Saturday, February 22, 2014

Professional Gamers: Superstars

Besides mobile app developers, these Professional Gaming geeks are like superstar Hockey players to people today. They have sponsors, huge events, huge paychecks, the latest clothes, and much more. Touring the world giving more love than Nascar racers all from playing video games. These guys are Profession Gamers. They are world renowned, loved, given anything they want, paid for hotels, just to play games. These guys it flown out to test games before the general public even sees them. These guys used to be geeks now overnight they are viewed as the jocks -- ladies all over of them.

A few of this guys walk away from tournaments with $1,000,000 checks. They throw conventions in Las Vegas, and other places around the world. Society gives people criticism for wanting to make a living doing things besides getting job, getting married, having kids and going into a corporate office building to work. However, these guys have shown a lot of college professors, professionals, academics, economist, finance majors, librarians and like that in reality their careers don't mean much of anything compared to what they are doing. Many of these gamers have gone on to become Youtube® partners, be featured in movies, cameos in video game commericals. Just imagine all the cool guys in High School they looked down on them. These guys girlfriends are looking to find out how to get in contact with these gamers so they can leave their "jock" boyfriend behind.

A lot of you people need to focus on these niche markets. You could advance your business a lot by sponsoring one of these gamers. Just make sure you pay them. It doesn't hurt to give at least $3,000 a week to each gamer on your team. Win or lose, learn to market them. No one cares about the record, the politics, but they do care about the image. They want to be sold a lifestyle. And your job isn't to please anyone or get confused about a moral code. Your job is to be righteous and make with and for your team. Make sure they are cared for in the best ways possible. Profesional gaming is only going to get bigger and will last for the next 100 years for sure. It's best to catch it at the beginning so you can start building wealth now. Theses guys are already retired once getting out of high school. Yes! There school teachers were jealous, their neighborhood was jealous and other adults who once doubted them. People must face it these days. The age of the bad boy is gone and the age of the geek has risen.

Tune into the scene. These guys are taking over the internet. They know how to work this new world that they created while the world rejected them. Some are even video game developers and get to meet all the celebrities. Some even get to date them and do who know whatever else. It's just amazing how someone who could think they were nothing before could become something overnight for just playing a video game. The amount of money these high school dropouts are making from becoming professional gamers is amazing! A few have acquired movie deals, voice over contracts -- they are set for life! Major motion pictures have hired a few for consulting. This opens the doors to many opportunities for them. I am sorry to say these days being the football captain just isn't enough. Football captains usually end going to college, having kids and living a bitter life saying things like "I am a man. I pay taxes. I have a real job. I have freedom. You don't deserve you paycheck. I make an honest buck".

These bitter people are everywhere. Being a professional gamer is nothing like game testing. People get these to activities mixed up. One is fun and the other is very stressful. Let me give you an example, a game tester will come into work, test the same level over and over again without break for a few hours. They will usually require some form of programming knowledge to allow the developers to know that the game which exact part of the level a "glitch" happened. Game testers don't have a union, they work overtime without a choice. They are often paid well over minimum wage, but very easily replaced. Game testing is a fun job. It is rewarding and will get you access to gaming events others wouldn't have access to. It will allow you to meet people that others couldn't meet. It would allow you to make connections that others couldn't even touch. However, unless you a single male, living with understanding people and a nice support structure game testing has nothing on professional gaming.

Professional gaming differs because it allows the gamer to choose their sponsor. It allows them develop an audience on Youtube® to leverage when acquiring a tournament slot. It allows them the flex to start their own clothing line in the mist of the popularity that this profession can generate. Professionl gamers don't have to work hours if they don't want to. They can choose when they work. They don't need worry about a paycheck as soon as they have a quality lawyer and there business is set up properly. They can keep the majority of their money in their pocket and aren't as easily replaced as a game tester.

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