Monday, February 24, 2014

My Business With You

    I like business. I like money. I like the feel of $100 dollar bills in my hands. I like to look at Forex charts and live analyzers like the ones you see on TV. I like moving trucks because I know they are pulling in money, but most of all I like FREEDOM. I dislike brick and mortar businesses that trap you behind a counter like some Ahki. I dislike cashier registers and counting loose change. I dislike dreaming and living unfulfilled. And this is just a piece of it.

    I am sure you dislike the same thing. I am sure you would rather spend your youth driving a decent car, watching your favorite movies and experiencing the greater unknown. They say trials and tribulations are a part of life. I am here to tell you that that is a lie. It has been sold to you by the higher society to keep you enslaved. I am not here to preach to you. I am here to help you become part of my team -- to succeed. The government is spying on you. I know you see my post about computer hacking -- this is an area of experience. The government would see to it that you stay broke, pay bill after the bill. I seek to live a life where I have no worries of bills. I seek life where I can get paid helping you cut your bills.

    Currently, I create mobile applications for the Android(R) platform. I plan to released my first application this year. This will allow to establish many streams of income through in-app buys, advertisements amongst other in-app perks. I will soon seek others to join in on the network of residual money making applications. No, this is no scam. This is a micro-business. This is the ability to be 18 year olds in high school and make money promoting games to friends attached to the network.

   I have other opportunities I will be promoting to you. Affiliate marketing, network marketing, ect.
Don't take this as a scam. Though I am a geek that's into programming, hacking, designing websites -- I live in the hood. In this place you will die if you scam someone, no question!

   Network marketing is a great opportunity. It helps you not only make money, but network into other businesses. You can easily start an investment pool from it.

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