Monday, February 24, 2014

That One Employee

   These employees; nothing wrong with being one. Just don't be brainwashed by your employer. You know, the one that you never see. The manager's manager also known as the CEO. You really never see this guy. He seems to evade you or you don't even know what a CEO is. It seems your job is like a cult, the employee handbook being your bible, and your boss is not even Jesus because all you see is the paycheck. The training starts at childhood and the development at your job because a college. It locks your mind down and continues to stop you from growing through new knowledge. You often reject knowledge of making money any other way to the point of criticizing anyone else who attempts to do so.

    It's very sad to see people hate on Facebook(R) against people for doing so and assisting their peers in establishing themselves in alignment of these fruitful opportunities. Why would you hate? Because a person is young going on vacation and basically retired at 21? Are you hating on the same person you called a high school drop-out, a loser, but now since they got up and "became a man" like you told them to they are a scam artist? Seriously? This is the way of America for anyone reading this that has never been to the USA. This is how it is. The people of America hate on people at the top even though if they were at the button they wouldn't help them come up.

          For me, I know how to avoid this -- it's called RESULTS. You have to understand why. With results you are able to not disapprove the haters, but to encourage the supporters. Disapproving the haters is a waste of time. Focus on the people who get it not the people who don't. I wouldn't subscribe to converting a hater. They will hate. They are evil. They are no good. A hater never changes. People never change. If they did the country wouldn't be in debt. People would change and pay off everything, but they don't.

         Whether you are working, unemployed, underemployed, or living off government assistance it would behoove you to investigate online money making opportunities. You can first start by commenting on this blog and the Facebook(R) posts attached to it.

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