Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Build Your Rap Career Online

  Don't let these fake A&Rs at these shady record labels say "the world is bigger than the Internet".  Nigga, please! The internet is the new empire. It's the place where dreams are born. Anyone can make it off the internet. The only thing stopping folks is the government and government contract Paypal® with their freezing of business accounts for 6 months or more. It is very possible to build your rap career online and I will show you how:

  1.Youtube® - the mecca for multimedia at present day. Every rapper should have a Youtube® account. If you don't have one you are slippin'. Get one right away by paying someone with knowledge of social media. Also, make sure to pay someone to add a channel cover, great video production and vlogs to your Youtube®. Make sure it's easy to find too. No numbers after your screen name -- looks funky and tacky.

2. Twitter® - by using hashtags, retweets, and other promotional micro-blogs a rapper should be able to share music taking into account that rapping is more than just a lazy hustle for you. Remember, YOU ARE A BRAND! There various websites you can share your Twitter account on. I don't want to hear you don't have time. It's time to become a geek and start using the internet.

3. International Blogs - I must tell you from my experience of dealing with people from Europe, Japan and other nations who cover Rap music I haven't run into one stuck up Americanized personality type yet. They are very kind, down-to-earth and want nothing, but to collect and promote underground independent music that is sure to spread like wildfire.

4. Collaborations Across Genres - a term I've coined called CAG, Collaborations Across Genres. No, this isn't gimmick. It's called creativity and thinking outside the box. Remember when Rapper Snoop Dogg did a collaboration with a country singer? The song was very well received because of the unique sound, being a purist will only lock you down.

    • Clothing lines, personal brands, mobile phone productions... remember you are more than a rapper you are a BRAND! It's time to EMPOWER yourself and stay independent. Don't have enough money? Find out way. If you don't have enough money to resourcefully bring about your career find out who your friends and family are and remove them. No reason why you can't find funding.

   • Build an audience around your Youtube® channel and recognize yourself as a business. You don't owe anything to the record labels and they can't blackball an independent artist who has a direct connection to his/her audience. Do you know many French rappers get blackballed? None! Why? Because they have a different connection to their audience -- a DIRECT CONNECTION!

   • Stop waiting on your local homies to give you praise. Reality is bigger than the 10-block radius of where you live. Pick up a different language - Italian, French, Russian, whatever. Time to expand. This country is going down the whole quick. Kind of explains why rap battle league King of the Dot is making bigger than their American opposition.

  • To all you rap battling peps out there. Focus on your fan base, fuck the victories. The victories in your rap career mean nothing. Just look at Murda Mook. He is a rap battle legend with nothing to show for it. He makes hot tracks, but no one will touch his music or his shows -- sad. If he would have had a solid solo Youtube® presence like Goodz and Charlie Clips he would be bigger than big right now - internationally. I swear there are people in Japan crying, "Why isn't he readily available on Youtube®?

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