Saturday, March 1, 2014

Your Personal Brand

   Your personal brand will protect you and assist you in growing in any venture you desire to take part in. You are the product and any product you decide to sell is your by-product. Building a personal brand is critical to online and real world success. It will deter negative criticism since your personal brand will be backed by testimonials and results.

   Many people in online business as an independent business owner run into much of what I like to call the "Online G-heck". Other network marketers checking your status, seeing where your knowledge is at not for the sake of connecting or empowering themselves, but for sake of HATING!
This is the most annoying part of doing online business in the urban community. Too much beefing that generates NO INCOME! It's the personal brand that protects you in this case. They can spread rumors, talk shit, but if you have the chat log and personal brand integrity nothing to worry about.

   I love PERSONAL BRANDING! I place my logo everywhere my work allows and people are becoming familiar with it! Every local rapper, business owner and others I've met want to deal with me because of my personal brand!

   There are various things that can assist you in building your personal brand. One is becoming an expert in your field. For example, I am big in the computers field where I live. I know how virus are created, browsers are hacked, websites are taken offline, web sites defaced, ect. Also, I am known for producing The Yababa Show™ on Youtube®. Just these two mediums has boosted my personal brand effective which allowed me to collect more computer clients.

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