Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Age of the Flip-Flop

   Flip flops are those "I'm not sure" types. They always seem to flip-flop between you and the negative people of these world. They always seem to want to wake up when it's too late and expect you to stop your glory train, go reverse when it's time for them to fail -- just so you can too.  These types are sad. I am sure you have friends just like them.

    You tell them about an opportunity and they reject, but once you start making millions of dollars they actually expect you to go back to the neighborhood and push through all your accomplishments just to get them. Flip-flops are a variant of doubters only that they doubt success in general and attempt to make you feel guilty. Example, guy gets shot in the hood and they expect you to fly out and speak on anti-violence. If dude would have got into your online marketing opportunity he wouldn't have been in a position to get shot. It seems like an extreme example, but believe me this happens. I seen dudes give up possible NFL careers for the streets.

   Flip flops have potential, but many will stop you from making any money because they are time wasters. They will prevent you from establishing and growth. They will prevent you from making any moves because they will mess up meetings, income and will just waste your time all together.

     I avoid these types. I don't focus on their potential because they have none. Their potential doesn't amount to anything and anyone who makes the decision to add this types to their network is only dragging themselves down.

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