Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ego vs Community

  I choose community because the ego can put you into a space of many delusions. The community will deliver support best off facts and you contribution. Hip Hop legends are a great example. Many of them don't make music anymore, but they aren't forgotten by the actual community of Hip Hop. A community will keep you going way faster than your ego will. My point is you can't be successful alone in the music industry. You need to turn your fan base into a community. For example, create a forums for your artist like the kind the do for the major artist like Kayne West.

   That ego will get you no where fast. The community you create will support you for a years to come. Look at Canibus he has been blackballed, but his fan base aka community won't allow him to go broke. Even after pulling out the notebook during his rap battle with Dizaster they still support his albums, records and his shows.

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