Friday, February 3, 2012


      WOW! It's not usually that I catch a music video short after it's release, yet I'm delighted i I did and boy am I pleased. In all honesty, I can't stand music and music videos that over do the content. You know, those songs that are ovely lyrically to the point of "trying too hard". What about those videos that over use the flickering effect for each beatmatching motion ? Fortunately, with Interscope® recording artist M.I.A. video - this wasn't the case.

      Not many know how much influence M.I.A's song Paper Lanes influenced by decision to continue The Yababa Show™ along with this blog(soon to be website). I've equipped myself with the strong belief that my love for M.I.As artistry will never die.
    Having great respect for M.I.A. because of her creativity, her display for indepedence, in addition to not allowing the status quo or "standards" to control her style. Her blend of culture with various colors, culutrally unique elements(car stunts), and true to self nature have made me look to her as a role model.

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