Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mr.Franks goes to work

   He was a truck driver. This was his first job.... Mr.Franks decided that this job wasn't for him. Too much grunt work. Being below poverty really worked Mr.Franks in his time. He decided, "Why work....there has to be another way..."

  He soon found out about residual income. However, he wasn't really educated. He didn't know what residual meant.... he thought it was some type of religious terminology. He soon found out after 5 years of working as a truck driver for $500 a week -- horrible money!

   Upon learning the meaning of the term he decided to move out of his apartment into a home. He took a risk.... a major risk. He was able to buy the home for $60,000.... he had saved up from his allowance since a child. He was glad he did this. Without this he would be in debt ... grace of god some would say, but he didn't much depend on luck. He knew smart work wouldn't help him. He had worked hard as a truck driver, lifting boxes and taking orders. A lot of his co-workers had retired.... very early and went on to other professions like the Bloomberg marker -- it was big in his day.

  Life became very heavy him. He decided.... I will look into this newspaper for a new job. He was a truck driver supervisor by this point. Handling scheduling, newspapers, amongst other items on the list. Behind a desk, with ski-bubble glasses and a nice turtlneck to match. Life was good.... he had a wife, two kids..., but wasn't really passionate.

   Life without passion is a killer.... we must realize.... Mr.Franks was only 36 years old. He had wasted most of his adult life working for another person. This wasn't acceptable. Though... he stayed....

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