Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life After College

   For most after college, comes taking out a loan for a home and worries about how you will pay off your debt. Much of America is on this position and I have a similar issue in my life. However, mine isn't debt as of yet, but you get the most out of school by networking. While in school network and make as many valuable contacts as possible. Because knowing someone these days is the only to really get a job.

   If you know someone in the music industry, try to leverage that. I know I am. Jay-Z was right when he said "city is a pity. half of y'all won't make it". New York City is rough and competitive. All kinds of jobs require a unique skill set. Having one in the city is great as long as your just a young college grad with no children or personal duties besides paying off your debt.

   It's like one of the homies used to say "a job is a job"... true, but does it pay enough to get an apartment of your own? Do you still need a roommate? I know I don't want a roommate, but if I have to I will. You never you and your roommate could make a few millions together. You never know who will help you be successful which is why you must have open mind - real estate, stocks, bonds ect.

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