Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dat Ego

    Dat Ego

   This thing here will make you think you are too good to lay down a simple carpet for $600 dollars a day. Believe me I heard people say this! They said they are too good to lay down carpet for $600 a day. That's $4,200 a week. Who can't use $4,200 a week? I mean seriously? I would be balling out of control in that position. You have enough for stocks, bonds, foreign currency, precious metals.... #nah

   Don't tell Ice-T that you fucked up an opportunity like that he will give you a rap about how you single handedly killed financial success.... and you know the rest! Dat Ego will have you regretting a lot of mistakes. Many of whom have this Ego problem wish they would have just listened to their homie and took that job out of state, became a painter for $20/hr, washed cars for $12..... so much opportunities.

  Man, some people didn't want to sell tires in the summer because they were to high and mighty for it. They don't think right next to that tire place could be a real estate agent, a business owner, ect. People have to learn to flex and bridge the gap between their hustle and opportunities. It's really now that hard. You know why these Mexicans can make it? Because they have a support system. They are washing cars while their homie is living out their house for free making sure their kids get to school and so on.

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