Sunday, March 2, 2014

You Get What You Pay For

    If you pay little doesn't mean you get little. However, when dealing with many corporations paying less for something instead of getting it for FREE will make your life a living hell. It's like getting a cheap DSL from Verzion. You get poor customer service even when it was hot on the market. I am not talking modern day. I am talking about how many internet companies are giving more attention to their business class clients then ever. They favor major contracts over customer base. Why? Because businesses have always been look upon as valuable in this country. You own a business you pay less taxes!

  You paid about $15 dollars tops for your job interview outfit, right? That's something! You get what you pay for.... $100 to start your business? See now you've got the respect of your government? You can deduct taxes, take out cars in your business name, apply better wholesale prices amongst other perks. It's like playing Call of Duty with a server hack -- unstoppable.

   Why not pay and invest in yourself?

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