Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Kind of Music

         I speak on variety. I speak on connecting with an international audiences. I speak on learning other languages. Down below is a small collection of the music and videos I like to get into. It's a variety of what I like to listen to. I am a very different kind of person from everybody else. I listen to music in different languages from Swedish to Spanish. I've listened to various rap battles in German, Dutch and Danish since I was 16.

        In these times, America isn't the only place that you can go. There is a whole world out there. It's like going to California for the first time. Once you get there, you mind expands and there is no going back. It's like that child that tastes that first taste of freedom -- can't tell him nothing after that. This is why I speak on not waving flags and not claiming any country because you are part of humanity. A free entity.

      The music below will guide you into this direction that I am talking about. I will open you up with further consciousness expanding articles to keep your mind expanding.


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