Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring & Summer Time

    The seasons for creative business. Creative businesses such as pop-up shops, cooler businesses, selling juices and promoting products. There is no reason why you shouldn't be traveling during this time. If you aren't traveling during this time you are crazy! Don't get caught into the spell of "there is always next year"! If you live in any state or are close to a major city -- hit it up. This is the time and season where people are doing sneaker events, everyone is outside and people making moves.

     Sneaker sales are super-high, especially at the sample sales(places where stores off secret sample sales to people in the music industry, ect). Clothing lines are especially hot during this time which is why Spring & Summer is the headline of the article. Spring is the beginning -- start to sell to high school students during this time because they are beginning to come outside more and many of their boyfriends have saved up money during "cuffin season"!

      On the beaches is the best place to sell your products. Energy drinks, sporting goods amongst other things are open to various markets. Fresh t-shirts are in high demand because college kids want to look well-spent while walking the beaches of Miami or Cancun, Mexico. Even Venice beach in L.A.

    Clothing lines are looking for ambassadors to sale their clothing on beach fronts, auto shops, and other places where independent vendors are accepted. These merchandise owners can't do it all themselves. Which is why they enlist people like yourself to sell their items for them at a comission.

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