Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mr.Franks goes to work

   He was a truck driver. This was his first job.... Mr.Franks decided that this job wasn't for him. Too much grunt work. Being below poverty really worked Mr.Franks in his time. He decided, "Why work....there has to be another way..."

  He soon found out about residual income. However, he wasn't really educated. He didn't know what residual meant.... he thought it was some type of religious terminology. He soon found out after 5 years of working as a truck driver for $500 a week -- horrible money!

   Upon learning the meaning of the term he decided to move out of his apartment into a home. He took a risk.... a major risk. He was able to buy the home for $60,000.... he had saved up from his allowance since a child. He was glad he did this. Without this he would be in debt ... grace of god some would say, but he didn't much depend on luck. He knew smart work wouldn't help him. He had worked hard as a truck driver, lifting boxes and taking orders. A lot of his co-workers had retired.... very early and went on to other professions like the Bloomberg marker -- it was big in his day.

  Life became very heavy him. He decided.... I will look into this newspaper for a new job. He was a truck driver supervisor by this point. Handling scheduling, newspapers, amongst other items on the list. Behind a desk, with ski-bubble glasses and a nice turtlneck to match. Life was good.... he had a wife, two kids..., but wasn't really passionate.

   Life without passion is a killer.... we must realize.... Mr.Franks was only 36 years old. He had wasted most of his adult life working for another person. This wasn't acceptable. Though... he stayed....

The Adventures of Mr.Franks

   Mr.Franks has various business ventures. He makes decisions from the hub of his life. His business dashboard. Mr.Franks doesn't like to work and always liked to keep his hands clean. His father was a plumper by trade and always told him "Work hard...". Mr.Franks didn't like to work hard. He wanted to be on TV. A child actor of sorts. Who would of thought he would become a business magnet. A person that attracts business where ever he goes. And everyone was happy in the land of the rich and wealth. However, not without secrets....

     Frats, or fraternities as they are commonly known assist people in meeting with fellow comrades to discuss various things. They are somewhat like social clubs. Mr.Franks decides to join one.....

   It's a business club. Business clubs help other business owners build networks together. Without a network, you are pretty much left out alone with no help and no support. Lone wolves won't make it in the economy of Mr.Franks because without networks he has no knowledge of the market.

     Johnny -- a football athlete. He has all the girls, the cars and the money. However, not without risk. He has a job at a local store. He is the manager, but without knowledge of finance he lost everything in the .com bubble. He invested... tried to show off his amount of courage gambling through buying sports cars, dating super models amongst other things.

    These activities quickly became the reason Johnny lost all of his money.

Residual Income & How the Rich Do Things

   Residual income - it keeps coming even while you sleep. It never stops because you have a system on automation. You rarely, if ever have to work to keep it going. Imagine basically $600 in free money. 

   With #WakeUpNow and #TeamForst this is possible. I am making major moves in the internet marketing game. Seriously, I would suggestion that you guys get on board. I have set up a Twitter® Account and have decided to use it to information concerning this great opportunity that could net you a whole lot of cash very quickly.

  Residual income works like this:

     Let's say someone works at John's Deli and makes $75 a day selling soda. I know people are usually behind the cash register, but bare with me.

     The worker has to be at the deli in order to make this money. He can't make money without being there and there are no sick days. This is unfortunate because John's Deli can't run without him. However, outside of this imaginary scenario, it will. He will get fired and a new sheep will get hired -- it's as simple as that!

     Economically, it's not practical to work a single job. I would say this because of layoffs, economically this is impractical and worse it destroys the spirit of the person who is working.

    We must work into residual income. The owner of a business who has someone else manage it makes residual income. He wakes up, brushes his teeth, eats his breakfast and goes to his bank account -- $4,000 was deposited into your account today Mr.Franks.

Mr.Frank is the owner of John's Deli!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Currency... my dollar for your YEN

go rock climbing with a jewish sailor

this is not a troll post... pay attention

Follow me ....

or don't

God is not with you....

He can't help you. I know for sure. My experience.....

Working To Your Bones Break: National

   Working till your bones break.....


Bragging? Is It Wrong?

  It could be. However, will it make you broke? Possibly... why would it? Jealously....

 Envy spreads through American society....

Sad...I know a homie who just became a dad....

Last....night was a night of procrasination.... sin -nation


   I am managing, but it's difficult. A lot of work speaking with people online. Not as easy as I thought it would be. I have no excuses.

My Online Casino, Mall and other business ventures

   That's right! Yababa World™ - features a casino. Online gambling is coming real soon to this domain. Be prepared to become world class poker players through this website.

 I've decided last night that it is the right move for me. Capital is short these days and I gotta make a millions.

The More You Share The More I Write

    I like to write articles about things I've experienced. However, I've decided to take another route. It's writing for money. I've been writing for free on forums for a very long time and I've decided that this posting articles isn't for me. I understand that some may have found some of the information useful, but I believe this to be much more than a down day. It's the honest truth.

   Writing articles in short-form becomes useless after a while because it seems people get bored.
Negative websites get all the play so it makes me think -- why don't I host a casino and capitalize off people's gambling addiction? But when you think like that people subscribe to the idea that you are negative and pessimistic. However, they won't support you financially during the come up.

   It's hit me! I am in a great place in life. I have a few good friends around me and they know who they are. I have real people willing to work and hustle with me.

It's not about the money. It's about your homies!

These people help you when you're down and provide you with a place to stay should you feel where you are isn't good for you anymore.

  For those in real life, this won't be a long read. Life is much more than counting money, but without it life is limited. Everything in life seems to be as my friend would say "paperwork". Without paper you are stuck... sometimes many feel this way and it's true. It's hard not to be anxiety when you lack finance. People treat you like shit.

  Walking tall in this world is nothing to be happy about. It's something that's making be highly upset....

  People make you out to be some sell out when you take the alternative route of making ends meet. However, I am way to doing that. I am on my way to opening up an online casino or some forum of lucrative venture. It will be hosted at this domain name. I don't care what I have to do to get this money, but I am going to get much more than I already have.

  I don't care if I have to sell cars....

I hate a cheater

  I hate cheaters. Why do they have to cheat? Because playing fair just doesn't work. Playing fair is horrible. I dislike playing fair. I don't want to cheat, but as soon as the politicians pass a bill it's like when Facebook changes a rule -- because they found a way to create revenue off the cheat it is no longer morally incorrect!

  Cheating is used in video games, but it isn't much liked in online competitions. People want to have fun and not be miserable. They want to share and breath in a funny and healthy environment. You can't do that with cheaters, but cheaters are winners because in reality they don't cheat. They do what people above you are doing. They do what your bosses are doing. What your mom, dad, neighbor and such had to deal with so do you....

Ventures Without Capital

   Capital is basically money. Forget everything you've heard on TV? Yes DO THAT! We have no time to determine which definition is more appropriate. We have to just call it what it is. Capitalism is the 'ism of money. Without money -- you suck!

    Capital is necessary for everything you do in this society. You can't even buy respect with a wish. You require hard cash. People don't even believe assets anymore.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pipe Dreams

     Tyler, the Creator didn't have pipe dreams. He had visions and applied certain methods to accomplish his goals. Behold -- lives a lifestyle he dreams of living without much hassel. PIPE DREAMS ARE THE KILLER OF A MISFIT'S AMBITIONS! Pipe Dreams will have you online for much of your life watching other people live their dreams till you don't know what hit you. Suddenly, you are over the age of 25 and you haven't accomplished anything nor have you tried.

    It wasn't because you lacked courage or drive, but you lacked a motivation force. A team to share the dream with. I can't believe how many of you decide to dream instead of taking action. I used to dream, a lot. I used to waste time on plans based off outside environments that never came true because situations always change. People leave positions, companies close down and before you know it you are in your 30s thinking like the guy that used to say "if I knew then, what I know now..."

Audio - New Youtube® Tapes

       Behind The Scenes featuring Prince Yababa.

   I first began with writing and went into videos. I am aware that the articles are doing justice, but audios are quite necessary. I would like you to know that I will be producing audios and other behind scenes video content with a new segment edition.

You Get What You Pay For

    If you pay little doesn't mean you get little. However, when dealing with many corporations paying less for something instead of getting it for FREE will make your life a living hell. It's like getting a cheap DSL from Verzion. You get poor customer service even when it was hot on the market. I am not talking modern day. I am talking about how many internet companies are giving more attention to their business class clients then ever. They favor major contracts over customer base. Why? Because businesses have always been look upon as valuable in this country. You own a business you pay less taxes!

  You paid about $15 dollars tops for your job interview outfit, right? That's something! You get what you pay for.... $100 to start your business? See now you've got the respect of your government? You can deduct taxes, take out cars in your business name, apply better wholesale prices amongst other perks. It's like playing Call of Duty with a server hack -- unstoppable.

   Why not pay and invest in yourself?

Collection of My Soucre Code

C# Source Code, similar to Java used for Android Develop #TeamAndroidDevelopers


Ruby - used by Twitter to create their ever-evolving interactive feed

 Perl - used by many hackers to break into websites

Your Own Studio

   A studio is a room where you get things done! It could be movies, video games, clothing design -- you name it. Funding? What happened to the support structure we spoke about earlier? If you can't find funding -- make new friends and buy a new family. There is no reason why you should be able to find funding. Shark Tank is over glamorized and should be the last resort.

   Avoid venture capitalist. These people are actually dying on the inside of their business because they are invested in inflated currency and their assets are slowly becoming devalued. It's a struggle to maintain generational wealth. Now, once you acquire a space you can call a studio it's to realize your are an independent and your main goal is the FINAL PRODUCT! You don't have to use the same materials or techniques as the AAA video game companies or major media distribution outlets. You are your own BRAND!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Network Is Moving Along

   Yes! I've established a small network for leaders looking to expand their horizons beyond the United States and network marketing field. This is great because it is very difficult to make it on your own. Two heads think better then one! All I have right now is a few names and E-mails.

  Picture me being in Dubai and you in Texas. Dubai is a hot bed for jobs, real estate and tourist adventure. For you to contact me is nothing since you are a loyal member of "the network". You could be broke and struggling at McDonald's working for a minimum wage check. With "the network" you could easily have your training paid for, pushed through connects and evaluated without much trouble.

   Many people lack networks this is the way to fail. Wealth people depend on networks to grow wealth and stay in the loop about what's going on in the industry. Without networks people like Donald Trump would have stayed broke and bankrupt.

    I see much of the urban youth in companies such as #WakeUpNow making foolish mistakes because of ego. They allow the money to get to their heads and don't establish a network through social media. They believe the people the interact with will be the same people two months right now. You never know that person could become the CEO of a major corporation in a few years.

  TeamFrost Network -- the foundation of your development. Your personal development, financial development and wealth generation development will continue to improve through various instruments provided by the team. A team of lawyers, clothing designers, investors and the like.

Your Personal Brand

   Your personal brand will protect you and assist you in growing in any venture you desire to take part in. You are the product and any product you decide to sell is your by-product. Building a personal brand is critical to online and real world success. It will deter negative criticism since your personal brand will be backed by testimonials and results.

   Many people in online business as an independent business owner run into much of what I like to call the "Online G-heck". Other network marketers checking your status, seeing where your knowledge is at not for the sake of connecting or empowering themselves, but for sake of HATING!
This is the most annoying part of doing online business in the urban community. Too much beefing that generates NO INCOME! It's the personal brand that protects you in this case. They can spread rumors, talk shit, but if you have the chat log and personal brand integrity nothing to worry about.

   I love PERSONAL BRANDING! I place my logo everywhere my work allows and people are becoming familiar with it! Every local rapper, business owner and others I've met want to deal with me because of my personal brand!

   There are various things that can assist you in building your personal brand. One is becoming an expert in your field. For example, I am big in the computers field where I live. I know how virus are created, browsers are hacked, websites are taken offline, web sites defaced, ect. Also, I am known for producing The Yababa Show™ on Youtube®. Just these two mediums has boosted my personal brand effective which allowed me to collect more computer clients.

Dat Ego

    Dat Ego

   This thing here will make you think you are too good to lay down a simple carpet for $600 dollars a day. Believe me I heard people say this! They said they are too good to lay down carpet for $600 a day. That's $4,200 a week. Who can't use $4,200 a week? I mean seriously? I would be balling out of control in that position. You have enough for stocks, bonds, foreign currency, precious metals.... #nah

   Don't tell Ice-T that you fucked up an opportunity like that he will give you a rap about how you single handedly killed financial success.... and you know the rest! Dat Ego will have you regretting a lot of mistakes. Many of whom have this Ego problem wish they would have just listened to their homie and took that job out of state, became a painter for $20/hr, washed cars for $12..... so much opportunities.

  Man, some people didn't want to sell tires in the summer because they were to high and mighty for it. They don't think right next to that tire place could be a real estate agent, a business owner, ect. People have to learn to flex and bridge the gap between their hustle and opportunities. It's really now that hard. You know why these Mexicans can make it? Because they have a support system. They are washing cars while their homie is living out their house for free making sure their kids get to school and so on.

Why You Need Land?

    In order to be a man, you have to have land! Real Estate has always been my interest and will be for a while. Countries like Dubai and here in The United States is all about buying, owning and renting land. The ownership of property allows for the landlord to do just that -- buy, own, and rent land. Generating a solid income from multiple streams can can consist through real estate through financial instruments such as tax liens and the like.

     A man with land can build almost anything on top of it. Businesses, a farm, a corporate building and junkyard -- HELL! Maybe even a boat yard. Remember the movie Romeo Must Die with the Chinese vs the Black gangsters. What do you think all the murder was about? REAL ESTATE! They were fighting over Stadiums and the beach properties that surround it.

    If you are making over 20k a month or know anyone else making this much amount of month -- let them know about real estate. Wealth generation is more than amassing a large amount of money a month. It's about maintaining wealth through assets and God isn't creating anymore land.

   If you purchase a house make sure you have some form of connections making you up to expand quickly so you won't default on your loan. This way they can hold you down financially till you acquire tenants. Real Estate established this way has the potential to grow into a life-freeing asset in the short term. Also, when it comes to other business ventures people are more inclined to respect someone who owns land or a house.

How Do You Want To Start Your Mornings?

    I know I want to start my mornings with a peace-of-mind. A peace-of-mind to know that I don't have to worry about bills, family obligations, drama and stress. Waking up in the L.A. sun being able to do cameos in movies, eat anywhere I want, hang with anyone I want. That's the life any youth should aspire to live.

    I want to go shopping with no problem. I want to buy the street wear clothing I want without saying "Yo, I gotta pay bills!", "They cut my hours, man!".... that same ol'song!

  People -- you have lived this life? I know I have no desire to live it. I desire to live that freedom lifestyle with the ability to travel the world and create businesses at my leisure. Miami, Texas, L.A. are just a few places will I seek to accomplish these task.

   Ranks are being hit in the online marketing game. Actual ranks that can be seen online through a HUB. These ranks indicate how much someone will get paid enough for their contribution into the internet marketing company. This is simple and easy.

    My mornings will be filled with endless possibilities. I plan to be waking up in Dubai by next year!