Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Culture to Come

A culture of revolution is on the way. This way of life of corporate living is no good for the the youth. The youth want a better place. They want to be able to use the bathroom when they want to. They want to be able to live where they want to live. They want to be able to turn a cargo container into a business. Young people these days in general aren't looking for a college a degree though they do go to college. That's just for social and business reasons. They want to become the next Zuckerberg. They want the billions of dollars, the fast life and the love with the ladies.

I don't think you guys understand what's going on here. Young people are looking for freedom. Muslim women don't want to play their role anymore. These young women want to be free because we are all born this way. Religion can't bound people anymore. It's borderline anarchy -- just look at the Ukraine. These people have always been in revolution and civil wars. Who wants to not be free? Who wants to have tax laws, politicians and police on top of them 24/7? Who wants to live life like they are holding a Hardcore championship title?

No one wants to waste time on certifications for jobs. They want to just learn the skill and go anywhere to make money. I swear I am going to show you how to do all of this in the most general way I can. Too many details will allow the government to come knocking at my door saying that 'It's against National Security' and some stupid ass Americans will co-sign it. I can't stress enough the age that has come. This is only the beginning. You are SICK of the struggle. I know it, you know it, your mother knows it, your friends know it. So many people have come here for a better life thinking the streets were paved with gold. Only to find out to the wealthy-elite, they were the gold. Hard working tax payers. You're more family-oriented? If you want to take care of your parents in old age invest in freedom now?

There will be no social security in this coming age. There will be no government assistance. There will be less jobs. Freedom is needed. It's time to spread your wings. Form a team; a year from now you will thank yourself. You might think you are doing it now because you have a car, society is pleased with you.... that's the worse position to be in. If society is pleased with it means they got you in a trap or close to it. They got you in debts you think you can't pay or driving a car you really don't own.

This post isn't about money, but a spiritual conquest. Not that corny shit that you see on TV. I am talking realism here. The reality that the TSA isn't there to protect your freedoms. They are there to make sure you don't outshine the elite. These people get paid more than police and military -- A SHAME! People out there risky there lives for their family and they can't even get an extra buck. It's time we begin, not start. A plan can be planned till it's time to plan again. No time for planning, just discussion and doing.

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