Friday, February 28, 2014

Music Industry: International


 Why International?

    International audiences are waiting for you. Youtube® brings them instant access to your content(tracks, music videos, ect). They speak various languages, but have a common language, ENGLISH! Wu-Tang got big because they had an internationally persona that was carried by the Chinese movie cinema craze! This is creative marketing! An international audience will spend money more efficiently with you then your local or national audience would.

    Some urban artist travel to France to promote themselves on the radio and witness instant success without the struggle that is witnessed in the states. Working overseas isn't much trouble. All that is really required in a visa and passport. Many of your favorite music industry secretly go perform in other countries because they know that there are various untapped markets there and not only will you be able to perform in internationally, the doors will open for economic investments into local business and major corporation in that country.

   Countries across the global are looking to attractive tourist. They're are music festivals all over Europe waiting for acts just like you to perform. There are DJs in the UK waiting to network with artist just like you. You have to learn to become a back pack rapper who has no problem with a semi-nomadic lifestyle. This will allow you the flexibility to truly be "gone till November".

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