Thursday, February 27, 2014

Business & Secret Societies

         Secret societies are all over the place. The music industry, information technology fields, and especially business fields. These people are well-connected and have associations with various individuals. You may have heard some names like Skull & Bones, Illuminati amongst other names. On Youtube® you can discover various videos based on these groups and their "inner-workings".

      People are having a hard time believing that these groups exist. I am by no way religious and have only been to church once in my life. However, I must say that these groups exist and they are highly connected. Many put the Free Masons into the realm of the Illuminati and secret societies, though this isn't always the case. For now, we will just speak on secret societies in general in a more down-to-earth level.

     It's okay to assume that you will run into a few of these folks and not know it. You know those guys that seem to get the job in the music industry without having the right "Cred". Or that guy that gets into the IT department without giving having the right degree. You have a "masters degree" this person still gets ahead -- wonder why? They are part of one of these groups.

      If you are interested in making large amounts of money, but most of all just bettering your life being part of one of these groups would serve well in business. No matter what they tell you -- they are used for business connections. It's just that it isn't the main focus however in this country -- capitalism rules! Without capital, you are rated a poor man/woman and no one pays any attention to you. The government doesn't have soup kitchens in amass, the people do. Kind people you have to depend on and many of these people have either joined these societies or have left the country because of high taxes.

      Lawyers, doctors, judges, politicians and other people that are able to eat where they want, travel where they want and let's not forget big time CEO's. All of these people are connected by a common belief and with like-minded people. Not much in-fighting since they all practice the same code which helps maintain a structure.

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