Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mobile App Development for Rappers

   There are more rappers in the world then Youtube® videos. There are more rapper in the world the weed smokers. There are more rappers in the world in-house studios. With all of these rappers it leaves the game overcrowded and makes it hard for a particular rapper to find their unique niche. It doesn't have to take time to build your audience. All you require is very simple marketing tips.

   Android® applications can be developed on the cheap by developers who have know how to use easy-to-use programming languages to create games, mobile comics, in-app billing and other ways to connect with your fans. Android applications are the easiest to create for a developer. It doesn't take a locked down platform like iOS or do you need outstanding licenses to do so. Best of all Android® mobile phones are so inexpensive people from all around the world can own one.

  Easily acquire personalized application for your music by hiring a developer for about $1,000 a month at most, $500 an app at least.  It's not that expensive. In this new world unless you plan to "Grind" all day and hustle while depending on luck -- you will fail.

   First thing you'd want to do is find some experienced in Java, HTML, Javascript, or Monkey programming. Monkey is a new next-generation language which allows someone to create creative high powered applications with full features for your marketing purposes. With a simple line of command code that can have your application selling your music directly from the app.

   After that, you would want to create a QR code for easy scanning on your posters that will link your fans right to your app. I always discuss AUTOMATION. The download after scanning of the QR will be practically automated and it cost only a few dollars to get a QR code set up.

   Finally, be sure to add links to your app under your Youtube® music video or vlog. This will give the perception that you are a Youtube® personality in the making and encourage people to become immersed in your lifestyle.

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  1. Rappers are naturally talented. But when they adapt themselves with the latest apps, they are the best. I too believe that there are lot more rappers than youtube. I am aware of Monkey Programming. It would be great if you can elaborate that. Looking forward to it.