Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cash Vs Asset

    Cash and assets are too different things. Cash can go up in value and go down in value. If you have $20 dollars next year that same $20 dollars will not be worth $20 dollars. The US Dollar has shown a drop in value since the early 1920s and hasn't really made any sufficient jumps since. With assets the game is different however. Since assets can come in any form -- gold, currency, stocks, bonds, businesses.

     Cash is good for people who want to spend money with the government being in their business and building a personality profile on them. It's also useful for the obvious things like spending at home or abroad. Just when you thought cash was all there is you noticed to gather it was a constant hustle. A never ending grind, a money generating activity, but the only issue is that you have to be there to EARN. Money comes in many forms which is why it is usually called monies. These wealthy folks know what I mean when I say monies. Do you know monies is sometimes called Binary Options? See this is something you won't learn in college, so don't go asking your finance graduate friends if it is true. There is a reason they don't have a job.

    Wealthy people own hedge funds which pool a bunch of money together to hedge against the assets of a competitor. These funds are stationed in offshore resort islands were taxes don't even exist and the American politicians look the other way. They look at flashy computer screens with tickets, and high-tech style colorful eye candy displaying how the market is doing, who is trading what and how much assets are on hand. For the computer, these options, mortgage packages and so on are just labels with value attached to them.

     This is why ASSETS are so important. This is why if you are making any money online I advise you to put your money into ASSETS. Not a house! Money generating assets. If you are in an online business that is riding a trend -- that money will soon DRY OUT! You need to become a serial investor/entrepreneur and begin looking for other opportunities to expand and grow so that when those opportunities dry up you have an ASSET that you've been feeding that is waiting there with happy business managers waiting to introduce you to their friends. In this new world you must constantly keep growing.

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