Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Adventures of Mr.Franks

   Mr.Franks has various business ventures. He makes decisions from the hub of his life. His business dashboard. Mr.Franks doesn't like to work and always liked to keep his hands clean. His father was a plumper by trade and always told him "Work hard...". Mr.Franks didn't like to work hard. He wanted to be on TV. A child actor of sorts. Who would of thought he would become a business magnet. A person that attracts business where ever he goes. And everyone was happy in the land of the rich and wealth. However, not without secrets....

     Frats, or fraternities as they are commonly known assist people in meeting with fellow comrades to discuss various things. They are somewhat like social clubs. Mr.Franks decides to join one.....

   It's a business club. Business clubs help other business owners build networks together. Without a network, you are pretty much left out alone with no help and no support. Lone wolves won't make it in the economy of Mr.Franks because without networks he has no knowledge of the market.

     Johnny -- a football athlete. He has all the girls, the cars and the money. However, not without risk. He has a job at a local store. He is the manager, but without knowledge of finance he lost everything in the .com bubble. He invested... tried to show off his amount of courage gambling through buying sports cars, dating super models amongst other things.

    These activities quickly became the reason Johnny lost all of his money.

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