Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why You Need Land?

    In order to be a man, you have to have land! Real Estate has always been my interest and will be for a while. Countries like Dubai and here in The United States is all about buying, owning and renting land. The ownership of property allows for the landlord to do just that -- buy, own, and rent land. Generating a solid income from multiple streams can can consist through real estate through financial instruments such as tax liens and the like.

     A man with land can build almost anything on top of it. Businesses, a farm, a corporate building and junkyard -- HELL! Maybe even a boat yard. Remember the movie Romeo Must Die with the Chinese vs the Black gangsters. What do you think all the murder was about? REAL ESTATE! They were fighting over Stadiums and the beach properties that surround it.

    If you are making over 20k a month or know anyone else making this much amount of month -- let them know about real estate. Wealth generation is more than amassing a large amount of money a month. It's about maintaining wealth through assets and God isn't creating anymore land.

   If you purchase a house make sure you have some form of connections making you up to expand quickly so you won't default on your loan. This way they can hold you down financially till you acquire tenants. Real Estate established this way has the potential to grow into a life-freeing asset in the short term. Also, when it comes to other business ventures people are more inclined to respect someone who owns land or a house.

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