Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Hard Life of a Music Producer

     They are audio engineers, beatmakers or just studio mixologists. These people often have a high skill set, but struggle to get clients. Damn will be the day when people begin outsourcing their production to countries like Singapore or India. People already outsource to other countries for things as simple as T-shirt manufacturing.

  A music producer may use sites like PMP Worldwide, Soundclick, and Sound Cloud to get their marketing needs met. Others are looking to simply just get into the industry through a major label. I am here to say is to start small and start giving your beats out for free with a shout out or watermark to artist at these showcases. There is no dream to be had only real life. Have an ultimate goal be it becoming an industry professional or being one of the hottest underground music producer -- have a goal!

  I know it is hard out there for everyone, but as a producer you should have no excuses why you can't make bank with all these would-be rappers around. Market yourself and your personal brand and they will come.


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