Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Reasons To Stay Indepedent


          I'm speaking of independent in the ways of the DIY(Do-It-Yourself). Ways of owning 100% of your business without any shady investors on your back zapping your creativity. Independent businesses avoid a lot of pitfalls music industry business run into because they don't have to deal with politics, structured development cycles when released a product. Staying independent allows you to build your own medium through independent video platforms such as Youtube®. Using this method will allow you to avoid slander, libel, and other annoying legal issues that come from dealing with mainstream media. Controlling your intellectual property(IP) is key. Many musicians and other creatives lose their publicity rights, creative rights, and business rights to record labels and other agencies because of lack of knowledge of the law.

     When you are independent you can go right to websites like Tunecore® and download their guides on independent music. These guides teach you with infographics how to acquire copyrights, intellectual property rights, ect. Staying 100% independent is actually key to a major record deal(different from a recording contract) since it provides you leverage and should act as a business deal -- nothing more.

      These applies to any entertainment business. You don't want any major media company dictating to you how to distribute and create your business. Don't forget distribution! With an 100% independent business you will be about to create distribution channels internationally with little effort just by showing proof of an audience and by showing them marketing materials. Use of Guerilla Marketing is a great method for promoting your music. You see it all the time in Manhattan, New York, though this how become a cliche here in New York.

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