Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Secure Your Home PC, Part 2

   These days on the internet someone hacking into your computer over the internet via your IP address isn't the only thing you have to worry about. Operating systems such as Windows 7 comes with pre-installed spyware technology for government spying purposes. It's gotten so bad Fidel Castro made his entire country switch from Windows to an open-source alternative to called Nova(which you can download online).

   Torrents, downloading music illegal, file sharing and other enjoyment techniques of this kind by bring corporate attention on to you. And we all know in America, corporate means GOVERNMENT. Take a look at sites like isohunt.com that had to switch to another domain under new owners called isohunt.to. What about DJ Drama getting door kicked in by the government over so-called pirated music? That's right. Corporates have the power you don't -- to get doors kicked down for that MONEY!

   Not to worry, I have a few solutions to minimize the government spying on you and your friends. Be it on your home network or a private one in your office.

  This is a fairly complicated solution to the government spying issue. It allows the end-user to block IP addresses of known anti-piracy bodies, governments, known intelligence organizations and so on. It can also be set up to keep your computer save from known malware centers.

   DuckDuckGo™ is becoming a popular solution for anonymous search engine users. You may wonder why someone would want to hide their activities on the internet. Let me inform you that other organizations don't always follow the rules. They have a habit of using information found via search engines for marketing purposes(not illegal), blackmail, ect.

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