Friday, February 28, 2014

Money & Strategy

   Mental programming about money and riches has put the youth in a stagnant cycle of wonder. A cycle that leaves them unable to create the reality they want because they are always distracted by the glamor see around them. They don't know that the man without the car, but with the apartment maybe well off compared to the man with the former. A house is not an asset. An apartment can be. You are renting an apartment - low priced. You can do business out of an apartment, low overhead.

   Simple methods like this can be executed without issue. Don't get be wrong a house can become an asset over time, but these days your focus should be on the property itself. This may not impress you since for the youth real estate and buying houses seems boring. However, owning land is primary to generating wealth. How do you think some of these 19 year olds walk around with $3,000 in their pocket without any illegal activities? Many are into property -- the selling of houses, trusts, assets, ect.

   Ask any adult over the age 45 and they will say "acquire some land, man"! Those with enough sense know that you require land, but back to the apartment scheme. Rent an apartment for let's say $600.00 a week and add various streams of income that amount to let's say $6,000. Save up some of your residual income over the course of 6 months while doing various side hustles and you're set. You basically can front any business.

   This why I wonder why people who are making over $10k a month in network marketing waste it all showing off. I can understand I little splurging here and there to generate interest, but to throw away more than 20% of your earnings.... you destroyed your blessings! The best thing to do is to save as much of that money as possible while looking for various business ventures to invest in. The most stable is real estate and other money generating assets.

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