Thursday, February 27, 2014

Building Your Dream Team

  Essential for business is a dream time. That means no time-wasters, no-girl chasing, money-wasting weirdos. Dream teams consist of people that have all-round skills be it web design, promotion, networking, video production, ect. You want lawyers(and youth going to law school), real estate agents, stock brokers, and other go-getting people. Many businesses have lost a lot of time and money on time wasters. You have your 20's and early 30's to make it and that's it. After that no one is going to support you.

     What's a business with time-wasters? One where your business partners go chase after women, parties and other bullshit that doesn't involve making money. These same people either doubt the business all together or complain two years down the road when they are broke. It's a habit of too many people which is why so little people are getting rich or even moderately well-off.

     It's nearly impossible to fail with a dream team! These people are always available and if they are not they will get back to you with in a few days. It isn't impossible to create a dream team. You just have to beware of time-wasters. These people don't dream big! Many think very small and only want short-term money. They don't want to build together and want to wait till they are in serious trouble before they even connect with anyone. It's so sad!


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