Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Grab Every Money Opportunity You Can

     Money is necessary. Don't let religion, your spiritual beliefs or anything else fool you. You need money and for me as much as I can get with the least amount of work as possible. Smart work is what I am about. There aren't many ways to make money anymore which is why people are turning to online. People want more freedom these days, especially young people. We don't want to be caught up running a brick and mortar store doing what they call #DatAkhiLife.

   There are easy money opportunities everywhere -- swap meets, selling equipment for music studios online amongst other very lucrative things. All you have to do is market and automate it. Or get enough money to hire out someone else to do it and move on. I swear you must GRAB AT ANY MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE. Don't depend on that job to holding you down forever. Look at some of those Binary Options traders that lost their jobs and are now working at Starbucks.

    These people could have easily built their own business on the side. Even if it was just a small electronics website online -- at least they wouldn't be broke. Better have $5,000 a month in the bank instead of $7.50/hour working at Starbucks. They say money doesn't bring happiness, but one of the biggest regrets of people upon death is listening to others and not to themselves. No one under the age of 24 can tell me this article doesn't speak to their heart right now. I knew Albanians that had well to do parents and these dudes would be doing bad in school because they had to work to support themselves and one told me "my family doesn't want to support". Now, you don't have to believe this. I am not here to recruit you into anything, ask you to buy a product or anything. I am here for the people who want to wake up not those who don't.

     There is money everywhere. Legal activities, nothing involving drugs or violent crimes. I am talking internet radio, podcast, language training. Sell enough podcast subscriptions acquire media buys in the form of advertisers, sell DVDs, build your brand add value! It's that simple!

     Money should become your passion! Nothing wrong with money. If there was your church wouldn't accept donations. They say those donations are in the name of God! Well, I say do for your SELF in the name of God.

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