Monday, February 24, 2014

The Label vs Artist: Music Industry in Decline

  "He's never been in the music industry so how does he know what he's talking about ?" You will hear this. Ignore it. I've done work in the music industry before and you don't need to be in Iraq for 1 year to know that it is violent and not fit for a human being. Same thing goes for the music industry. You don't have to know that it is unfit for a creative musician. This doesn't go for all record labels or all musicians - just most. Most want all your money. Most want all your copyrights, intellectual property, merchant sales -- man they want it all!

    The music industry is declining like the country itself. Not doom in and gloom! This is about you going independent. I don't make money from telling you this! So take heed! Many of these A&Rs can't help you. They don't have power. Many of these showcases are scams, they can't help you. Many of these party promoters are just drug dealers with a side hustle -- no help there.

     It's time to realize you have the power to take $750 and start your own company. It's time to realize that you can create Company A and create under companies under it to represent your brand. You have to realize that these labels have power to blackball you if you sign with or deal with them to intimately. They have the power to take your publishing and kill you(i.e. Sam Cooke). These artist don't know who they are dealing with.

     The mafia runs these labels. They have for generations. From Atlantic all the way up to your highest labels. Like I said I am not getting paid for this. I am just speaking the truth that needs to be heard. I don't have a bitter pill to shallow with the record labels. I plan to get back into the music industry and invest myself. However, we can not ignore the creative that is being taken away from the artist that join into it especially in Hip Hop.

  The Media
     The control it -- the radios, newspapers! No, I am not speaking of the Illuminati. That's so hater shit! I am talking real facts like stealing publishing from Michael Jackson and other black artist having to rely on him to sell their publishing black or out of kindness give it to them for free. This isn't only about black artist. This is about all creative artist in America. These labels will blacklist you for speaking out without their authority. Yes, they do allow you to speak out to create some form of "rebellion".

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