Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Network Is Moving Along

   Yes! I've established a small network for leaders looking to expand their horizons beyond the United States and network marketing field. This is great because it is very difficult to make it on your own. Two heads think better then one! All I have right now is a few names and E-mails.

  Picture me being in Dubai and you in Texas. Dubai is a hot bed for jobs, real estate and tourist adventure. For you to contact me is nothing since you are a loyal member of "the network". You could be broke and struggling at McDonald's working for a minimum wage check. With "the network" you could easily have your training paid for, pushed through connects and evaluated without much trouble.

   Many people lack networks this is the way to fail. Wealth people depend on networks to grow wealth and stay in the loop about what's going on in the industry. Without networks people like Donald Trump would have stayed broke and bankrupt.

    I see much of the urban youth in companies such as #WakeUpNow making foolish mistakes because of ego. They allow the money to get to their heads and don't establish a network through social media. They believe the people the interact with will be the same people two months right now. You never know that person could become the CEO of a major corporation in a few years.

  TeamFrost Network -- the foundation of your development. Your personal development, financial development and wealth generation development will continue to improve through various instruments provided by the team. A team of lawyers, clothing designers, investors and the like.

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