Saturday, February 22, 2014

Girls & Money

        When a man acquires money. Everyone is trying to get at you. I don't mean a couple of $100 that anyone can acquire with an above minimum wage job. I am talking $800 dollars a day doing nothing, but sitting on your butt. I am talking that travel to Miami, do a few music videos, sleep with a Spanish girl, take your whole team out to lunch money. With that comes ladies or what I like to call distractions.

       Money breeds freedom. I know I repeat this a lot, but you must get this into your head. You remember when you were younger and your mother wouldn't let you go outside because it was "dangerous". The gangs were shooting and people were dying. Had to come in before the lights came on? Coming into your youth at 18 you aren't trying to hear all of that. Some people transform even sooner. They move into a new light and take on a new form. This is what money allows you to do. Now, don't go off calling me in materialistic. It's the fact of the world -- I speak to the youth.

       Girls are going to come around. Just like the ones you seen on TV. Success breeds this and women follow power. I seen lame niggas that I was cool with get dressed up in fly gear and attract girls. It wasn't there purpose -- they just wanted to upgrade themselves. And we started talking and they would say that as they started gaining more funds the same girls that played them wanted them.

     However, these days with money comes standards and after traveling to Miami, Brazil, and other exotic places. Men aren't trying to deal with the rachets over here in these major cities. When your opening up your own stylist stores in hot sunny sites. Enjoying that reality TV life -- feeling fulfilled. You can't think of risking everything you have over a rachet. That's just foolish.

     Just know, girls are going to come. They see you shining and you are going to want to go with them and do whatever. However, remember your dreams. These females can be your downfall.

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