Thursday, February 27, 2014

Designing The Blueprint

    Every empire requires a blueprint. Without a blueprint your empire would be disorganized and lack the creativity to survive in the world economy. Your life should be global because the world is bigger than your city, state, or zip code. You will need a blueprint stating your current assets, corporations, gold holdings, revenue streams and so on. Blueprints should be written on paper and given out to everyone apart of your DREAM TEAM. The blueprint should only be given to people you trust. This way no one takes your ideas or tries to hate on you by spreading your trade secrets.

    Investment pools are easy to create off of empire blueprints since your DREAM TEAMs' names, addresses, and E-mail's will be listed on the blueprint. I would recommend having at least 50 valuable people on your dream team. This way if one isn't available the other person whom is just as valuable is there for you in a clutch situations. Also, this will allow you guys to create an extended network of friends and associates to build various businesses with. A trust network like this will help you to avoid scam artist and fakes.

     Investments in real estate, products, income from internet marketing opportunities, car sales, clothing sample sales, wharehouse priced clothing sales, ect can all be streamed through this DREAM TEAM. The dream team is essential to the structure of the blueprint. In this global economy doing things alone isn't the best strategy one could use. If you find yourself working alone, it's time to attract some valuable people into your life.

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