Friday, April 11, 2014

What are Assets?

  Assets are residual income. They keep paying even while you sleep. Without residual income in this economy you are sure to be a complicated situation. Currently, I'm looking into affiliate marketing programs. I don't know anyone that couldn't use a few assets in there life. First, let's get into what assets are.

   Assets are money generating objects such as companies, businesses, online venture, ect. Residual income comes after passive income since you don't need to be on the JOB to get paid. You have others working for you. I am big on creative control, but you don't want to leave a company all your hands. This is the reason I started #TeamForstNetwork.

  ASSETS – I'm looking to get into real estate so I can have people pay to live on property I own. I am looking to master money while teaching my fellow human beings the same. If you have any questions just shoot an E-mail to and

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