Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Residual Income & How the Rich Do Things

   Residual income - it keeps coming even while you sleep. It never stops because you have a system on automation. You rarely, if ever have to work to keep it going. Imagine basically $600 in free money. 

   With #WakeUpNow and #TeamForst this is possible. I am making major moves in the internet marketing game. Seriously, I would suggestion that you guys get on board. I have set up a Twitter® Account and have decided to use it to information concerning this great opportunity that could net you a whole lot of cash very quickly.

  Residual income works like this:

     Let's say someone works at John's Deli and makes $75 a day selling soda. I know people are usually behind the cash register, but bare with me.

     The worker has to be at the deli in order to make this money. He can't make money without being there and there are no sick days. This is unfortunate because John's Deli can't run without him. However, outside of this imaginary scenario, it will. He will get fired and a new sheep will get hired -- it's as simple as that!

     Economically, it's not practical to work a single job. I would say this because of layoffs, economically this is impractical and worse it destroys the spirit of the person who is working.

    We must work into residual income. The owner of a business who has someone else manage it makes residual income. He wakes up, brushes his teeth, eats his breakfast and goes to his bank account -- $4,000 was deposited into your account today Mr.Franks.

Mr.Frank is the owner of John's Deli!

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