Thursday, April 17, 2014

Money & Your Network

 The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad is right. NETWORK equals your NETWORTH no matter how you put it. Without a strong network of go-getters money will be impossible to make. Even jobs, you gotta know someone to get to some of these jobs. I have a method of you guys to use that I have been doing for years. It's called "using what you know to know somebody". For example, I do video and if someone requires assistance with video production they would call me as their go-to-guy. This is called using what you know some know somebody. I came up with it myself while I was dealing with the music industry on a street team level.

   Networking helps you stay connected into merging markets and other places of business. No longer will you struggle. For me, I am building my network right now amongst people I already know. The serious network comes when you go beyond your neighborhood and start talking to people in other states. Speaking with people from other industries and such. My main focus is the music industry right now.

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