Sunday, November 30, 2014

Identifiying Haters | The Yababa Show™ Vlog#7

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Submitting Music | The Yababa Show™ Vlog #6

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Humble Or Nah? | The Yababa Show™ Vlog #5

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The System and the Way It's Set Up

The system is set up for the 'little guy' to struggle and fail. It isn't created for a solo man to become rich without being knocked around by a new set of taxes, raise in rent or sudden changes in lease agreements. I remember walking outside a few months back and I seen a building with a Con Ed notice saying that the power would be shut off because the landlord didn't pay the bill.

Taking your landlord to court is always a likely option since many people these days have acquired their apartment through cash assistance programs such as those that pay half your bills. Basically, as a poor person you can't do much, but trust in your creator and wait for the bad news. Trust the system is set up for you to the fail. I don't blame the rich though. They have found a way to play the game that we all should learn. We have to network and unify or we are all strewed.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Gameplay Footage

Gaming Center

 I've been thinking about adding a game center filled with flash games to the website. This place is just a blog right now till I get a website designed. I have the design drawn out. I just need someone to implement it for me.

   Gaming centers are what I call those websites that just host games and nothing else. The difference with this website and others is that the gaming center concept won't be the purpose of the website. Just a small part of it essentially will be the gaming center.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Social Media Presence

 To succeed in any form of business - you need an internet presence. Back in the day all you needed was a website, but these days you need SEO(search engine optimizing), a strong E-mail list if you are direct selling to customers amongst other fancy things in order to have a strong internet presence.

  It's my belief that the best way to establish this solid internet presence or any kind of presence in general is through Youtube®. Youtube® is basically in this case is a way for you to connect directly with your audience through video updates, regular vlogs, and interaction with your audience. I don't care if you have an audience of 100 people. Talk to those people, keep uploading videos and watch your medium become a power house.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

deno_+ EP 4: Arma 2 Play-through

A little treat for today's blog.

Winning the Winner's Dream (a true meaning to Success)

 Success is different for everyone. Usually success is misused and associate with pictures of money, fast cars and a great vacation lifestyle. I agree for me personally that is kind of the image of success I have, but these objects aren't for everyone and more less checkpoints. Success can be the dream of living a simple, easy-going life. It's like Albert Einstein said, "Attach your happiness to a goal, not people and things".

  Keep your dreams alive by knowing success isn't something that happens overnight, but once you get to be truly successful one must be satisfied and leave off the ambition for a few months. For example, if a guy makes $30,000 in a real estate deal -- it's time to chill. $30k is hard to come by and if you do best get your team together so you guys can find ways to turn that into $300,000.

   However, back to the thought - success is anything goal met. However, for the majority of people success is 50k a year at a job because in this economy $50,000 a year is look at as being well-off or laymen rich.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Nature of Commerce

   Become a business owner. America allows you to do that. Business owners are respected in their community because it is said that they "made it"! In this new world we are in there is a lot of uncertainty concerning the future. With this mentality any job or business that is pulling in income is considered a good business no matter it does. A job is looked at as an income instead of a stepping stone to a career. WE ALL KNOW the difference between the two. A career is something you retire with and a job is something you work at each season.

 A career as a business owner puts you at a very leverage position in commerce. It allows for tax deductions on much of your expenses and you get taxed less than the employee. Law is a very tricky topic with its own language. For example, by law an employee is considered a servant. Just look it up in Black's Law Dictionary 5th Edition and you fill find that in section 'e' employee means servant.

    This is the nature of commerce. In the end, during election years - small business owners win, though we small business people are going to be getting heavily taxed soon to protect big corporations - unfair. Basically, my point is -- start your own business!

Franchising Your Brand

Franchising Your Brand - FYB. Instead of selling all of your branded products yourself you can enlist affiliates. This is done by creating a company strictly for your IP(Intellectual Property) such as in this case logos and other trade secrets. For example, I have Yababa World, LLC as my main company and I will start Yababa International as secondary IP company. Yababa International will allow me to license my trademarks, patents and copyrights to anyone in the world so that I can franchise whatever it is I am selling

This might seem like a bit of advanced business, but with LegalZoom® it's not. Everything these days is conveniently set up for push-button submitting. Just click write and submit and LegalZoom® will have you all set. I just wanted to point the importance of an IP company to handle all of your logos. It also protects you from losing everything if your main company should get sued. And yes in America, we are the land the suing parties.

Business, Networking and Suvival

   Businesses have something called B2B which means Business 2 Business interaction. This allows wholesalers to get in touch with various kinds of retailers for various amounts of retailing. Basically, it's a concept that allows businesses to sell to businesses as opposed to actual customers. Networking B2B is a great way to keep from going broke since you will always have the connections for your survival. It's like Jay-Z "city is a pity half of y'all won't make it". I always think of that saying while living here in NYC. It's very tough to make it here, but with the proper B2B networking you can get anywhere. People just need to trust each other.

   B2B allows for your business to connect with other businesses. It allows you to acquire discounts as a retailer when ordering products wholesale. It's a concept that is growing with emerging concepts such as Growth Hacking(growing your business creatively).

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mixtape Grind

     Everyone of you rappers seem to be on your mixtape grind, but lack the essentials such as a nice mixtape cover photo. I currently only have one mixtape in my mixtape collection and I must say the cover sucks and it makes me not want to even listen to the music on the CD itself.

    I know you should judge a book by it's cover, but the mixtape cover is the reason many of your fans would buy your product. A shitty mixtape cover takes away from the awe and fashion of how a proper mixtape should be packaged.

    I suggest all rappers hire a skilled graphic designer to create a mixtape cover that is even better than this one to attract a new fan base. There is always room for one more new fan. Why not acquire the next set of fans the easy way -- through a decent mixtape cover design.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ego vs Community

  I choose community because the ego can put you into a space of many delusions. The community will deliver support best off facts and you contribution. Hip Hop legends are a great example. Many of them don't make music anymore, but they aren't forgotten by the actual community of Hip Hop. A community will keep you going way faster than your ego will. My point is you can't be successful alone in the music industry. You need to turn your fan base into a community. For example, create a forums for your artist like the kind the do for the major artist like Kayne West.

   That ego will get you no where fast. The community you create will support you for a years to come. Look at Canibus he has been blackballed, but his fan base aka community won't allow him to go broke. Even after pulling out the notebook during his rap battle with Dizaster they still support his albums, records and his shows.

Money & Your Network

 The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad is right. NETWORK equals your NETWORTH no matter how you put it. Without a strong network of go-getters money will be impossible to make. Even jobs, you gotta know someone to get to some of these jobs. I have a method of you guys to use that I have been doing for years. It's called "using what you know to know somebody". For example, I do video and if someone requires assistance with video production they would call me as their go-to-guy. This is called using what you know some know somebody. I came up with it myself while I was dealing with the music industry on a street team level.

   Networking helps you stay connected into merging markets and other places of business. No longer will you struggle. For me, I am building my network right now amongst people I already know. The serious network comes when you go beyond your neighborhood and start talking to people in other states. Speaking with people from other industries and such. My main focus is the music industry right now.

The Hard Life of a Music Producer

     They are audio engineers, beatmakers or just studio mixologists. These people often have a high skill set, but struggle to get clients. Damn will be the day when people begin outsourcing their production to countries like Singapore or India. People already outsource to other countries for things as simple as T-shirt manufacturing.

  A music producer may use sites like PMP Worldwide, Soundclick, and Sound Cloud to get their marketing needs met. Others are looking to simply just get into the industry through a major label. I am here to say is to start small and start giving your beats out for free with a shout out or watermark to artist at these showcases. There is no dream to be had only real life. Have an ultimate goal be it becoming an industry professional or being one of the hottest underground music producer -- have a goal!

  I know it is hard out there for everyone, but as a producer you should have no excuses why you can't make bank with all these would-be rappers around. Market yourself and your personal brand and they will come.

Life After College

   For most after college, comes taking out a loan for a home and worries about how you will pay off your debt. Much of America is on this position and I have a similar issue in my life. However, mine isn't debt as of yet, but you get the most out of school by networking. While in school network and make as many valuable contacts as possible. Because knowing someone these days is the only to really get a job.

   If you know someone in the music industry, try to leverage that. I know I am. Jay-Z was right when he said "city is a pity. half of y'all won't make it". New York City is rough and competitive. All kinds of jobs require a unique skill set. Having one in the city is great as long as your just a young college grad with no children or personal duties besides paying off your debt.

   It's like one of the homies used to say "a job is a job"... true, but does it pay enough to get an apartment of your own? Do you still need a roommate? I know I don't want a roommate, but if I have to I will. You never you and your roommate could make a few millions together. You never know who will help you be successful which is why you must have open mind - real estate, stocks, bonds ect.

Stackin' Paper with a Partner

 Usually is the guy with ideas and the guy with money which as a group bring about the execution. Through cooperation, determination and loyalty you have a small group of people making millions from App ideas, website ideas - the list can go on. In business you require people that are on the same wavelength since these days everything is like musical chairs - you miss once and you may not get another shot.

  I myself am don't wishing and wasting time. If someone has money to back an idea of mine I'm all for it. Right now, I just need to get back on my contract law and other business laws so I can go into business with a peace of mind knowing all my bases are covered. You as a budding business professional should do the same as well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Life Without Cooperation

   People in the urban areas need to learn cooperation. It's called team work by some, but I like to use the word cooperation because no matter if it's in the dating arena or life we all require cooperation. Urban folks have big egos and refuse to drop their pride for any cooperation. You see Mexicans don't have this say issue. They can live together on a home and move out one by one because of business they built while living together in that one family home. This takes extreme cooperation.

    The cooperate I am speaking of isn't that extreme though the former works out effortlessly. I am talking cooperation like sending a simple E-mail to get your track featured on one of my videos. Maybe, we require cooperation to elect a new official or to start a business. Simple cooperation black folks need, but don't use.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Computer Repair - Remove Viruses and Speed up your computer

    I am considering getting back into computer repair. Many people out htere have computer issues, but don't know who to go to. I am your go to guy. Just ask around about me and you will see I am a man of my word. I don't ever collect payment unless the job is done. Of course, as an IT consultant I will charge for giving a hour of my time to provide diagnosis of the computer issue.

   I am very well versed with computers. I am into things like video game development, I can protect you from hackers and overseas viruses. This is just a brief of what I am able to do on a computer. Now, the only thing I have to do monetize my skill set.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Looking for a job in the video game industry?

It doesn't matter what country you're from. You can get a job in the video game industry. Currently, I am not that good at coding, but I would like to get into the video game industry as certified PC Technician. Answer phones, making sure the computers stay up to speed amongst other things that I already do.

Funny & Exciting - Mario Goes Berserk

Hope this video and thought I'd share.

Virus issues, computer issues.... I can help

A Stable Income

  Heck we all need it. But with current unemployment rates many of us don't have it. I am not the richest person in the world. In fact, I am just a guy with some ideas and in need of ways to execute them. People think you need to have money to talk about it. I disagree. The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad didn't have much money while writing his book, but you guys still accepted his knowledge.

    It's a stable income we all need to become able to make money passively online. Residual income is what everyone should be look toward after establishing a solid income. Let's say your job pays $600 dollars a month - leverage at least $25 dollars of that toward an investment pool or residual opportunity. Hell, save some to hire a web designer to fix your website up. I am considering doing this myself. I have realized you can't do things alone in this new world. The economic instability doesn't seem like it is going away anytime soon.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Your Audience or the Labels

     I've noticed a lot of the hip hop crowd checking out my blogs lately. I've decided to give them more attention this time around since they have shown their support. Today, I want to discuss why major record labels aren't to fuss over and that your audience is more important. Its' like what's more important your A&Rs negative opinion or paying the rent. Your audience helps you pay the bills and A&Rs may just still your skills.

    When looking to get signed just make sure you have your audience in line to leverage -- it's a business deal after all. No dreams to be fulfilled. Just contracts to be signed. I know it seems oversimplified, however I am a man that believes in smooth transitions and the easy life. That fast-paced pretending to be busy shit they got going on in the music industry isn't for me or a creative artist such as you -- the reader.....

     If you want more of these type of articles... you know what to do...


Now Accepting Music for The Yababa Show™

I am now looking for music to add to future episodes of The Yababa Show™. I am looking for music that you the artist owns all the rights to since I have no benefit from copyright strikes against my new Youtube® channel. I know there are variety of musicians on my friends list on Facebook and it's time for you guys to step up to the plate. Stop complaining and allow ourselves to help each other through cross promotion. Just send an E-mail if you are interested in having your music featured in future episodes. Support me, I support you! :-D

deno_+ EP1 - The Yababa Show™[Video Game Segment] *GamePlay*

Please excuse the commentary. I am currently using Deno®(the video game segment of The Yababa Show™) as a testing platform to see how people respond to commentary and game play footage.

What are Assets?

  Assets are residual income. They keep paying even while you sleep. Without residual income in this economy you are sure to be a complicated situation. Currently, I'm looking into affiliate marketing programs. I don't know anyone that couldn't use a few assets in there life. First, let's get into what assets are.

   Assets are money generating objects such as companies, businesses, online venture, ect. Residual income comes after passive income since you don't need to be on the JOB to get paid. You have others working for you. I am big on creative control, but you don't want to leave a company all your hands. This is the reason I started #TeamForstNetwork.

  ASSETS – I'm looking to get into real estate so I can have people pay to live on property I own. I am looking to master money while teaching my fellow human beings the same. If you have any questions just shoot an E-mail to and

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mr.Franks goes to work

   He was a truck driver. This was his first job.... Mr.Franks decided that this job wasn't for him. Too much grunt work. Being below poverty really worked Mr.Franks in his time. He decided, "Why work....there has to be another way..."

  He soon found out about residual income. However, he wasn't really educated. He didn't know what residual meant.... he thought it was some type of religious terminology. He soon found out after 5 years of working as a truck driver for $500 a week -- horrible money!

   Upon learning the meaning of the term he decided to move out of his apartment into a home. He took a risk.... a major risk. He was able to buy the home for $60,000.... he had saved up from his allowance since a child. He was glad he did this. Without this he would be in debt ... grace of god some would say, but he didn't much depend on luck. He knew smart work wouldn't help him. He had worked hard as a truck driver, lifting boxes and taking orders. A lot of his co-workers had retired.... very early and went on to other professions like the Bloomberg marker -- it was big in his day.

  Life became very heavy him. He decided.... I will look into this newspaper for a new job. He was a truck driver supervisor by this point. Handling scheduling, newspapers, amongst other items on the list. Behind a desk, with ski-bubble glasses and a nice turtlneck to match. Life was good.... he had a wife, two kids..., but wasn't really passionate.

   Life without passion is a killer.... we must realize.... Mr.Franks was only 36 years old. He had wasted most of his adult life working for another person. This wasn't acceptable. Though... he stayed....

The Adventures of Mr.Franks

   Mr.Franks has various business ventures. He makes decisions from the hub of his life. His business dashboard. Mr.Franks doesn't like to work and always liked to keep his hands clean. His father was a plumper by trade and always told him "Work hard...". Mr.Franks didn't like to work hard. He wanted to be on TV. A child actor of sorts. Who would of thought he would become a business magnet. A person that attracts business where ever he goes. And everyone was happy in the land of the rich and wealth. However, not without secrets....

     Frats, or fraternities as they are commonly known assist people in meeting with fellow comrades to discuss various things. They are somewhat like social clubs. Mr.Franks decides to join one.....

   It's a business club. Business clubs help other business owners build networks together. Without a network, you are pretty much left out alone with no help and no support. Lone wolves won't make it in the economy of Mr.Franks because without networks he has no knowledge of the market.

     Johnny -- a football athlete. He has all the girls, the cars and the money. However, not without risk. He has a job at a local store. He is the manager, but without knowledge of finance he lost everything in the .com bubble. He invested... tried to show off his amount of courage gambling through buying sports cars, dating super models amongst other things.

    These activities quickly became the reason Johnny lost all of his money.

Residual Income & How the Rich Do Things

   Residual income - it keeps coming even while you sleep. It never stops because you have a system on automation. You rarely, if ever have to work to keep it going. Imagine basically $600 in free money. 

   With #WakeUpNow and #TeamForst this is possible. I am making major moves in the internet marketing game. Seriously, I would suggestion that you guys get on board. I have set up a Twitter® Account and have decided to use it to information concerning this great opportunity that could net you a whole lot of cash very quickly.

  Residual income works like this:

     Let's say someone works at John's Deli and makes $75 a day selling soda. I know people are usually behind the cash register, but bare with me.

     The worker has to be at the deli in order to make this money. He can't make money without being there and there are no sick days. This is unfortunate because John's Deli can't run without him. However, outside of this imaginary scenario, it will. He will get fired and a new sheep will get hired -- it's as simple as that!

     Economically, it's not practical to work a single job. I would say this because of layoffs, economically this is impractical and worse it destroys the spirit of the person who is working.

    We must work into residual income. The owner of a business who has someone else manage it makes residual income. He wakes up, brushes his teeth, eats his breakfast and goes to his bank account -- $4,000 was deposited into your account today Mr.Franks.

Mr.Frank is the owner of John's Deli!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Currency... my dollar for your YEN

go rock climbing with a jewish sailor

this is not a troll post... pay attention

Follow me ....

or don't

God is not with you....

He can't help you. I know for sure. My experience.....

Working To Your Bones Break: National

   Working till your bones break.....


Bragging? Is It Wrong?

  It could be. However, will it make you broke? Possibly... why would it? Jealously....

 Envy spreads through American society....

Sad...I know a homie who just became a dad....

Last....night was a night of procrasination.... sin -nation


   I am managing, but it's difficult. A lot of work speaking with people online. Not as easy as I thought it would be. I have no excuses.

My Online Casino, Mall and other business ventures

   That's right! Yababa World™ - features a casino. Online gambling is coming real soon to this domain. Be prepared to become world class poker players through this website.

 I've decided last night that it is the right move for me. Capital is short these days and I gotta make a millions.

The More You Share The More I Write

    I like to write articles about things I've experienced. However, I've decided to take another route. It's writing for money. I've been writing for free on forums for a very long time and I've decided that this posting articles isn't for me. I understand that some may have found some of the information useful, but I believe this to be much more than a down day. It's the honest truth.

   Writing articles in short-form becomes useless after a while because it seems people get bored.
Negative websites get all the play so it makes me think -- why don't I host a casino and capitalize off people's gambling addiction? But when you think like that people subscribe to the idea that you are negative and pessimistic. However, they won't support you financially during the come up.

   It's hit me! I am in a great place in life. I have a few good friends around me and they know who they are. I have real people willing to work and hustle with me.

It's not about the money. It's about your homies!

These people help you when you're down and provide you with a place to stay should you feel where you are isn't good for you anymore.

  For those in real life, this won't be a long read. Life is much more than counting money, but without it life is limited. Everything in life seems to be as my friend would say "paperwork". Without paper you are stuck... sometimes many feel this way and it's true. It's hard not to be anxiety when you lack finance. People treat you like shit.

  Walking tall in this world is nothing to be happy about. It's something that's making be highly upset....

  People make you out to be some sell out when you take the alternative route of making ends meet. However, I am way to doing that. I am on my way to opening up an online casino or some forum of lucrative venture. It will be hosted at this domain name. I don't care what I have to do to get this money, but I am going to get much more than I already have.

  I don't care if I have to sell cars....

I hate a cheater

  I hate cheaters. Why do they have to cheat? Because playing fair just doesn't work. Playing fair is horrible. I dislike playing fair. I don't want to cheat, but as soon as the politicians pass a bill it's like when Facebook changes a rule -- because they found a way to create revenue off the cheat it is no longer morally incorrect!

  Cheating is used in video games, but it isn't much liked in online competitions. People want to have fun and not be miserable. They want to share and breath in a funny and healthy environment. You can't do that with cheaters, but cheaters are winners because in reality they don't cheat. They do what people above you are doing. They do what your bosses are doing. What your mom, dad, neighbor and such had to deal with so do you....

Ventures Without Capital

   Capital is basically money. Forget everything you've heard on TV? Yes DO THAT! We have no time to determine which definition is more appropriate. We have to just call it what it is. Capitalism is the 'ism of money. Without money -- you suck!

    Capital is necessary for everything you do in this society. You can't even buy respect with a wish. You require hard cash. People don't even believe assets anymore.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pipe Dreams

     Tyler, the Creator didn't have pipe dreams. He had visions and applied certain methods to accomplish his goals. Behold -- lives a lifestyle he dreams of living without much hassel. PIPE DREAMS ARE THE KILLER OF A MISFIT'S AMBITIONS! Pipe Dreams will have you online for much of your life watching other people live their dreams till you don't know what hit you. Suddenly, you are over the age of 25 and you haven't accomplished anything nor have you tried.

    It wasn't because you lacked courage or drive, but you lacked a motivation force. A team to share the dream with. I can't believe how many of you decide to dream instead of taking action. I used to dream, a lot. I used to waste time on plans based off outside environments that never came true because situations always change. People leave positions, companies close down and before you know it you are in your 30s thinking like the guy that used to say "if I knew then, what I know now..."

Audio - New Youtube® Tapes

       Behind The Scenes featuring Prince Yababa.

   I first began with writing and went into videos. I am aware that the articles are doing justice, but audios are quite necessary. I would like you to know that I will be producing audios and other behind scenes video content with a new segment edition.

You Get What You Pay For

    If you pay little doesn't mean you get little. However, when dealing with many corporations paying less for something instead of getting it for FREE will make your life a living hell. It's like getting a cheap DSL from Verzion. You get poor customer service even when it was hot on the market. I am not talking modern day. I am talking about how many internet companies are giving more attention to their business class clients then ever. They favor major contracts over customer base. Why? Because businesses have always been look upon as valuable in this country. You own a business you pay less taxes!

  You paid about $15 dollars tops for your job interview outfit, right? That's something! You get what you pay for.... $100 to start your business? See now you've got the respect of your government? You can deduct taxes, take out cars in your business name, apply better wholesale prices amongst other perks. It's like playing Call of Duty with a server hack -- unstoppable.

   Why not pay and invest in yourself?

Collection of My Soucre Code

C# Source Code, similar to Java used for Android Develop #TeamAndroidDevelopers


Ruby - used by Twitter to create their ever-evolving interactive feed

 Perl - used by many hackers to break into websites

Your Own Studio

   A studio is a room where you get things done! It could be movies, video games, clothing design -- you name it. Funding? What happened to the support structure we spoke about earlier? If you can't find funding -- make new friends and buy a new family. There is no reason why you should be able to find funding. Shark Tank is over glamorized and should be the last resort.

   Avoid venture capitalist. These people are actually dying on the inside of their business because they are invested in inflated currency and their assets are slowly becoming devalued. It's a struggle to maintain generational wealth. Now, once you acquire a space you can call a studio it's to realize your are an independent and your main goal is the FINAL PRODUCT! You don't have to use the same materials or techniques as the AAA video game companies or major media distribution outlets. You are your own BRAND!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Network Is Moving Along

   Yes! I've established a small network for leaders looking to expand their horizons beyond the United States and network marketing field. This is great because it is very difficult to make it on your own. Two heads think better then one! All I have right now is a few names and E-mails.

  Picture me being in Dubai and you in Texas. Dubai is a hot bed for jobs, real estate and tourist adventure. For you to contact me is nothing since you are a loyal member of "the network". You could be broke and struggling at McDonald's working for a minimum wage check. With "the network" you could easily have your training paid for, pushed through connects and evaluated without much trouble.

   Many people lack networks this is the way to fail. Wealth people depend on networks to grow wealth and stay in the loop about what's going on in the industry. Without networks people like Donald Trump would have stayed broke and bankrupt.

    I see much of the urban youth in companies such as #WakeUpNow making foolish mistakes because of ego. They allow the money to get to their heads and don't establish a network through social media. They believe the people the interact with will be the same people two months right now. You never know that person could become the CEO of a major corporation in a few years.

  TeamFrost Network -- the foundation of your development. Your personal development, financial development and wealth generation development will continue to improve through various instruments provided by the team. A team of lawyers, clothing designers, investors and the like.

Your Personal Brand

   Your personal brand will protect you and assist you in growing in any venture you desire to take part in. You are the product and any product you decide to sell is your by-product. Building a personal brand is critical to online and real world success. It will deter negative criticism since your personal brand will be backed by testimonials and results.

   Many people in online business as an independent business owner run into much of what I like to call the "Online G-heck". Other network marketers checking your status, seeing where your knowledge is at not for the sake of connecting or empowering themselves, but for sake of HATING!
This is the most annoying part of doing online business in the urban community. Too much beefing that generates NO INCOME! It's the personal brand that protects you in this case. They can spread rumors, talk shit, but if you have the chat log and personal brand integrity nothing to worry about.

   I love PERSONAL BRANDING! I place my logo everywhere my work allows and people are becoming familiar with it! Every local rapper, business owner and others I've met want to deal with me because of my personal brand!

   There are various things that can assist you in building your personal brand. One is becoming an expert in your field. For example, I am big in the computers field where I live. I know how virus are created, browsers are hacked, websites are taken offline, web sites defaced, ect. Also, I am known for producing The Yababa Show™ on Youtube®. Just these two mediums has boosted my personal brand effective which allowed me to collect more computer clients.

Dat Ego

    Dat Ego

   This thing here will make you think you are too good to lay down a simple carpet for $600 dollars a day. Believe me I heard people say this! They said they are too good to lay down carpet for $600 a day. That's $4,200 a week. Who can't use $4,200 a week? I mean seriously? I would be balling out of control in that position. You have enough for stocks, bonds, foreign currency, precious metals.... #nah

   Don't tell Ice-T that you fucked up an opportunity like that he will give you a rap about how you single handedly killed financial success.... and you know the rest! Dat Ego will have you regretting a lot of mistakes. Many of whom have this Ego problem wish they would have just listened to their homie and took that job out of state, became a painter for $20/hr, washed cars for $12..... so much opportunities.

  Man, some people didn't want to sell tires in the summer because they were to high and mighty for it. They don't think right next to that tire place could be a real estate agent, a business owner, ect. People have to learn to flex and bridge the gap between their hustle and opportunities. It's really now that hard. You know why these Mexicans can make it? Because they have a support system. They are washing cars while their homie is living out their house for free making sure their kids get to school and so on.

Why You Need Land?

    In order to be a man, you have to have land! Real Estate has always been my interest and will be for a while. Countries like Dubai and here in The United States is all about buying, owning and renting land. The ownership of property allows for the landlord to do just that -- buy, own, and rent land. Generating a solid income from multiple streams can can consist through real estate through financial instruments such as tax liens and the like.

     A man with land can build almost anything on top of it. Businesses, a farm, a corporate building and junkyard -- HELL! Maybe even a boat yard. Remember the movie Romeo Must Die with the Chinese vs the Black gangsters. What do you think all the murder was about? REAL ESTATE! They were fighting over Stadiums and the beach properties that surround it.

    If you are making over 20k a month or know anyone else making this much amount of month -- let them know about real estate. Wealth generation is more than amassing a large amount of money a month. It's about maintaining wealth through assets and God isn't creating anymore land.

   If you purchase a house make sure you have some form of connections making you up to expand quickly so you won't default on your loan. This way they can hold you down financially till you acquire tenants. Real Estate established this way has the potential to grow into a life-freeing asset in the short term. Also, when it comes to other business ventures people are more inclined to respect someone who owns land or a house.

How Do You Want To Start Your Mornings?

    I know I want to start my mornings with a peace-of-mind. A peace-of-mind to know that I don't have to worry about bills, family obligations, drama and stress. Waking up in the L.A. sun being able to do cameos in movies, eat anywhere I want, hang with anyone I want. That's the life any youth should aspire to live.

    I want to go shopping with no problem. I want to buy the street wear clothing I want without saying "Yo, I gotta pay bills!", "They cut my hours, man!".... that same ol'song!

  People -- you have lived this life? I know I have no desire to live it. I desire to live that freedom lifestyle with the ability to travel the world and create businesses at my leisure. Miami, Texas, L.A. are just a few places will I seek to accomplish these task.

   Ranks are being hit in the online marketing game. Actual ranks that can be seen online through a HUB. These ranks indicate how much someone will get paid enough for their contribution into the internet marketing company. This is simple and easy.

    My mornings will be filled with endless possibilities. I plan to be waking up in Dubai by next year!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Music Industry: International


 Why International?

    International audiences are waiting for you. Youtube® brings them instant access to your content(tracks, music videos, ect). They speak various languages, but have a common language, ENGLISH! Wu-Tang got big because they had an internationally persona that was carried by the Chinese movie cinema craze! This is creative marketing! An international audience will spend money more efficiently with you then your local or national audience would.

    Some urban artist travel to France to promote themselves on the radio and witness instant success without the struggle that is witnessed in the states. Working overseas isn't much trouble. All that is really required in a visa and passport. Many of your favorite music industry secretly go perform in other countries because they know that there are various untapped markets there and not only will you be able to perform in internationally, the doors will open for economic investments into local business and major corporation in that country.

   Countries across the global are looking to attractive tourist. They're are music festivals all over Europe waiting for acts just like you to perform. There are DJs in the UK waiting to network with artist just like you. You have to learn to become a back pack rapper who has no problem with a semi-nomadic lifestyle. This will allow you the flexibility to truly be "gone till November".

Money & Strategy

   Mental programming about money and riches has put the youth in a stagnant cycle of wonder. A cycle that leaves them unable to create the reality they want because they are always distracted by the glamor see around them. They don't know that the man without the car, but with the apartment maybe well off compared to the man with the former. A house is not an asset. An apartment can be. You are renting an apartment - low priced. You can do business out of an apartment, low overhead.

   Simple methods like this can be executed without issue. Don't get be wrong a house can become an asset over time, but these days your focus should be on the property itself. This may not impress you since for the youth real estate and buying houses seems boring. However, owning land is primary to generating wealth. How do you think some of these 19 year olds walk around with $3,000 in their pocket without any illegal activities? Many are into property -- the selling of houses, trusts, assets, ect.

   Ask any adult over the age 45 and they will say "acquire some land, man"! Those with enough sense know that you require land, but back to the apartment scheme. Rent an apartment for let's say $600.00 a week and add various streams of income that amount to let's say $6,000. Save up some of your residual income over the course of 6 months while doing various side hustles and you're set. You basically can front any business.

   This why I wonder why people who are making over $10k a month in network marketing waste it all showing off. I can understand I little splurging here and there to generate interest, but to throw away more than 20% of your earnings.... you destroyed your blessings! The best thing to do is to save as much of that money as possible while looking for various business ventures to invest in. The most stable is real estate and other money generating assets.

The Mixtape Grind

       If you are a rapper the rule is you need at least one mixtape to be official! Only expectation is a battle rapper since they are getting paid to battle and don't usually have time to make one. A mixtape is a promotional tool used to attract fans, not record labels. I see many artist make this mixtape from time to time. A mixtape shouldn't just be packaged with a CD and a bullshit graphic created on a Windows 95 style printing paper.

    Much of these record labels are only giving out distribution deals or 360 deals also known as take you for everything you got deals. A distribution deal is what you want, but the audience is what you must have. Youtube®, Instagram, Facebook® are needed to amass this audience. With an audience of 1,000 loyal followers you can leverage that to sell advertisements on each and every mixtape/album to produce. You can create a small comic book that goes with mixtape which details the story of every song!

    I am giving away free ideas here that I will be using myself in the near-future to consult some of my future clients. The mixtape is still a powerful tool. Though the physical world seems to be disappearing because of digital sales -- personal interaction is still a most! People walk through urban neighborhoods after working looking for various sources of entertainment after a stressful job.

   You don't now how many of my friends used to buy street DVDs just to work the end off of daily life and to keep up with the Hip-Hop culture.

The Mixtape Grind
    • Youtube® - Use this medium! It has a bunch of resources for free and you will be set as long as you own the copyright to every bit of content you produce. You won't have to worry about a thing. You control the channel, the design, and you have hold of the audience. If you are worried about brokering a deal with a label -- all the numbers are right there!

   • Twitter® - A lot of people have 1,000 followers for nothing. Some have 20k followers for nothing. You will use these for your mixtape and throwing low-priced shows to which you will sell merchandise and other creative objects. You are running a creative lifestyle business. You aren't doing this for your local homies, but for the world at large. You are a business at the end of the day. You are a lifestyle promoter and you have to create your brand.

   • Personal Brand - Your personal brand allows you to leverage any product out there and allows you to bridge yourself to any industry that you have access to. Many rappers have leveraged their audience and hype into clothing lines, energy drinks, sports cars or whatever. Many independent acts can do this all through frequent vlogs, city-wide shows and other various business ventures. It's as if you can creative it you can monetize.

 • Instagram® - People post pictures of money and other foolishness. You will use this to create everyday entertainment for your audience. This isn't to be used to play around because when you are broke you are going to wish you hadn't. Focus on the quality of your content and make sure you post videos and pictures daily! If you show off money make sure it's to promote the end product -- your mixtape and other merchandise.

 • Your Website - It's your internet presence and you create a free with wordpress. A domain name is only 10/yr.... use a blog if you can't afford the hosting.

Volume Over Price

   V.O.P.(Volume Over Price) is a way of selling that allows the web store front to sell more products for a low price. These days unless your items are named brand or have had viral marketing success there is no way the majority are paying premium price for your goods. With a high volume of sales one would be able to access large sums of money few quickly.

      Remember, a business should be used to build other business to set up multiple streams of income.  $1,000 a week from a clothing business in profits, $3,000 a week from a real estate business in profits, $600 a month from a networking opportunity in profits and so on.

      As you can see we have just destroyed the illusion of how money is really made. On TV, Rap Videos amongst other glamorous mediums you are given the show of how money is made. However, they don't tell you that the boring looking guy in the suit is the one really making $100,000 a week off of these acts. I know this may seem far fetched, but it is real. Online you can see people that are making $40k a month without breaking a sweat.

     With V.O.P. you can sell a $10.00 graphical T-Shirt which is pretty low priced compared to other clothing lines out there. However, you will make a large sum of money quickly to reinvest into your primary business and invest into your main business(real estate, network marketing, ect).

      Money doesn't in a linear fashion. Not everyone has the time to get paid on the 15th of every month. Some people require money right now -- reason why pay day loans exist.

Serious Prospects

      When you are starting in a flexible business venture you want to encounter serious who want to invest, support and leverage. Without investors, support and leverage it becomes very difficult to advance a creative business -- one which is required in this economy. The global landscape is changing very fast and many people are holding on to money as if it will hold its value forever. Foolish are they!

      Jewish people, Chinese People and other people outside of the urban world pool their resources together. I am not talking scams. I am talking accountable money offerings with assets that are easy to track. These groups of people will have one poor guy with a set of skills and three others with no skills and no money and fund them both. People in the urban communities don't do this because of ego, content, arrogant attitudes and various others negative behavior patterns.

     We in the urban community must leave these behaviors behind or we will fail forever! Everyone has a chance to team up with like-minded human beings and make things happen. Few people in the urban community check their E-mails let alone their text messages. They reserve these communication mediums for trivial things such as parties, girls and other non-sense that doesn't approve their financial condition. That job you have won't be there forever and even if it is "how will you vacation?" Vacations on most jobs last 2 weeks or less -- that's if you haven't used all of your sick days?

    It is my desire to start an investment pool of serious prospects that would allow all of us to prosper off of residual income opportunities without the struggle of doing it all alone. As stated before many communities do this without issue and often times have their own social clubs where they discuss business.

My Services

      Besides sharing the best content on the web in terms of business, success, and variety I also offer services that range from computer hacking to web design. I also do video production and love to use HD cameras. My true passion is video editing. I'm always on the hustle!

      Computer Services(Web Design, IT Consulting, & Computer Hacking)
           IT Consulting will consist of a variety of services computer repair, computer hacking, web design, and basic IT consulting for your business.

     • Web Design -
        using various graphical images and coding languages to make sure your website is
        presentable to your audience. Pleasing clients is my mission and without their approval
       a website will not be published!

    • IT Consulting - consist of the basics -- reinstalling, recommendations, network hook-ups, graphic card and audio card installation. I also provide anti-virus scans for hard to remove malware.

    • Computer Hacking - Test your website for vulnerabilities that could put your customers at risk. Recommend set-ups for your local business to prevent hackers from gaining access.

Interested in my services:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Designing The Blueprint

    Every empire requires a blueprint. Without a blueprint your empire would be disorganized and lack the creativity to survive in the world economy. Your life should be global because the world is bigger than your city, state, or zip code. You will need a blueprint stating your current assets, corporations, gold holdings, revenue streams and so on. Blueprints should be written on paper and given out to everyone apart of your DREAM TEAM. The blueprint should only be given to people you trust. This way no one takes your ideas or tries to hate on you by spreading your trade secrets.

    Investment pools are easy to create off of empire blueprints since your DREAM TEAMs' names, addresses, and E-mail's will be listed on the blueprint. I would recommend having at least 50 valuable people on your dream team. This way if one isn't available the other person whom is just as valuable is there for you in a clutch situations. Also, this will allow you guys to create an extended network of friends and associates to build various businesses with. A trust network like this will help you to avoid scam artist and fakes.

     Investments in real estate, products, income from internet marketing opportunities, car sales, clothing sample sales, wharehouse priced clothing sales, ect can all be streamed through this DREAM TEAM. The dream team is essential to the structure of the blueprint. In this global economy doing things alone isn't the best strategy one could use. If you find yourself working alone, it's time to attract some valuable people into your life.

Building Your Dream Team

  Essential for business is a dream time. That means no time-wasters, no-girl chasing, money-wasting weirdos. Dream teams consist of people that have all-round skills be it web design, promotion, networking, video production, ect. You want lawyers(and youth going to law school), real estate agents, stock brokers, and other go-getting people. Many businesses have lost a lot of time and money on time wasters. You have your 20's and early 30's to make it and that's it. After that no one is going to support you.

     What's a business with time-wasters? One where your business partners go chase after women, parties and other bullshit that doesn't involve making money. These same people either doubt the business all together or complain two years down the road when they are broke. It's a habit of too many people which is why so little people are getting rich or even moderately well-off.

     It's nearly impossible to fail with a dream team! These people are always available and if they are not they will get back to you with in a few days. It isn't impossible to create a dream team. You just have to beware of time-wasters. These people don't dream big! Many think very small and only want short-term money. They don't want to build together and want to wait till they are in serious trouble before they even connect with anyone. It's so sad!


Spring & Summer Time

    The seasons for creative business. Creative businesses such as pop-up shops, cooler businesses, selling juices and promoting products. There is no reason why you shouldn't be traveling during this time. If you aren't traveling during this time you are crazy! Don't get caught into the spell of "there is always next year"! If you live in any state or are close to a major city -- hit it up. This is the time and season where people are doing sneaker events, everyone is outside and people making moves.

     Sneaker sales are super-high, especially at the sample sales(places where stores off secret sample sales to people in the music industry, ect). Clothing lines are especially hot during this time which is why Spring & Summer is the headline of the article. Spring is the beginning -- start to sell to high school students during this time because they are beginning to come outside more and many of their boyfriends have saved up money during "cuffin season"!

      On the beaches is the best place to sell your products. Energy drinks, sporting goods amongst other things are open to various markets. Fresh t-shirts are in high demand because college kids want to look well-spent while walking the beaches of Miami or Cancun, Mexico. Even Venice beach in L.A.

    Clothing lines are looking for ambassadors to sale their clothing on beach fronts, auto shops, and other places where independent vendors are accepted. These merchandise owners can't do it all themselves. Which is why they enlist people like yourself to sell their items for them at a comission.

Business & Secret Societies

         Secret societies are all over the place. The music industry, information technology fields, and especially business fields. These people are well-connected and have associations with various individuals. You may have heard some names like Skull & Bones, Illuminati amongst other names. On Youtube® you can discover various videos based on these groups and their "inner-workings".

      People are having a hard time believing that these groups exist. I am by no way religious and have only been to church once in my life. However, I must say that these groups exist and they are highly connected. Many put the Free Masons into the realm of the Illuminati and secret societies, though this isn't always the case. For now, we will just speak on secret societies in general in a more down-to-earth level.

     It's okay to assume that you will run into a few of these folks and not know it. You know those guys that seem to get the job in the music industry without having the right "Cred". Or that guy that gets into the IT department without giving having the right degree. You have a "masters degree" this person still gets ahead -- wonder why? They are part of one of these groups.

      If you are interested in making large amounts of money, but most of all just bettering your life being part of one of these groups would serve well in business. No matter what they tell you -- they are used for business connections. It's just that it isn't the main focus however in this country -- capitalism rules! Without capital, you are rated a poor man/woman and no one pays any attention to you. The government doesn't have soup kitchens in amass, the people do. Kind people you have to depend on and many of these people have either joined these societies or have left the country because of high taxes.

      Lawyers, doctors, judges, politicians and other people that are able to eat where they want, travel where they want and let's not forget big time CEO's. All of these people are connected by a common belief and with like-minded people. Not much in-fighting since they all practice the same code which helps maintain a structure.

Convert Your Audience Into Millions

         Many creative people lack the knowledge and insight to do this. Many have huge Twitter followings that they use just to show off their 9 to 5 and child support payments. They show off their phone bills on Instagram® while neglecting to capitalize off of the audience they have amassed. They have basically 3 urban neighborhoods on lock.  Why would someone have 1,000 followers on Twitter and not attempt to convert them into buyers? Time to get out hustle on!

     With 1,000 followers on Twitter you would be able to get paid thousands daily from local businesses just to promote them to the surrounding neighborhoods. Hell, they would pay you just to show up. It's sad to see people with 20k followers, just using Twitter to talk shit. When they could turn it into a business easily! 

      Yes, you can make millions Tweeting for businesses, products and other services that people may need especially if you have acquired a particular demographic. Industries sponsor MMA fighters, football players, and such because they have the attention of the youth. Not in a bad way. This is business - we live in a country about money!

     Let me give you an idea of how this could be done. First, if you have over 1k followers on Twitter that's a start. From that point I would move into assuming they were attracted to your profile design, picture and cover photo. So since you already have this no other issues! Only other problem is you have to monetize these followers because as I stated before you have to be creative in these financial times.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Managable Goals: Financial Freedom, Wealth and Greed


       Make this much a day and you're set for a few years. There is usually 30 to 31 days in a month, so you're looking at $30,000 a month. Do you know what means? This means without really working. RESIDUALS! Not a myth! Forex traders, stock market investors and others on Wall Street make this in capital gains, but you will be able to make this online right now!  Here's an idea of what you can do with this amount of money a day. Start a small movie studio, have time to cameo for your favorite TV shows, invest in your home country, build businesses around different neighborhoods, build wealth by creating investment pools and the list goes on. Take it from me - I am creating an empire plan. Yes, to continue to have this money come into your bank account you need to change your mentality to the building of an empire. A wise man plans for 1,000 dynasties. 

          Highly possible! Not as impossible as you think as long you establish the right network. Start with your most trusted friend and build from there. Find a business plan that will work and that you can automate online. Find a programmer -- get one at a local college. They need money and will give you advice on the internet. This is called building your team -- an A TEAM!  These team members will give you the knowledge and leverage to perform at the $10,000 a day level. This is $300,000 a month! My GOD! Selling you a dream? Yes, it is a dream that is very possible with the right network! Share with the right people and watch you begin to make this off of various business ventures!

        RETIRE! I know I would. Just stop right here, grow wealth through investments and keep following my passions. You can make this while in high school without your parents permission. Yes, 15 year olds are stacking this much online, but on the low. They are in high school. Do you know how much gang members would be asking them to front them on shady business deals?

       I don't have to say much here. I am not giving you actionable information I am just changing your mentality. This is a new reality where anything is possible. $30K a day online is super possible a day. Done!

The Chinese Meet in Miami

   Miami..... home of the Asian imports. Why do you think Fast & Furious was filmed there? That's where all the import cars originate from. Old cars with new parts. New cars with better parts. Who's fuckin' with them? It's Miami! Even better then Europe... so exciting it is to go to Miami. It has a dark side like Mexico and a light side like paradise. You can die young or you can die famous -- both maybe.

   This isn't about Miami as much as it is about a reason why Miami is so successful. They Chinese! They make cheese with no issues and maintain a network amongst each other. They dominate the import industry down there even if you don't see their face. They are behind the scenes and their youth are living happily rocking the latest clothing and apparel!

   The street racing, stock car and import scene is all for them. All for the taking - down to the contracts, import car parts, financial rewards, ect. Just imagine the Miami sun while test driving an import race car -- just like in the movies. NOS is a real gas that gives your car a turbo boost and it doesn't take much money to acquire taking that you look into online money making opportunities.

   Everyone goes down there for networking and building connections. Do you want to come out of college working a regular career or do you want to live the baller lifestyle with the Chinese getting paid to chill because you are an investor in their flexible industry?

    Thousands of people pour down to Miami every year and I don't see why you shouldn't. Online companies give their affiliates high discounts on flights that allow you to travel without breaking bank.

The Age of the Flip-Flop

   Flip flops are those "I'm not sure" types. They always seem to flip-flop between you and the negative people of these world. They always seem to want to wake up when it's too late and expect you to stop your glory train, go reverse when it's time for them to fail -- just so you can too.  These types are sad. I am sure you have friends just like them.

    You tell them about an opportunity and they reject, but once you start making millions of dollars they actually expect you to go back to the neighborhood and push through all your accomplishments just to get them. Flip-flops are a variant of doubters only that they doubt success in general and attempt to make you feel guilty. Example, guy gets shot in the hood and they expect you to fly out and speak on anti-violence. If dude would have got into your online marketing opportunity he wouldn't have been in a position to get shot. It seems like an extreme example, but believe me this happens. I seen dudes give up possible NFL careers for the streets.

   Flip flops have potential, but many will stop you from making any money because they are time wasters. They will prevent you from establishing and growth. They will prevent you from making any moves because they will mess up meetings, income and will just waste your time all together.

     I avoid these types. I don't focus on their potential because they have none. Their potential doesn't amount to anything and anyone who makes the decision to add this types to their network is only dragging themselves down.

Inter-State Network

     You have got to build that inter-state network! I can't stress this enough because without it you will be lost and miss out on millions of dollars. I know it sounds like bullshit, but if I showed you photos of young guys under 19 making legit $7,000 a week each you would suspend you disbelief. I've been in a position of dreaming and not doing. I've been in the position of saying "tomorrow", but there is no dream to be had only real life. The dream happens in life and you can't direct what you haven't lived.

    How long will you watch these rap battles? How long will you wish you could dress fresh like them? There will always be a new website, funny video, silly trend to follow, but at the end of the year you will say "Nothing changed with my life, oh I got next year..." START TODAY! You think I punched out almost 100 articles in a few days just for fun -- NO!  It was done to help wake you up to the possibilities. Message me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, I am here for you!

    I am currently building a team of people looking to build income together in various ways. Be it online businesses, affiliate programs, real estate and other emerging technologies. We have to start having confidence in ourselves. Start getting into wholesale, invest in a business together, develop brands together! Sell off some companies!

  What is a Corporation?
     Apple, Inc - a corporation. Microsoft - a corporation. VIACOM - a corporation. All of these businesses are corporations. They have share holders, but your business doesn't need to. However, it would be nice to have a few partners with like-minds looking to make money while promoting an expensive lifestyle through YouTube® and other video websites.

Dat Lifestyle

     I will be promoting that lifestyle. The lifestyle that the youth need to live in order to succeed in this world. You have to be ultra-flexible in order to make it in this world. Holding a job is an outdated catch phrase because it's almost impossible to keep one, unless of course you're on Wall Street. Major money is being made online and I know you guys see a lot of these articles, but I am trying to get you primed. Looking to get you ready to throw away all of those old ideologies. Why allow your parents, your hating family members and jealous friends stop you from making $1,000 a day?

    Yes, people are making $1,000 doing simple things like marketing products. You might say, "if it's that easy why isn't everyone else doing it"? The reason is because most people want a 9 to 5 and rather be sheep. They rather watch you, doubt you, spread rumors about you then hate on you. This will mostly come from so-called family.

    I am not sure about you, but I would be balling with $1,000 a day. That's $30,000 a month - who can't use that? You going to become a rap battler and hope to do that? Do you know even they get scammed? So why call this a scam? Look I haven't sold you anything yet. I just have given free articles to people to learn from before it's too late because soon you won't be able to make money and it would impossible to create income for yourself.

     A Business

    You need one. Immigrants come to this country and start one without a problem. They have the support of their families and friends. Other cultures don't have issues with making money. They don't scream "Oh baby! It's against JESUS"! They just simply realize the game to be played and begin to make millions of dollars off of your ignorance. Why not start a business that cost under $100 dollars a month? This isn't a guilt trip or shame tactic. I am just here to help you, help me, help yourself.

To Those That say "NO!"

  In business, but life in general pay attention to those that say no. Usually these people aren't your real family members or friends. These people have an alternative agenda only this time it has nothing to do with your success, but your failure. Opportunities are coming as well as they are drifting away. Jobs aren't paying as much anymore and usually most aren't even hiring. Those that are require a degree or some form of certification. In NYC the traveling cost don't help nor does the attitude of people around "we all gotta do it... I had to do it... so what if you're struggling and need an extra $25 dollars a week while I have $5,000 in the bank", "so what if you need an investment to help you with your small business..."

     Situations like this aren't rare and are more common then you think amongst the youth. The youth are sick of hearing how they are grown while not being allowed to have "say" in their own household. We watch as the good people are look down upon while the bad people are bailed out of jail, have BBQ's thrown for them, parties all after doing a violent crime. Good people, computer geeks and just regular normal people coming out of the inner-city are beginning to lead a revolution and make their own money online using various programs.

       Just imagine $5,000 a month? That isn't impossible! It's very possible! Don't feel guilt about it. Just think about the sources of the guilt? Who around you is making you feel guilty for doing better for yourself? You must to be selfish! It's the best type of way to live for you! Living any other way in this world at present time is a SIN! I know from personal experience! Karma doesn't exist! If it did all these bankers would be failing right now, but they aren't! These bankers are allowed to sell products, assets, and other financial instruments that don't even exist.

     God hasn't punished these people. He allows these people to continue on their horrible run of destroying lives and making money. We all have our beliefs, but it's time to put down your Bible, Quran or whatever book you read. Have faith in yourself because God, Jesus, Jehova ect can't save you. Only you can!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dragon's & Underground Internet Casions

    Remember those underground casinos you seen in the movies? The internet has them too! Not only are they playable, but they are in 3-D. The internet allows for this kind of "business" and allows the person running the game to avoid taxes. Currency like Bitcoin brings an added-value to selling the casino games because it allows the players and the owners to operate under anonymous screen names. Will this be the new revolution of online business? With internet sales tax it -- maybe.

    The trill of playing poker with the Las Vegas ambient lights of a casino embedded in the underground private browser window is enough to get young adults ready to cash in money. Interesting thing is I wouldn't be surprised if this underground casinos start allowing real life money or money from online games -- Runescape Gold.

    Where there is a market there is a profit and the internet is just digital data which keeps transforming things into opportunities! There is already an open currency market for things like RuneScape Gold,  SpaceBucks or other strangely labelled global virtual currency out there that allows the particular virtual world's players to purchase in-world items.

The Label vs Artist: Music Industry in Decline

  "He's never been in the music industry so how does he know what he's talking about ?" You will hear this. Ignore it. I've done work in the music industry before and you don't need to be in Iraq for 1 year to know that it is violent and not fit for a human being. Same thing goes for the music industry. You don't have to know that it is unfit for a creative musician. This doesn't go for all record labels or all musicians - just most. Most want all your money. Most want all your copyrights, intellectual property, merchant sales -- man they want it all!

    The music industry is declining like the country itself. Not doom in and gloom! This is about you going independent. I don't make money from telling you this! So take heed! Many of these A&Rs can't help you. They don't have power. Many of these showcases are scams, they can't help you. Many of these party promoters are just drug dealers with a side hustle -- no help there.

     It's time to realize you have the power to take $750 and start your own company. It's time to realize that you can create Company A and create under companies under it to represent your brand. You have to realize that these labels have power to blackball you if you sign with or deal with them to intimately. They have the power to take your publishing and kill you(i.e. Sam Cooke). These artist don't know who they are dealing with.

     The mafia runs these labels. They have for generations. From Atlantic all the way up to your highest labels. Like I said I am not getting paid for this. I am just speaking the truth that needs to be heard. I don't have a bitter pill to shallow with the record labels. I plan to get back into the music industry and invest myself. However, we can not ignore the creative that is being taken away from the artist that join into it especially in Hip Hop.

  The Media
     The control it -- the radios, newspapers! No, I am not speaking of the Illuminati. That's so hater shit! I am talking real facts like stealing publishing from Michael Jackson and other black artist having to rely on him to sell their publishing black or out of kindness give it to them for free. This isn't only about black artist. This is about all creative artist in America. These labels will blacklist you for speaking out without their authority. Yes, they do allow you to speak out to create some form of "rebellion".

Malware on Macs: For Musicians, Others, and Geeks

Below is a screenshot of what a virus would look like for a Mac(R) computer.

Above is a screenshot of a virus written for Mac(R).

         I know, "a Mac(R) can't get a virus". It's just not possible right. I've been programming for sometime now. Computer programming allows you to understand what is possible with a particular operating system and how often it could be hacked along with the software on it. These virus writers don't care about your fanboy fetishes, your love of Apple(R), or your bias toward Windows(R).
I admit -- Windows is very unstable. However, it more stable then false security. I wouldn't ever recommend Windows to someone who is super-creative and has a work that the really can't lose.

       However, the false security that the Mac(R) gives it's user base allows hackers to break into your computer without any issues. I am not here to get technical about whether it is the Mac(R) operating system itself or the software on it that allows it to be hacked. We leave that to the people specialized in the profession. I am here to discuss the fact that it can acquire a virus and it has many out there that are running on computers all around the world. You must know your computer doesn't have to slow down for it to have a virus. The point of many of these malware infections is they are supposed to undetectable. So while you don't have any defenses on your computer you are very likely to have your identity taken by someone with just the virus program.

      I have experience with analyzing virus programs for Windows and Mac(R). I have experience programming applications in various programming languages. I am not an expert. I am just someone who knows what he speaks of. I consult people on this thing all the time online. They just hit up my Inbox and ask me questions because they find my articles so informative.

Wonderful World of Mobile Security

   Mobile security? Yeah, the security of your mobile phone! Yes, your phone can and will be hacked. It's just like holding a computer in your hand. As a matter a fact, it is a computer because it icons, a desktop and an operating system -- Android or iOS. Think Mac products can't be hacked? Hire me to security test and watch me turn your phone off from a remote location. It takes is a simple network scan followed by some other tools and I'm in.

     I am currently designing mobile applications for Android. A few on my phone are hacking applications that allow the user to scan entire networks. One allows you to grab passwords. I don't use this for illegal means, if I did I would be in France by now --- I assure you. I am by no means a fake. You can even contact me friends and ask them how good I was during the Myspace(R) days. Mobile is the new landscape and I seek to conquer it with my skills, but not for my own pleasure. This is a mission to assist young mobile users with secure their phone.

    Don't think for a second someone won't hire a hacker to break into your phone and take all of your private photos. Where do you think revenge porno comes from? It comes from weird guys hiring hackers or having unauthorized access to mobile devices and spreading the contents across the web. If you think you can hire a hacker to remove it from the internet you've been watching too many movies.

    Even mobile anti-virus software has proven useless. I know this seems like all doom and gloom, but with the right firewall and caution you can stop hackers from breaking into your phone 90% of the time. 90% is well over great because much of the time hackers just scan and move on to other IP addresses. Often times they leave their "tool" running from another location outside of their hometown and come back later on to check on the results.

  I offer mobile security consultancy to anyone in the world. You can be on New York or France -- I can assist you. I am not selling you anything. However, I will guide you. Any further assist will require a fee.

My Business With You

    I like business. I like money. I like the feel of $100 dollar bills in my hands. I like to look at Forex charts and live analyzers like the ones you see on TV. I like moving trucks because I know they are pulling in money, but most of all I like FREEDOM. I dislike brick and mortar businesses that trap you behind a counter like some Ahki. I dislike cashier registers and counting loose change. I dislike dreaming and living unfulfilled. And this is just a piece of it.

    I am sure you dislike the same thing. I am sure you would rather spend your youth driving a decent car, watching your favorite movies and experiencing the greater unknown. They say trials and tribulations are a part of life. I am here to tell you that that is a lie. It has been sold to you by the higher society to keep you enslaved. I am not here to preach to you. I am here to help you become part of my team -- to succeed. The government is spying on you. I know you see my post about computer hacking -- this is an area of experience. The government would see to it that you stay broke, pay bill after the bill. I seek to live a life where I have no worries of bills. I seek life where I can get paid helping you cut your bills.

    Currently, I create mobile applications for the Android(R) platform. I plan to released my first application this year. This will allow to establish many streams of income through in-app buys, advertisements amongst other in-app perks. I will soon seek others to join in on the network of residual money making applications. No, this is no scam. This is a micro-business. This is the ability to be 18 year olds in high school and make money promoting games to friends attached to the network.

   I have other opportunities I will be promoting to you. Affiliate marketing, network marketing, ect.
Don't take this as a scam. Though I am a geek that's into programming, hacking, designing websites -- I live in the hood. In this place you will die if you scam someone, no question!

   Network marketing is a great opportunity. It helps you not only make money, but network into other businesses. You can easily start an investment pool from it.

Waving Flags

      Too many people are into this patriotism scheme. They shout USA everywhere they go and if they are a Marine they usually get drunk and scream Hoorah as if it makes them bad ass. It's okay to feel that way, but when someone doesn't respect it you disrespect them by calling them disrespectful names and will also try to humiliate them by saying "I served my country, you are not a man". But when they become "a man", start owning business, making money, and doing for self. You become further upset. You tell them to pay more taxes, but won't tell your white counterparts the same thing.

    How many military men you know complain about such things and go on to work for such companies like Google(R) which pay almost 0% taxes. Waving flags is the name of this game and I won't subscribe to it. I am loyal to no country. Treason? Why aren't the white men that own mega corporations, oil pipe lines in "terrorist" nations, investments in Iran -- have to deal with this kind of nonsense.

     Honestly, I no longer pay attention to these types. As long as they don't touch my money their kids are safe, their wife is safe and their grandmother is safe. If not, they a man has to do what a man has to do. I have no issue with investing in Iran. As soon as America began allowing their allies to do business with Iran the same people that criticized you in the past where the first ones to jump in. That's the name of the game. Criticize a nation, make the people ashamed of doing business with them just so when the blockade is over the white man come fly right in buy up all the oil reserves before anyone gets a chance to do the same.

      Dennis Rodman in North Korea. Good for him, I can't wait to go. I heard they love black people there. Some may say -- then why are you still here why don't you leave. First, if you do leave you still have to pay taxes for the next 10 years and secondly I didn't start this trend of traveling around the world -- white people did. I don't pledge alliance to any nation and if you did you wouldn't accept the GI Bill. Hell, you wouldn't even need it. You would fight for a minimum pay. How many of you acquire military jobs that are non-combat and come back to the States as if you were combat vets?

      As I stated, I don't wave any flags and nor should you. That's of course you are a native of another nation with a rich history and even then you are limiting yourself because that nation is usually under control by one of the elite British or America families. These hedge funds, investment companies and marketing firms are multinational. That means they are everywhere.

That One Employee

   These employees; nothing wrong with being one. Just don't be brainwashed by your employer. You know, the one that you never see. The manager's manager also known as the CEO. You really never see this guy. He seems to evade you or you don't even know what a CEO is. It seems your job is like a cult, the employee handbook being your bible, and your boss is not even Jesus because all you see is the paycheck. The training starts at childhood and the development at your job because a college. It locks your mind down and continues to stop you from growing through new knowledge. You often reject knowledge of making money any other way to the point of criticizing anyone else who attempts to do so.

    It's very sad to see people hate on Facebook(R) against people for doing so and assisting their peers in establishing themselves in alignment of these fruitful opportunities. Why would you hate? Because a person is young going on vacation and basically retired at 21? Are you hating on the same person you called a high school drop-out, a loser, but now since they got up and "became a man" like you told them to they are a scam artist? Seriously? This is the way of America for anyone reading this that has never been to the USA. This is how it is. The people of America hate on people at the top even though if they were at the button they wouldn't help them come up.

          For me, I know how to avoid this -- it's called RESULTS. You have to understand why. With results you are able to not disapprove the haters, but to encourage the supporters. Disapproving the haters is a waste of time. Focus on the people who get it not the people who don't. I wouldn't subscribe to converting a hater. They will hate. They are evil. They are no good. A hater never changes. People never change. If they did the country wouldn't be in debt. People would change and pay off everything, but they don't.

         Whether you are working, unemployed, underemployed, or living off government assistance it would behoove you to investigate online money making opportunities. You can first start by commenting on this blog and the Facebook(R) posts attached to it.

The Weapon of Patience

As the good guy, you're always told to be patient. You are always told that the right girl would come and that you would be appreciated. As you come of age you are told that you are supposed suck it up "be a man" and take care of some over-the-hill women and her kids. When your bank messes up on a transaction you are told "you are too young to me this impatient", but the same doesn't apply for the government. When they want their money there is no patience. If you want your money -- it's called a racket.

It's a shame that we live in a nation where virtues such as these are used as manipulative weapons against us. Weaponized to turn us into sheep for the elite. We can't allow this to happen. We must recognize when the kool-aid is being given to us. I fore one know that many people in many major cities are being feed this crap. Being told to be patient and to wait for "software to install", "stop wanting something right away" or similarly "be grateful for what you have" when that "adult" always seemed to want more.

I am a leader for this generation. We are sick of hypocrites. We don't want to get a job. We want to make money as quickly as possible. We want to mobilize ourselves through our dreams and don't want to be stopped by bitter people who have failed and wish not to try again. At a young age, you have many people attempting to make you feel old. Especially in the urban communities. It starts with being told to get a job. You do that, now it's time to pay bills. Then after that it's time to baby sit and be a "family man". This has nothing to do with becoming "a family man". It has something to do with the people around you expressing their bitterness through passive actions. This generation simply doesn't have time for that. In a time where you can get up and leave while finding an alternative way to pay off your debts. A time where you can get a job without a degree because the business owner doesn't want to know about formalities he just wants to know can you speak Chinese, program in Java, develop a website aka "GETTING THE JOB DONE"!

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