Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Setting up a free Hip Hop Studio


  I see much of your musicians, particularly Hip Hop musicians  who struggle with the mind control that Apple® has your under with the companys' marketing of the Mac® OS. I'm here to let you know that you don't have to pay over $1,000 for a Mac® laptop or notebook. You can easily purchase a low-priced high-tech PC running Windows for under $600 dollars and install a fresh copy MusicX Linux on it. Linux is an operating system with many variants. Best of all - it's free! No, free doesn't mean unprofessional, uncreativity, and wharehouse-geeky. Hell, even the billion dollar movie Avatar was rendered on it.

  MusicX Linux is an operating that can run on almost any computer and for free. It comes with open-source audio software that runs exactly like the software you may be using on a Mac®. It has the mixer, the sequence, the MIDI capabilities and so on. Just imagine the power of using an operating system with useful audio production tools designed by experts in the field of computing all for free. Low overhead, I'm the king of that. Low budget? Who doesn't like DIY? Highly secure operating system? Yes, Linux is more secure than Mac®. Mac® is based off an operating system called UNIX® which the first computer worm was created for -- not so secure eh?

   Anyway, download a copy of MusicX Linux(click the name)here. 

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