Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why Some Have Money and Others Don't

    Rich, poor, and middle class. These are the three classes were are told we have in this world and that they will remain forever. However, this isn't true. The middle class is slowly giving way. Jobs are slowly being automated by AI(Artificial Intelligence). There are now doctors being replaced by robotic machines designed by high-end corporations. Just like elevator man in the 1920s, your job can and will be easily replaced.

   There are reasons for this as there are reasons for why some have money while others don't. The rich have a way of keeping the poor without. A poor man can gather money and start a business, begin making loads of cash, but begin to run into "bad luck" through copyright strikes, new laws, higher taxes and other weird things that don't seem to effect other businesses, i.e. big corporations.

   This paradigm allows for big corporations to pay government officials large sums of money in a form of politics called lobbying to create laws that halts their small business competition. This happens all the time. What do you think Walmart moving to Staten Island was about? It was about a major corporation with shareholders from all around the world deciding to place a foothold in the biggest profit center of New York City -- Staten Island.

   They wanted it all. They didn't care who they had to lobby to get it. These kinds of tactics stall small businesses, especially online business. Online transactions have enabled business to avoid the troubles they face by going brick and mortar only to bet met with these crazy sales taxes that major corporations don't have to worry about since they were given a tip by local politicians to make a move before the laws were passed. Now, you have companies that are headquartered in other countries making money all around the world, but collecting profits in places like Bermuda while having their copyrights held in Irelend -- square business for them.

      Have you noticed almost anything you do is illegal till a rich person does it? For example, Multi-level Marketing for a while was look upon as a scam still major corporations such as Time Warner Cable found a way to leverage it in the urban community.

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