money. Most want all your copyrights, intellectual property, merchant sales -- man they want it all!

    The music industry is declining like the country itself. Not doom in and gloom! This is about you going independent. I don't make money from telling you this! So take heed! Many of these A&Rs can't help you. They don't have power. Many of these showcases are scams, they can't help you. Many of these party promoters are just drug dealers with a side hustle -- no help there.

     It's time to realize you have the power to take $750 and start your own company. It's time to realize that you can create Company A and create under companies under it to represent your brand. You have to realize that these labels have power to blackball you if you sign with or deal with them to intimately. They have the power to take your publishing and kill you(i.e. Sam Cooke). These artist don't know who they are dealing with.

     The mafia runs these labels. They have for generations. From Atlantic all the way up to your highest labels. Like I said I am not getting paid for this. I am just speaking the truth that needs to be heard. I don't have a bitter pill to shallow with the record labels. I plan to get back into the music industry and invest myself. However, we can not ignore the creative that is being taken away from the artist that join into it especially in Hip Hop.

  The Media
     The control it -- the radios, newspapers! No, I am not speaking of the Illuminati. That's so hater shit! I am talking real facts like stealing publishing from Michael Jackson and other black artist having to rely on him to sell their publishing black or out of kindness give it to them for free. This isn't only about black artist. This is about all creative artist in America. These labels will blacklist you for speaking out without their authority. Yes, they do allow you to speak out to create some form of "rebellion".

Malware on Macs: For Musicians, Others, and Geeks

Below is a screenshot of what a virus would look like for a Mac(R) computer.

Above is a screenshot of a virus written for Mac(R).

         I know, "a Mac(R) can't get a virus". It's just not possible right. I've been programming for sometime now. Computer programming allows you to understand what is possible with a particular operating system and how often it could be hacked along with the software on it. These virus writers don't care about your fanboy fetishes, your love of Apple(R), or your bias toward Windows(R).
I admit -- Windows is very unstable. However, it more stable then false security. I wouldn't ever recommend Windows to someone who is super-creative and has a work that the really can't lose.

       However, the false security that the Mac(R) gives it's user base allows hackers to break into your computer without any issues. I am not here to get technical about whether it is the Mac(R) operating system itself or the software on it that allows it to be hacked. We leave that to the people specialized in the profession. I am here to discuss the fact that it can acquire a virus and it has many out there that are running on computers all around the world. You must know your computer doesn't have to slow down for it to have a virus. The point of many of these malware infections is they are supposed to undetectable. So while you don't have any defenses on your computer you are very likely to have your identity taken by someone with just the virus program.

      I have experience with analyzing virus programs for Windows and Mac(R). I have experience programming applications in various programming languages. I am not an expert. I am just someone who knows what he speaks of. I consult people on this thing all the time online. They just hit up my Inbox and ask me questions because they find my articles so informative.

Wonderful World of Mobile Security

   Mobile security? Yeah, the security of your mobile phone! Yes, your phone can and will be hacked. It's just like holding a computer in your hand. As a matter a fact, it is a computer because it icons, a desktop and an operating system -- Android or iOS. Think Mac products can't be hacked? Hire me to security test and watch me turn your phone off from a remote location. It takes is a simple network scan followed by some other tools and I'm in.

     I am currently designing mobile applications for Android. A few on my phone are hacking applications that allow the user to scan entire networks. One allows you to grab passwords. I don't use this for illegal means, if I did I would be in France by now --- I assure you. I am by no means a fake. You can even contact me friends and ask them how good I was during the Myspace(R) days. Mobile is the new landscape and I seek to conquer it with my skills, but not for my own pleasure. This is a mission to assist young mobile users with secure their phone.

    Don't think for a second someone won't hire a hacker to break into your phone and take all of your private photos. Where do you think revenge porno comes from? It comes from weird guys hiring hackers or having unauthorized access to mobile devices and spreading the contents across the web. If you think you can hire a hacker to remove it from the internet you've been watching too many movies.

    Even mobile anti-virus software has proven useless. I know this seems like all doom and gloom, but with the right firewall and caution you can stop hackers from breaking into your phone 90% of the time. 90% is well over great because much of the time hackers just scan and move on to other IP addresses. Often times they leave their "tool" running from another location outside of their hometown and come back later on to check on the results.

  I offer mobile security consultancy to anyone in the world. You can be on New York or France -- I can assist you. I am not selling you anything. However, I will guide you. Any further assist will require a fee.

My Business With You

    I like business. I like money. I like the feel of $100 dollar bills in my hands. I like to look at Forex charts and live analyzers like the ones you see on TV. I like moving trucks because I know they are pulling in money, but most of all I like FREEDOM. I dislike brick and mortar businesses that trap you behind a counter like some Ahki. I dislike cashier registers and counting loose change. I dislike dreaming and living unfulfilled. And this is just a piece of it.

    I am sure you dislike the same thing. I am sure you would rather spend your youth driving a decent car, watching your favorite movies and experiencing the greater unknown. They say trials and tribulations are a part of life. I am here to tell you that that is a lie. It has been sold to you by the higher society to keep you enslaved. I am not here to preach to you. I am here to help you become part of my team -- to succeed. The government is spying on you. I know you see my post about computer hacking -- this is an area of experience. The government would see to it that you stay broke, pay bill after the bill. I seek to live a life where I have no worries of bills. I seek life where I can get paid helping you cut your bills.

    Currently, I create mobile applications for the Android(R) platform. I plan to released my first application this year. This will allow to establish many streams of income through in-app buys, advertisements amongst other in-app perks. I will soon seek others to join in on the network of residual money making applications. No, this is no scam. This is a micro-business. This is the ability to be 18 year olds in high school and make money promoting games to friends attached to the network.

   I have other opportunities I will be promoting to you. Affiliate marketing, network marketing, ect.
Don't take this as a scam. Though I am a geek that's into programming, hacking, designing websites -- I live in the hood. In this place you will die if you scam someone, no question!

   Network marketing is a great opportunity. It helps you not only make money, but network into other businesses. You can easily start an investment pool from it.

Waving Flags

      Too many people are into this patriotism scheme. They shout USA everywhere they go and if they are a Marine they usually get drunk and scream Hoorah as if it makes them bad ass. It's okay to feel that way, but when someone doesn't respect it you disrespect them by calling them disrespectful names and will also try to humiliate them by saying "I served my country, you are not a man". But when they become "a man", start owning business, making money, and doing for self. You become further upset. You tell them to pay more taxes, but won't tell your white counterparts the same thing.

    How many military men you know complain about such things and go on to work for such companies like Google(R) which pay almost 0% taxes. Waving flags is the name of this game and I won't subscribe to it. I am loyal to no country. Treason? Why aren't the white men that own mega corporations, oil pipe lines in "terrorist" nations, investments in Iran -- have to deal with this kind of nonsense.

     Honestly, I no longer pay attention to these types. As long as they don't touch my money their kids are safe, their wife is safe and their grandmother is safe. If not, they a man has to do what a man has to do. I have no issue with investing in Iran. As soon as America began allowing their allies to do business with Iran the same people that criticized you in the past where the first ones to jump in. That's the name of the game. Criticize a nation, make the people ashamed of doing business with them just so when the blockade is over the white man come fly right in buy up all the oil reserves before anyone gets a chance to do the same.

      Dennis Rodman in North Korea. Good for him, I can't wait to go. I heard they love black people there. Some may say -- then why are you still here why don't you leave. First, if you do leave you still have to pay taxes for the next 10 years and secondly I didn't start this trend of traveling around the world -- white people did. I don't pledge alliance to any nation and if you did you wouldn't accept the GI Bill. Hell, you wouldn't even need it. You would fight for a minimum pay. How many of you acquire military jobs that are non-combat and come back to the States as if you were combat vets?

      As I stated, I don't wave any flags and nor should you. That's of course you are a native of another nation with a rich history and even then you are limiting yourself because that nation is usually under control by one of the elite British or America families. These hedge funds, investment companies and marketing firms are multinational. That means they are everywhere.

That One Employee

   These employees; nothing wrong with being one. Just don't be brainwashed by your employer. You know, the one that you never see. The manager's manager also known as the CEO. You really never see this guy. He seems to evade you or you don't even know what a CEO is. It seems your job is like a cult, the employee handbook being your bible, and your boss is not even Jesus because all you see is the paycheck. The training starts at childhood and the development at your job because a college. It locks your mind down and continues to stop you from growing through new knowledge. You often reject knowledge of making money any other way to the point of criticizing anyone else who attempts to do so.

    It's very sad to see people hate on Facebook(R) against people for doing so and assisting their peers in establishing themselves in alignment of these fruitful opportunities. Why would you hate? Because a person is young going on vacation and basically retired at 21? Are you hating on the same person you called a high school drop-out, a loser, but now since they got up and "became a man" like you told them to they are a scam artist? Seriously? This is the way of America for anyone reading this that has never been to the USA. This is how it is. The people of America hate on people at the top even though if they were at the button they wouldn't help them come up.

          For me, I know how to avoid this -- it's called RESULTS. You have to understand why. With results you are able to not disapprove the haters, but to encourage the supporters. Disapproving the haters is a waste of time. Focus on the people who get it not the people who don't. I wouldn't subscribe to converting a hater. They will hate. They are evil. They are no good. A hater never changes. People never change. If they did the country wouldn't be in debt. People would change and pay off everything, but they don't.

         Whether you are working, unemployed, underemployed, or living off government assistance it would behoove you to investigate online money making opportunities. You can first start by commenting on this blog and the Facebook(R) posts attached to it.

The Weapon of Patience

As the good guy, you're always told to be patient. You are always told that the right girl would come and that you would be appreciated. As you come of age you are told that you are supposed suck it up "be a man" and take care of some over-the-hill women and her kids. When your bank messes up on a transaction you are told "you are too young to me this impatient", but the same doesn't apply for the government. When they want their money there is no patience. If you want your money -- it's called a racket.

It's a shame that we live in a nation where virtues such as these are used as manipulative weapons against us. Weaponized to turn us into sheep for the elite. We can't allow this to happen. We must recognize when the kool-aid is being given to us. I fore one know that many people in many major cities are being feed this crap. Being told to be patient and to wait for "software to install", "stop wanting something right away" or similarly "be grateful for what you have" when that "adult" always seemed to want more.

I am a leader for this generation. We are sick of hypocrites. We don't want to get a job. We want to make money as quickly as possible. We want to mobilize ourselves through our dreams and don't want to be stopped by bitter people who have failed and wish not to try again. At a young age, you have many people attempting to make you feel old. Especially in the urban communities. It starts with being told to get a job. You do that, now it's time to pay bills. Then after that it's time to baby sit and be a "family man". This has nothing to do with becoming "a family man". It has something to do with the people around you expressing their bitterness through passive actions. This generation simply doesn't have time for that. In a time where you can get up and leave while finding an alternative way to pay off your debts. A time where you can get a job without a degree because the business owner doesn't want to know about formalities he just wants to know can you speak Chinese, program in Java, develop a website aka "GETTING THE JOB DONE"!

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Professional Gamers: Superstars

Besides mobile app developers, these Professional Gaming geeks are like superstar Hockey players to people today. They have sponsors, huge events, huge paychecks, the latest clothes, and much more. Touring the world giving more love than Nascar racers all from playing video games. These guys are Profession Gamers. They are world renowned, loved, given anything they want, paid for hotels, just to play games. These guys it flown out to test games before the general public even sees them. These guys used to be geeks now overnight they are viewed as the jocks -- ladies all over of them.

A few of this guys walk away from tournaments with $1,000,000 checks. They throw conventions in Las Vegas, and other places around the world. Society gives people criticism for wanting to make a living doing things besides getting job, getting married, having kids and going into a corporate office building to work. However, these guys have shown a lot of college professors, professionals, academics, economist, finance majors, librarians and like that in reality their careers don't mean much of anything compared to what they are doing. Many of these gamers have gone on to become Youtube® partners, be featured in movies, cameos in video game commericals. Just imagine all the cool guys in High School they looked down on them. These guys girlfriends are looking to find out how to get in contact with these gamers so they can leave their "jock" boyfriend behind.

A lot of you people need to focus on these niche markets. You could advance your business a lot by sponsoring one of these gamers. Just make sure you pay them. It doesn't hurt to give at least $3,000 a week to each gamer on your team. Win or lose, learn to market them. No one cares about the record, the politics, but they do care about the image. They want to be sold a lifestyle. And your job isn't to please anyone or get confused about a moral code. Your job is to be righteous and make with and for your team. Make sure they are cared for in the best ways possible. Profesional gaming is only going to get bigger and will last for the next 100 years for sure. It's best to catch it at the beginning so you can start building wealth now. Theses guys are already retired once getting out of high school. Yes! There school teachers were jealous, their neighborhood was jealous and other adults who once doubted them. People must face it these days. The age of the bad boy is gone and the age of the geek has risen.

Tune into the scene. These guys are taking over the internet. They know how to work this new world that they created while the world rejected them. Some are even video game developers and get to meet all the celebrities. Some even get to date them and do who know whatever else. It's just amazing how someone who could think they were nothing before could become something overnight for just playing a video game. The amount of money these high school dropouts are making from becoming professional gamers is amazing! A few have acquired movie deals, voice over contracts -- they are set for life! Major motion pictures have hired a few for consulting. This opens the doors to many opportunities for them. I am sorry to say these days being the football captain just isn't enough. Football captains usually end going to college, having kids and living a bitter life saying things like "I am a man. I pay taxes. I have a real job. I have freedom. You don't deserve you paycheck. I make an honest buck".

These bitter people are everywhere. Being a professional gamer is nothing like game testing. People get these to activities mixed up. One is fun and the other is very stressful. Let me give you an example, a game tester will come into work, test the same level over and over again without break for a few hours. They will usually require some form of programming knowledge to allow the developers to know that the game which exact part of the level a "glitch" happened. Game testers don't have a union, they work overtime without a choice. They are often paid well over minimum wage, but very easily replaced. Game testing is a fun job. It is rewarding and will get you access to gaming events others wouldn't have access to. It will allow you to meet people that others couldn't meet. It would allow you to make connections that others couldn't even touch. However, unless you a single male, living with understanding people and a nice support structure game testing has nothing on professional gaming.

Professional gaming differs because it allows the gamer to choose their sponsor. It allows them develop an audience on Youtube® to leverage when acquiring a tournament slot. It allows them the flex to start their own clothing line in the mist of the popularity that this profession can generate. Professionl gamers don't have to work hours if they don't want to. They can choose when they work. They don't need worry about a paycheck as soon as they have a quality lawyer and there business is set up properly. They can keep the majority of their money in their pocket and aren't as easily replaced as a game tester.

The Culture to Come

A culture of revolution is on the way. This way of life of corporate living is no good for the the youth. The youth want a better place. They want to be able to use the bathroom when they want to. They want to be able to live where they want to live. They want to be able to turn a cargo container into a business. Young people these days in general aren't looking for a college a degree though they do go to college. That's just for social and business reasons. They want to become the next Zuckerberg. They want the billions of dollars, the fast life and the love with the ladies.

I don't think you guys understand what's going on here. Young people are looking for freedom. Muslim women don't want to play their role anymore. These young women want to be free because we are all born this way. Religion can't bound people anymore. It's borderline anarchy -- just look at the Ukraine. These people have always been in revolution and civil wars. Who wants to not be free? Who wants to have tax laws, politicians and police on top of them 24/7? Who wants to live life like they are holding a Hardcore championship title?

No one wants to waste time on certifications for jobs. They want to just learn the skill and go anywhere to make money. I swear I am going to show you how to do all of this in the most general way I can. Too many details will allow the government to come knocking at my door saying that 'It's against National Security' and some stupid ass Americans will co-sign it. I can't stress enough the age that has come. This is only the beginning. You are SICK of the struggle. I know it, you know it, your mother knows it, your friends know it. So many people have come here for a better life thinking the streets were paved with gold. Only to find out to the wealthy-elite, they were the gold. Hard working tax payers. You're more family-oriented? If you want to take care of your parents in old age invest in freedom now?

There will be no social security in this coming age. There will be no government assistance. There will be less jobs. Freedom is needed. It's time to spread your wings. Form a team; a year from now you will thank yourself. You might think you are doing it now because you have a car, society is pleased with you.... that's the worse position to be in. If society is pleased with it means they got you in a trap or close to it. They got you in debts you think you can't pay or driving a car you really don't own.

This post isn't about money, but a spiritual conquest. Not that corny shit that you see on TV. I am talking realism here. The reality that the TSA isn't there to protect your freedoms. They are there to make sure you don't outshine the elite. These people get paid more than police and military -- A SHAME! People out there risky there lives for their family and they can't even get an extra buck. It's time we begin, not start. A plan can be planned till it's time to plan again. No time for planning, just discussion and doing.

My Kind of Music

         I speak on variety. I speak on connecting with an international audiences. I speak on learning other languages. Down below is a small collection of the music and videos I like to get into. It's a variety of what I like to listen to. I am a very different kind of person from everybody else. I listen to music in different languages from Swedish to Spanish. I've listened to various rap battles in German, Dutch and Danish since I was 16.

        In these times, America isn't the only place that you can go. There is a whole world out there. It's like going to California for the first time. Once you get there, you mind expands and there is no going back. It's like that child that tastes that first taste of freedom -- can't tell him nothing after that. This is why I speak on not waving flags and not claiming any country because you are part of humanity. A free entity.

      The music below will guide you into this direction that I am talking about. I will open you up with further consciousness expanding articles to keep your mind expanding.


Hip Hop & Business Development

            Hip Hop will let you know how business is handled outside the office. I don't mean illegally. Anytime a black man wants to make some money he has to be creative. He has everyone coming at him. The people at the top certainly don't want to you come up and some of your friends are the same way. If you listen to Jay-Z, Big Pun or any other rappers they will tell you the same thing. Jay-Z has many songs about his business ventures and how he had to recruit a group of people with radical dreams of making money -- from there just got up and did it.

         Music like this will get you into making that money fast. Don't worry about the morals. Your legal hustle will be looked at as bad by society till a rich person finds a way to capitalize. Often times you have to go independent with your hustle. Invest in your own studio, your own recording studio, your own publishing company.

       Hip-Hop music will keep you on the move of building your business. It will keep it stylish, hip and very in tune with the youth. Why be broke? Why let your moral aspect stop you from overcoming a horrible situation? Poverty is right around the corner. There are gaps to money be closed by the government each and every year. These people find the loopholes and block them.

       Your business depends on you and your team. Move the egos out the way. Save them for when you are a stable enough to use your ego. Right now, you have to build your roster. A team of reliable people with the same vision as you. People that aren't against moving out the country, displeasing society, doing for self, buying apartment buildings, ect.


Girls & Money

        When a man acquires money. Everyone is trying to get at you. I don't mean a couple of $100 that anyone can acquire with an above minimum wage job. I am talking $800 dollars a day doing nothing, but sitting on your butt. I am talking that travel to Miami, do a few music videos, sleep with a Spanish girl, take your whole team out to lunch money. With that comes ladies or what I like to call distractions.

       Money breeds freedom. I know I repeat this a lot, but you must get this into your head. You remember when you were younger and your mother wouldn't let you go outside because it was "dangerous". The gangs were shooting and people were dying. Had to come in before the lights came on? Coming into your youth at 18 you aren't trying to hear all of that. Some people transform even sooner. They move into a new light and take on a new form. This is what money allows you to do. Now, don't go off calling me in materialistic. It's the fact of the world -- I speak to the youth.

       Girls are going to come around. Just like the ones you seen on TV. Success breeds this and women follow power. I seen lame niggas that I was cool with get dressed up in fly gear and attract girls. It wasn't there purpose -- they just wanted to upgrade themselves. And we started talking and they would say that as they started gaining more funds the same girls that played them wanted them.

     However, these days with money comes standards and after traveling to Miami, Brazil, and other exotic places. Men aren't trying to deal with the rachets over here in these major cities. When your opening up your own stylist stores in hot sunny sites. Enjoying that reality TV life -- feeling fulfilled. You can't think of risking everything you have over a rachet. That's just foolish.

     Just know, girls are going to come. They see you shining and you are going to want to go with them and do whatever. However, remember your dreams. These females can be your downfall.

Updates, Questions, Or you want to see a certain topic covered


Popular Tennis Shoes

  Wholesale is a business I described in an earlier chapter. Summer time is coming around shortly and you surely don't want to be working. You want to be living that beach boy lifestyle. Walking the beaches, doing film work, being featured as an extra in one of those street racing documentaries and films. You want to be living your youth.

   You want to sell whatever you can to live that lifestyle. I don't care if you're a geek. You can find your "swag". You can develop that stylish persona. Good thing for this form of money making you don't need it. There are a lot of popular tennis shoes out there. You can find them online from various countries around the world. They are sold at wholesale prices and usually all you need is an LLC(Limited Liability Company); Legalzoom® anyone?

   Tennis shoes aren't uniform. They can in very eccentric forms which appeal to all times of performance athletes. They are used by boxers, basketball players, soccer moms, and other people around the world. These are world wide shoes and people are very sick of wearing name brand items because everyone else is wearing them. You are sure to make at least $20,000 a month off these type of tennis shoes.

   No product placement necessary. All you need is a website, a secure shopping cart for your website, and a merchant account.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Everything You Do Is A Business

      People fail to realize this? They tax you on almost everything. Everything you do is a business. If you loan someone money you are in a business called finance. You just invested in another person, usually at an interest. Business is usually thought about as a guy with a suit on, a briefcase, eating a hardy breakfast before leaving home with a newspaper in hand. That is not business, that is conformity.

    Business is flexibility, traveling, and tons of cash. Cash in any currency! A business can be that DVD stand outside your house, that store down the street, that T-shirt business on a shopping chart, a mega corporation -- it's all business. The people in the urban areas kind of know what I'm talking about because they see it all the time. You can start a marketing company in the urban area and just land accounts with companies posting posters around your city -- you're in business. From there all you need is a website and a solid internet presence. Great promotion for low overhead.

   Don't get patriotic and wave flags. You are not owned by any nation. Take it into your own hands and make it happen! You can and will be able to expand to countries like Germany. Learn German or hire one. Collect contracts there. You can decide to stay small or remain big. You are a service BRAND so I advise that you focus more on revenue and less on market share. Revenue will allow you to develop more important business to develop wealth.

    This kind of information will allow you to develop residual income as you develop other businesses in different fields. The point is to not have to work for money or to create businesses to fund your dream. Creating a business is as simple as using your first weeks paycheck and just doing it. There is no loss of money. And even if you do it's only a full dollars.

I Can Security Test!

   Your home PC has to stay secure! If you don't secure your home PC it will become open to hackers and other cyber criminals. All computers come with ports. Each port is used to connection to some service on the internet. Often times people forget to update their computers or aren't aware that their are even updates required. Many people have big ego's and believe "My computer will never get hacked. I have a Firewall" which makes it easier for a hacker to hack into. These type of people lack the knowledge and the skill set to protect their network from an advanced cyber attack.

   I can test your firewall especially on a Windows PC. All I require is a laptop and some time. I would have to do it directly from your home. Doing it from a long distance is completely illegal. Soon I may upload screenshots of me testing my own computer so that you know I am not joking around here. Many people get paid to do just the same thing. This is usually for major corporations and not home PC users. I can help you prevent virus attacks through advanced consulting. Equipped with the knowledge of network security.

    I use port scanners, network scanners, exploits, and other hacker techniques to break into your home PC to show you where the errors exist to prevent your beats, music, photos, and other things from being stolen. I've been on underground as well as above ground hacker forums. Just on the above ground hacker forums I have seen screenshots of low-level hackers actually in the command prompt of a persons computer. They even downloaded photos of their family.

Import Cars GT: High Speed

     Fast & Furious, you've seen it. Super GT cars with neon lights on the bottom of their cars body. This iconic cult film was created in Miami where this scene known as Import Cars is PRIME! I know some of you street-level dudes make around 50g's a night doing whatever. You can't tell me you can't take 23% of that money to invest in this scene.

     Importing high speed car parts for legalized track races is an merging market. Along with the scene comes the mystic which allows for the attraction of the teenage to young adult demographic and the sale of t-shirts, mugs, and other products. This is known as integration, my friends. Poland has drifting, Sweden is big on drifting, just remember the cult video game Gran Turismo(tm - add later) if you need an idea of what I am talking about. Forget the trade magazines they become out-of-date by the next month. Best way to stay up-to-date is to share this article and let me know that you are interest through commenting, likes and shares. Comment on this blog if you want a more detailed article.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting Involved in Anime Soundtracks

    Hip Hop is a declining genre. Thought is steady generating income for the major labels, on the underground it's becoming dried out with an over abundance of poor marketing, horrible singles and scam artist showcases. The urban marketing departments of these record labels leave any of your artist mind-locked into thinking using their marketing tactics is the only way to success and that it consist of creating t-shirt buttons, rolling with a street team and talking to shady A&Rs.

  Japan has a fetish for Hip Hop and underground music. You have people from Japan who walk the streets of New York and became big in New York, only to create most of their revenue in Japan. Sounds weird, but it is happening all the time. It's like moving to a new city -- look how quickly you adapt and become attached. It's your new home while the only thing keeping you going back to your hometown is two things: guilt or love.

   If you ever watched Japanese anime porn called Henti(genre of Japanese anime porn) you will hear Hip Hop music at the end. I can assure you the owners of the copyright of that song are being paid a licensing fee. Licensing is basically when in this case an artist gives another company permission to your their material for a fee. This process usually develops residual income. This is not about money as much as it's about getting your music overseas to places like Japan. It's the easiest way. All you have to do is find a struggling anime and send them a proposal. Make it look fancy, show them your are a business and that you have an audience.

   Japan is also hot for artist going on store. The Yen is strong! Yen is the currency of Japan. It's what people over there use to pay people like you might use the United States Dollar, they use the Yen. Again, as I suspect most of you are from Staten Island -- just look at Wu-Tang. They went international and I could have sworn I heard a Sunz of Man track on the ending credits of one of those animes.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Young Man Assets Program

   Yababa World™ is currently developing a management hub software for your mobile phone and desktop that enable you to efficiently stay up-to-date on the various assets you have around the global. We are moving globally because we understand the internet enables businessmen establish businesses internationally without leaving the comfort their own home.

   We've decided to develop this software for the Windows platform and Android. It will include a host of features that come packaged in an intuitive interface. As time goes on we will expand its development into other areas such as bill payments, ect.

   Young Man Assets Program™ isn't like any other software you will see on the market. It will be security tested from day one to prevent hackers from breaking into your ASSETS. It's currently in the planning stages as a powerful suite of tools created for needs. Young Man Assets Program™ is gear toward those just getting out of high school or those whom have recently dropped out. The youth are in trouble and need a manage software to alert them of the what's going on in the world and to keep their minds expanding.

     Development for the Young Man Assets Program™ will come equipped a graphic interface that is as sleek as some of those anti-virus software packages you see on the market only less bulky and far less complicated. Young Man Assets Program™ will even equipped with live networking utilities to allow you to establish connections with trustworthy business-minded people.

    We here at Yababa World™ ask that you lend some recommendations below so we can make sure that this product is suited for your needs.

Grab Every Money Opportunity You Can

     Money is necessary. Don't let religion, your spiritual beliefs or anything else fool you. You need money and for me as much as I can get with the least amount of work as possible. Smart work is what I am about. There aren't many ways to make money anymore which is why people are turning to online. People want more freedom these days, especially young people. We don't want to be caught up running a brick and mortar store doing what they call #DatAkhiLife.

   There are easy money opportunities everywhere -- swap meets, selling equipment for music studios online amongst other very lucrative things. All you have to do is market and automate it. Or get enough money to hire out someone else to do it and move on. I swear you must GRAB AT ANY MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE. Don't depend on that job to holding you down forever. Look at some of those Binary Options traders that lost their jobs and are now working at Starbucks.

    These people could have easily built their own business on the side. Even if it was just a small electronics website online -- at least they wouldn't be broke. Better have $5,000 a month in the bank instead of $7.50/hour working at Starbucks. They say money doesn't bring happiness, but one of the biggest regrets of people upon death is listening to others and not to themselves. No one under the age of 24 can tell me this article doesn't speak to their heart right now. I knew Albanians that had well to do parents and these dudes would be doing bad in school because they had to work to support themselves and one told me "my family doesn't want to support". Now, you don't have to believe this. I am not here to recruit you into anything, ask you to buy a product or anything. I am here for the people who want to wake up not those who don't.

     There is money everywhere. Legal activities, nothing involving drugs or violent crimes. I am talking internet radio, podcast, language training. Sell enough podcast subscriptions acquire media buys in the form of advertisers, sell DVDs, build your brand add value! It's that simple!

     Money should become your passion! Nothing wrong with money. If there was your church wouldn't accept donations. They say those donations are in the name of God! Well, I say do for your SELF in the name of God.

Easy Cash = Attitude

   Your attitude determines your altitude. Your attitude toward other people determines how much cash you will make. People generate $10,000s of thousands of dollars a month online soon lose it because they don't know to invest in the up and comers. Investing in a tree before it bears fruit will allow you to follow other aspirations while that person works on their dreams. See the attitude is perception and like Rolling Stone said, "Perception Is Reality".

     You can't tell if someone has money in their pocket by the way they look. You can give an assessment, but generally someone can have $3,000 dollars of legit money in their pocket fresh off the press from the ATM and you wouldn't know. This person could own a company and looking for someone to train, fly overseas and close a business deal for them because they just don't have to the time to do it. We live in a day and age where people don't care about your credentials, certifications, or resume. They just want to see tangibles of what you can do. Skills you can learn through free online schools.

     Everyone is trying to Shark Tank. Real rich people don't do that Shark Tank shit! People in the Shark Tank are people with money looking to investment because they are quickly losing money. The value of the currency is going down and they need another ASSET because currency isn't looking like one that will hold value. Remember, it's about attitude. All because someone is rich doesn't mean they know what they are talking about. All because someone is poor doesn't mean their methods won't work. Would I listen to someone who is broke about advise on money? Yes!


Cash Vs Asset

    Cash and assets are too different things. Cash can go up in value and go down in value. If you have $20 dollars next year that same $20 dollars will not be worth $20 dollars. The US Dollar has shown a drop in value since the early 1920s and hasn't really made any sufficient jumps since. With assets the game is different however. Since assets can come in any form -- gold, currency, stocks, bonds, businesses.

     Cash is good for people who want to spend money with the government being in their business and building a personality profile on them. It's also useful for the obvious things like spending at home or abroad. Just when you thought cash was all there is you noticed to gather it was a constant hustle. A never ending grind, a money generating activity, but the only issue is that you have to be there to EARN. Money comes in many forms which is why it is usually called monies. These wealthy folks know what I mean when I say monies. Do you know monies is sometimes called Binary Options? See this is something you won't learn in college, so don't go asking your finance graduate friends if it is true. There is a reason they don't have a job.

    Wealthy people own hedge funds which pool a bunch of money together to hedge against the assets of a competitor. These funds are stationed in offshore resort islands were taxes don't even exist and the American politicians look the other way. They look at flashy computer screens with tickets, and high-tech style colorful eye candy displaying how the market is doing, who is trading what and how much assets are on hand. For the computer, these options, mortgage packages and so on are just labels with value attached to them.

     This is why ASSETS are so important. This is why if you are making any money online I advise you to put your money into ASSETS. Not a house! Money generating assets. If you are in an online business that is riding a trend -- that money will soon DRY OUT! You need to become a serial investor/entrepreneur and begin looking for other opportunities to expand and grow so that when those opportunities dry up you have an ASSET that you've been feeding that is waiting there with happy business managers waiting to introduce you to their friends. In this new world you must constantly keep growing.

Why Some Have Money and Others Don't

    Rich, poor, and middle class. These are the three classes were are told we have in this world and that they will remain forever. However, this isn't true. The middle class is slowly giving way. Jobs are slowly being automated by AI(Artificial Intelligence). There are now doctors being replaced by robotic machines designed by high-end corporations. Just like elevator man in the 1920s, your job can and will be easily replaced.

   There are reasons for this as there are reasons for why some have money while others don't. The rich have a way of keeping the poor without. A poor man can gather money and start a business, begin making loads of cash, but begin to run into "bad luck" through copyright strikes, new laws, higher taxes and other weird things that don't seem to effect other businesses, i.e. big corporations.

   This paradigm allows for big corporations to pay government officials large sums of money in a form of politics called lobbying to create laws that halts their small business competition. This happens all the time. What do you think Walmart moving to Staten Island was about? It was about a major corporation with shareholders from all around the world deciding to place a foothold in the biggest profit center of New York City -- Staten Island.

   They wanted it all. They didn't care who they had to lobby to get it. These kinds of tactics stall small businesses, especially online business. Online transactions have enabled business to avoid the troubles they face by going brick and mortar only to bet met with these crazy sales taxes that major corporations don't have to worry about since they were given a tip by local politicians to make a move before the laws were passed. Now, you have companies that are headquartered in other countries making money all around the world, but collecting profits in places like Bermuda while having their copyrights held in Irelend -- square business for them.

      Have you noticed almost anything you do is illegal till a rich person does it? For example, Multi-level Marketing for a while was look upon as a scam still major corporations such as Time Warner Cable found a way to leverage it in the urban community.

The Purpose of Networks

    Networks are in computers. These networks are set up via workstations known as nodes. Your home computer could be considered a node. However, in this article the node is a person or organization. We will discuss why having these are important and essential for your business growth.

    This article is for both young and old because if you are using social media and becoming a Youtube® personality you have broken the bonds of conformity and you have held on to your inner child. You've decided that it's time to create a network of people who will be consistent and not just fall off the radar after a swarm of false promises and aspirations.

   These networks I will teach you to build will help you establish connections with people who do more than party and post pictures of themselves doing silly things like tasting the latest drinks. People that post mindless non-sense on your social media feed are not people you want to network with. Especially, if you coming out of college or some kind of organizations the incurs debt into your life

     Networks are established through three ways meet, connect, and build.

      • Meet - I like to use the Internet for this purpose. Anything can be said in person. However, testimonials, resumes, comments, likes, retweets, and shares are all visible over of the internet. It's very difficult for someone to lie about what they do over the internet. If someone says they have a website, they have to show it. If they go on Linkedin® and claim they have a skill they will need quite a few endorsements. Meeting people online is the best way to establish business connections. Hey, must of mine are from India.

      • Connect -  Using your mobile phone, E-mail, postal mail, common interest, ect. These thing work to connect with your new business contact which would develop into other business contacts till you encircle to create a network. Links made through this repeatable process will only render you useful to a variety of people and allow yourself to expand as they expand.

    • Build  - Building is the part that is the most essential. It's when you actually get down to building the business, organization or product. Building is a term used to describe collaborate, cooperative development amongst other things.

The Reasons To Stay Indepedent


          I'm speaking of independent in the ways of the DIY(Do-It-Yourself). Ways of owning 100% of your business without any shady investors on your back zapping your creativity. Independent businesses avoid a lot of pitfalls music industry business run into because they don't have to deal with politics, structured development cycles when released a product. Staying independent allows you to build your own medium through independent video platforms such as Youtube®. Using this method will allow you to avoid slander, libel, and other annoying legal issues that come from dealing with mainstream media. Controlling your intellectual property(IP) is key. Many musicians and other creatives lose their publicity rights, creative rights, and business rights to record labels and other agencies because of lack of knowledge of the law.

     When you are independent you can go right to websites like Tunecore® and download their guides on independent music. These guides teach you with infographics how to acquire copyrights, intellectual property rights, ect. Staying 100% independent is actually key to a major record deal(different from a recording contract) since it provides you leverage and should act as a business deal -- nothing more.

      These applies to any entertainment business. You don't want any major media company dictating to you how to distribute and create your business. Don't forget distribution! With an 100% independent business you will be about to create distribution channels internationally with little effort just by showing proof of an audience and by showing them marketing materials. Use of Guerilla Marketing is a great method for promoting your music. You see it all the time in Manhattan, New York, though this how become a cliche here in New York.

$30,000 A Month Just Off The Internet

   $30,000!? Yes, $30,000 a month off the internet is consistently is possible and very easy to do providing that you have the right resources, support structure and drive. We are talking smart work, not hard work. We are talking cooperation, not roadblocks. We are talking seamlessly, not get-rich-quick(a scheme which doesn't exist). Hundreds of people are making money online only a few at the 30k a month mark. The reason for this is because these people have multiple streams of income, a selective network of supportive people such as business owners, lawyers, tax attorneys, amongst other connections in the business field.

    This amount of money is easy to obtain with this trust worthy network. The only thing stopping people is classism. People looking down on others because they don't have much "currently". People forget the present isn't the future and that the future can shift at any moment. It's like that guy you seen from high school who used to be the star, but now he's a lame. Your support system will determine how much money you make in the short-term.

   $30,000 is enough money to relax for about three months and plan your next move. This is why you need a trusted network of advisors to assist you with finding quick sufficient ways in exponetionaily increasing the amount of money you have through only $10,000 of the money you have. I don't care if you're in high school? This is possible. Remember, I am not selling you ANYTHING! My only benefit is your comments, your shares, your love and seeing both of us succeed.

Building Assets Overseas

      Building ASSETS overseas for young people is a must. Many people I went to school with came from other countries like Turkey, Albania, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, Kazakstan, ect. Many of these people were young and would travel back and forth during the off months of school. A few would come back and brag about starting a business in their home country using money made here in America. This peaked my interest.

      Many young people are sick of the bullshit they are sold in high school while being told to go on to college and acquire more stress. They have teachers we have lost their touch on reality advising them to go to college for their own good knowing good and well that the debt they phase will hinder them for life. Honestly, $30,000 in debt isn't a lot of money if you apply these strategies below:

         Building Overseas Assets

    Why overseas?
         Despite what the American media has told you. Overseas has more freedom then you do in America. Overseas you can't just say "That person downloaded my music catalog. I am a rich man. Arrest him!" and have your door kicked down without any evidence. It happens all the time in America which is why many music websites and independent business that are competition to major media companies have moved to Sweden and other friendly countries. A great thing is to many American people buy from companies overseas - remember I discussed outsourcing before.

         Assets in this case are things you build that generate a constant flow of income. This could also lead to other opportunities for you to make more money. It surely makes acquiring citizenship elsewhere easier if shit hits the fan in America.  Dubai is an awesome place to started. They have jobs, citizenship for foreigners, high number of English speaking people and are constantly growing.

        This is geared toward young men. You don't have the money? Pool your resources together. Someone has money, another may have time and another may speak the language of the particular country. How do you think Facebook® got big? Someone had the knowledge, two other people had the money. No egos involved.

Applying Your Brand to Unbranded Products

     You have phone cases, mobile operating systems, boxing gloves, ect. These are all products that can be produced inexpensively. As a company you can buy these products wholesale and sell them for cheap. Great profit for you and your fellow business partners. Truly, all you would need is a logo and a product -- add your logo. Use the popularity,  uniqueness and credibility of your brand to be the leverage that pushes the product to your audience.

    Sell the culture that your brand brings to that particular audience or target demographic.

      • Phone Cases - I remember someone telling me about phone cases that people were interested in buying and that if you set up a website you would be able to clock about $40,000 a month in sales -- that's a year's worth of pay. These days it's easy to set up a website with platforms out there on the internet. Just remember -- slap your brand on it. It customized for the particular product if you can.

     • Struggling businesses - These are the best to contact about licensing their product because it's cheap and they really want to start doing business with someone fast. They will already have the products ready made for sale and all you will need to do is work out a deal to have your logo added to their products -- remember to tailor it for the particular product.

     • Headphones - Not all products made in China are cheap. If they were the rest of the world wouldn't have "Made In China" plastered all over their products. Remember, how in my past articles I've been telling rappers how to market themselves through various mediums. This right here is market and profit. You don't have ot be famous to do it either. Just create a set of headphones, brand them, test them and market them. Sell them anywhere you can. Create a small commercial for them using a DSRL and Youtube®. We are talking high quality videos, high-quality branding and high quality headphones -- not just something that hangs in your ear drums.

   • Mugs - People need too look important while doing there work on their nich website or blog. A mug is a sure way to look like an independent business owner without actually having to be one. Mugs can in various varieties and are super cheap to acquire without even contacting a manufacturing company. Everyone usually has a branded Mug line at some point in their business development -- an ever evolving journey.

Dat Wholesale T-Shirt Company

   Wholesale is big business. Over $1 billion dollars a year is made off of wholesale. Today, we will discuss wholesale T-Shirt businesses you can manage online with the right resources. T-Shirts are a fun, creativity and easy way to make money. Many people work in a retail store watching T-Shirts be sold and some even know how they arrive on shelves - wholesale. However, many don't know how they are created and that they can start their own wholesale business with the right network directly from their own laptop.

    These days they have HUB management websites were you can manage whole business directly from your own home. Wholesale businesses are no exception. Just imagine creating a hot T-Shirt design once, submitting it to a manufacturing company -- this company could be new. It doesn't even have to be the best manufacturing company since they will be more open to any contract even for the lowest out of money -- also known as outsourcing. Remember, with money anything is possible. Can't find the money? Check who your friends are, check who your family is and perform some adjustments RIGHT NOW!

    Networking is very important is establishing Dat WholeSale T-Shirt Company. You'll need connections into B2B(Business 2 Business) niches in order to make this happen. It should only take a few weeks or a month. All it takes is a few minutes of planning and a few steps. The only thing stopping people is laziness and the need to complain. I personally don't time for that and from my experience would suggest you remove any and all dissents out of your life in order to make this business happen. Remember, NETWORK!

   It only takes a few T-Shirt designs and a little bit of marketing. In the Urban community people are looking for high quality, low-priced T-shirts to sport without the expense. Don't worry about the competition. This is what Youtube® is for. Promote your T-Shirts. Have local rappers wearing it. Promote it using the grassroots and the underground. Send it to local rock musicians if you can. It would work best to do this while your waiting on establishing B2B connects with your manufacturing company.

Build Your Rap Career Online

  Don't let these fake A&Rs at these shady record labels say "the world is bigger than the Internet".  Nigga, please! The internet is the new empire. It's the place where dreams are born. Anyone can make it off the internet. The only thing stopping folks is the government and government contract Paypal® with their freezing of business accounts for 6 months or more. It is very possible to build your rap career online and I will show you how:

  1.Youtube® - the mecca for multimedia at present day. Every rapper should have a Youtube® account. If you don't have one you are slippin'. Get one right away by paying someone with knowledge of social media. Also, make sure to pay someone to add a channel cover, great video production and vlogs to your Youtube®. Make sure it's easy to find too. No numbers after your screen name -- looks funky and tacky.

2. Twitter® - by using hashtags, retweets, and other promotional micro-blogs a rapper should be able to share music taking into account that rapping is more than just a lazy hustle for you. Remember, YOU ARE A BRAND! There various websites you can share your Twitter account on. I don't want to hear you don't have time. It's time to become a geek and start using the internet.

3. International Blogs - I must tell you from my experience of dealing with people from Europe, Japan and other nations who cover Rap music I haven't run into one stuck up Americanized personality type yet. They are very kind, down-to-earth and want nothing, but to collect and promote underground independent music that is sure to spread like wildfire.

4. Collaborations Across Genres - a term I've coined called CAG, Collaborations Across Genres. No, this isn't gimmick. It's called creativity and thinking outside the box. Remember when Rapper Snoop Dogg did a collaboration with a country singer? The song was very well received because of the unique sound, being a purist will only lock you down.

    • Clothing lines, personal brands, mobile phone productions... remember you are more than a rapper you are a BRAND! It's time to EMPOWER yourself and stay independent. Don't have enough money? Find out way. If you don't have enough money to resourcefully bring about your career find out who your friends and family are and remove them. No reason why you can't find funding.

   • Build an audience around your Youtube® channel and recognize yourself as a business. You don't owe anything to the record labels and they can't blackball an independent artist who has a direct connection to his/her audience. Do you know many French rappers get blackballed? None! Why? Because they have a different connection to their audience -- a DIRECT CONNECTION!

   • Stop waiting on your local homies to give you praise. Reality is bigger than the 10-block radius of where you live. Pick up a different language - Italian, French, Russian, whatever. Time to expand. This country is going down the whole quick. Kind of explains why rap battle league King of the Dot is making bigger than their American opposition.

  • To all you rap battling peps out there. Focus on your fan base, fuck the victories. The victories in your rap career mean nothing. Just look at Murda Mook. He is a rap battle legend with nothing to show for it. He makes hot tracks, but no one will touch his music or his shows -- sad. If he would have had a solid solo Youtube® presence like Goodz and Charlie Clips he would be bigger than big right now - internationally. I swear there are people in Japan crying, "Why isn't he readily available on Youtube®?