Sunday, April 20, 2014

Winning the Winner's Dream (a true meaning to Success)

 Success is different for everyone. Usually success is misused and associate with pictures of money, fast cars and a great vacation lifestyle. I agree for me personally that is kind of the image of success I have, but these objects aren't for everyone and more less checkpoints. Success can be the dream of living a simple, easy-going life. It's like Albert Einstein said, "Attach your happiness to a goal, not people and things".

  Keep your dreams alive by knowing success isn't something that happens overnight, but once you get to be truly successful one must be satisfied and leave off the ambition for a few months. For example, if a guy makes $30,000 in a real estate deal -- it's time to chill. $30k is hard to come by and if you do best get your team together so you guys can find ways to turn that into $300,000.

   However, back to the thought - success is anything goal met. However, for the majority of people success is 50k a year at a job because in this economy $50,000 a year is look at as being well-off or laymen rich.

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