Monday, February 24, 2014

Waving Flags

      Too many people are into this patriotism scheme. They shout USA everywhere they go and if they are a Marine they usually get drunk and scream Hoorah as if it makes them bad ass. It's okay to feel that way, but when someone doesn't respect it you disrespect them by calling them disrespectful names and will also try to humiliate them by saying "I served my country, you are not a man". But when they become "a man", start owning business, making money, and doing for self. You become further upset. You tell them to pay more taxes, but won't tell your white counterparts the same thing.

    How many military men you know complain about such things and go on to work for such companies like Google(R) which pay almost 0% taxes. Waving flags is the name of this game and I won't subscribe to it. I am loyal to no country. Treason? Why aren't the white men that own mega corporations, oil pipe lines in "terrorist" nations, investments in Iran -- have to deal with this kind of nonsense.

     Honestly, I no longer pay attention to these types. As long as they don't touch my money their kids are safe, their wife is safe and their grandmother is safe. If not, they a man has to do what a man has to do. I have no issue with investing in Iran. As soon as America began allowing their allies to do business with Iran the same people that criticized you in the past where the first ones to jump in. That's the name of the game. Criticize a nation, make the people ashamed of doing business with them just so when the blockade is over the white man come fly right in buy up all the oil reserves before anyone gets a chance to do the same.

      Dennis Rodman in North Korea. Good for him, I can't wait to go. I heard they love black people there. Some may say -- then why are you still here why don't you leave. First, if you do leave you still have to pay taxes for the next 10 years and secondly I didn't start this trend of traveling around the world -- white people did. I don't pledge alliance to any nation and if you did you wouldn't accept the GI Bill. Hell, you wouldn't even need it. You would fight for a minimum pay. How many of you acquire military jobs that are non-combat and come back to the States as if you were combat vets?

      As I stated, I don't wave any flags and nor should you. That's of course you are a native of another nation with a rich history and even then you are limiting yourself because that nation is usually under control by one of the elite British or America families. These hedge funds, investment companies and marketing firms are multinational. That means they are everywhere.

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